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  • Made for More: An Invitation to Live in God's Image

Made for More: An Invitation to Live in God's Image

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Who are you, really?

In an uncertain world, we crave the security of knowing exactly who we are and where we belong. But too often as women, we try to find this safety in our roles and relationships, our professional accomplishments, or our picture-perfect homes. And as we do, our souls shrink smaller and smaller. It's because these things aren't made to hold us.

In Made for More, Hannah Anderson invites you to re-imagine yourself, not simply as a set of roles and categories, but as a person destined to live in the fullness of God Himself.

Starting with our first identity as image bearers, Hannah shows how Jesus Christ makes us people who can reflect His nature through our unique callings. She also explores how these deeper truths affect the practical realities that we face as women—how does being an image bearer shape our pursuit of education, our work, and even our desire for holistic lives?

Because you are made in God's image, you will only ever know yourself—only ever be yourself—as you find your identity in Him. Find it now.

About the Author

Hannah Anderson
HANNAH R. ANDERSON lives in the haunting Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. She spends her days working beside her husband in rural ministry, caring for their three children, and scratching out odd moments to write. In those in-between moments, she contributes to a variety of Christian publications and is the author of Made for More (Moody, 2014), Humble Roots (Moody, 2016), and All That's Good (Moody, 2018). You can connect with her at her blog and on Twitter @sometimesalight.


Hannah Anderson's book Made for More is refreshing. It locates the real discussion of what a "woman's role" is or isn't in both men and women being made in the image of God and tasked with the care of creation. This challenges the self-absorbed literature regarding women that has become the norm, as well as self-satisfied women who are content to do little for the kingdom. 

Kathy Keller, New York City

One of the biggest questions dividing the church today is "What counts as biblical femininity?" In Made For More, Hannah Anderson reminds us of the more fundamental question:  "What counts as biblical humanity?"  This personal, lyrical, and deeply theological meditation invites us to the common ground so often forgotten in our disputes and offers a gospel vision of imago dei regained through union with Christ. While directed to women, it is not simply a "women's book" focused on the "pink" passages but a rich portrait of the "more" that God has for all of us as he conforms us to the Image of His Son.

Derek Rishmawy, director of college and young adult ministries, Trinity United Presbyterian Church, Santa Ana, CA

I have sometimes thought that the emphasis on gender roles was an understandable response to their erosion within the broader culture. Hannah Anderson has a message with the same goal, but a different strategy:  Here is a book for women that has something to teach men beyond what women want or talk about when we are not around.  By pointing our attention toward the massive backdrop of the image of God, Anderson isn't trying to downplay or ignore differences between the sexes but rather to let them emerge naturally as both sexes ground their lives in the love of God.  This is a wise, clear, and well-written book that I heartily commend to everyone made in the image of God, male and female alike.

Matthew L. Anderson, lead writer at and author of The End of Our Exploring

Here at last is a book about Christian womanhood that I can read and recommend, a book that builds a biblical view of womanhood not with proof texts but with foundational doctrines, a book that draws not upon trendy bestsellers but upon the greatest thinkers and writers in history. Made for More transcends narrow, contemporary gender debates with a clear and compelling call for all of us to flourish as human beings made in the image of God.

Karen Swallow Prior, author of Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me and Fierce Convictions: The Extraordinary Life of Hannah More Poet, Reformer, Abolitionist

Can women "have it all"? In Made for More, Hannah Anderson reminds us that debating whether women can have fulfilling families and careers isn't the right place to begin in answering that question. Instead, she argues that women do have it all: we are full image-bearers of a great and glorious God. As Anderson unpacks the truth of what it means to be fully human and created in God's likeness, she skirts the trendy controversies of the day, instead offering women a strong scriptural foundation for understanding our identity. While the mommy wars rage, Anderson's still, small. and eloquent  voice calls women to a deeper, freeing vision of all that God intended womanhood to be.

Amy Lepine Peterson, mother, TESOL instructor, and freelance writer

This is a book about human flourishing, directed at humans who also happen to be women. Hannah Anderson wants us to understand that, from the cradle to the grave, women are image-bearers of God. Grasping the significance of being made Imago Dei changes the way we relate to God, to others, and to creation. It changes the way that we think about relationships, education, work and success. And it makes developing and employing our gifts imperative instead of optional. Hannah asks women to broaden their gaze, to look beyond the "pink passages" of Scripture to the full counsel of God's Word, to understand that our ultimate purpose is not to be like Esther or Ruth but like Christ himself. Any discussion of identity must start with this recognition. This book is a needful reminder that all of us, men and women alike, are created to uniquely bear the image of our Maker "from life's first cry to final breath." 

Jen Wilkin, bible teacher and author of Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds 

To find and understand yourself, you must find and understand God first. That is the simple yet vastly profound message of this book. In other words: If you have ever been restless, if you have ever been disappointed or confused about your life, if you have ever wondered how to discover the "more" that something in you longs for—this is a book for you to savor. Don't be surprised if you pause often to let the sentences sink in deeply. That is where sentences like these belong.

Lisa Velthouse, author and collaborator on five books, founding editor of 

In an age where women are looking for "more," Hannah Anderson gives us the only addition that will not be taken away: life as an eternal soul in the image of God. Her writing is clear and her perspective hopeful. Today's women, especially the younger generation, are burdened with doubt and cynicism about who they are and why they are here. Anderson writes with assurance and grounded optimism. We need her fresh voice in this generation. I highly recommend it!

Luma Simms, author of Gospel Amnesia: Forgetting the Goodness of the News and Counterfeit Me 

We have all played a role shifting, justifying and sidestepping in pace with our culture. Hunting for a deeper peace, a stronger anchor, and a steadier foot, Hannah's words bring truth back to center— where God is the North Star of our souls. Hannah uses her gift of contemplation to be the gentle hand lifting the faces of her sisters to gaze upon the strength and beauty of that Star. 

Christi Ziebarth, artist and educator

Made for More is a warm conversation about humanity, life, and value, and the journey that each of us must take in coming to grips with God and ourselves. From the first pages, Hannah offers hope, safety, and even joy by reminding us of who we are as people made in God's image. No matter where you are in your journey, Made for More invites you to a life of health and wholeness for today, tomorrow, and into eternity. We will use this book often as we disciple women in homes, churches, chapels, and Bible studies.

Chris and Kelly Wallace, chaplain, US Army

As a counselor, mentor, and parent, I am compelled to assist others to understand why we were made and what we are made to do.   Salvation is the beginning of a lifelong pursuit of our place in God's creation. Made for More challenges each Christian to passionately endeavor to reflect God within their unique sphere of influence.

Del Dee McCaleb Hindman, wife, mother, mentor/counselor

I've read many books on womanhood and am pleased Hannah Anderson has written a book that finally gets underneath the issue and addresses the necessity of understanding personhood. Hannah graciously rises above the gender debates and will challenge you out of every "category" you think you are in and place you in the only one that matters . . . in the image of Christ. This is a beautifully written book useful for women looking to deepen their understanding of their Creator as well as how they are to live and love like Jesus.

Suzie B. Lind, pastor of women's ministry, King's Harbor Church. Torrance, California

Drawing our eyes back to our Maker, again and again, Hannah Anderson teases out the beauty of being made, a created being, for creative purposes, in the image of God. Using rich images and deep theology, she pliably molds the gender issue into a human issue—one that should concern every one of us in profound ways. 

Lore Ferguson, blogger, speaker


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