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  • The Influential Mentor: How the Life and Legacy of Howard Hendricks Equipped and Inspired a Generation of Leaders

The Influential Mentor: How the Life and Legacy of Howard Hendricks Equipped and Inspired a Generation of Leaders

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Lessons from the legacy of beloved Prof Howard Hendricks 

Over the span of four years, journalist Maina Mwaura noticed an intriguing pattern while interviewing hundreds of prominent leaders: many of them were deeply shaped by longtime Dallas Theological Seminary professor Howard Hendricks. The Influential Mentor tells the story of Hendricks' life while capturing his visionary character and leadership legacy. Hendricks, like all of us, struggled. He overcame a difficult childhood and battled depression. Parenting was a challenge. Yet he got up every week for sixty years to teach and mentor with incredible zeal and humility. This book combines the reality of struggle with the audacity of faith to empower others to lead in a manner worthy of Jesus Christ and His gospel. 

But at its heart, this is a book about more than Howard Hendricks. It's about well-tested methods that have shaped a movement—methods that will help today's leaders weather cultural storms and be more effective. In a time where division seems the norm, renowned "Prof" Hendricks imparts a unifying influence. Mwaura shares interviews with Tony Evans, Robert Jeffress, Dennis and Barbara Rainey, Gene Getz, Andy Stanley, Jennie Allen, and more—each testifying to a life of spiritual, emotional, and physical perseverance. 

As Christians apply the lessons of Prof Hendricks' life, they too will be encouraged and strengthened to be a person of great influence for the cause of Christ! The Influential Mentor highlights the leadership success of a contemporary giant of the faith, while inspiring Christians toward the same faithful endeavor.


"Maina has established himself as a capable journalist, conducting countless interviews and writing an abundance of personality profiles. His decision to write about Dr. Hendricks is great news."
Max Lucado
Pastor, speaker, and bestselling author

"One of the best ways to learn is by hacking other people's habits, especially people you love and respect. The ripple effect of Howard Hendricks' influence is tough to measure, but this book passes along some amazing life lessons. Thanks to my friend Maina Mwaura for curating such an inspirational and practical book on the art of mentoring."
Mark Batterson
Lead Pastor, National Community Church; author, The Circle Maker

"'What are you doing?' I can almost hear his pictures asking me. 'Don't you remember I didn't want any books written about me?' My response: 'This is not about you, honey; it's about the Lord. Remember you put Him in your driver's seat. It's your name, but it's His story.' Maina, like a trained retriever, sniffed out much of which was buried treasure. It's like how we loved to enjoy the Dallas Symphony: great music, gifted instrumentalists, but it couldn't happen without the master composer."
Jeanne Hendricks

"Few individuals have had a greater impact on this generation of Christian leaders than Dr. Howard G. Hendricks. My own life was greatly influenced by his teaching. I believe this book will take his legacy to another generation."
Gary D. Chapman
Author of The 5 Love Languages

"Maina Mwaura's The Influential Mentor showcases Dr. Howard G. Hendricks as a fierce lover of people. The textual highlight of this work is to see 'The Prof' through the lens of others. As one would expect, the reader will appreciate him as a man of integrity who had a remarkable gift of making others feel primary. Want to better grasp the legend behind the man? Read this book."
Mark M. Yarbrough
President, Dallas Theological Seminary

"This superbly written account of the life and impact of eminently famous Professor Howard Hendricks blended along with author Maina Mwaura's reflection of Hendrick's impact on his own life serves as an indispensable reference book in the library of Christians worldwide. Mwaura makes it clear in this wonderful biography that Hendricks 'knew his endgame,' meaning his purpose in life, and that was "to pass along what God had given him' in a way that resonated with other people."
Bert Thornton
Vice Chairman Emeritus, Waffle House, Inc.

"My friend Maina Mwaura has courageously undertaken the difficult and dangerous task of presenting the life and ministry of a much-beloved Christian mentor, Dr. Howard G. Hendricks (or 'Prof' as he was known to his affectionate disciples). Maina's task was difficult because it required the skillfully balanced inclusion of Prof's flaws along with his virtues to be credible. And it was dangerous because if Maina got the balance wrong, he'd have a legion of 'Prof's guys' (like me) raising a holy fuss! But no worries, Maina nailed it. Dr. Hendricks comes across as the extraordinarily generous, wise, loyal, and loving servant that he truly was, and the insights regarding his struggles along the way only magnify his achievements. I therefore encourage all to take up Maina Mwaura's challenge to 'learn from him on living well and leading well, with the goal of finishing well!'"
E. Andrew McQuitty
CEO, Kaleo Collective; Pastor Emeritus, Irving Bible Church; author of Notes from the Valley: A Spiritual Travelogue Through Cancer

"If you listened to a sermon on the radio or a podcast, if you've graduated from seminary, if you've been blessed by your pastor, if you've benefited from the leadership from some of our finest companies and nonprofits, then you have likely been impacted by the life of Howard Hendricks. A man of incalculable influence over the last half-century, Hendricks' disciples are leading our key institutions. Now, for the first time ever, you can read about his life and his influence in this magnificent biography by Maina Mwaura. This spellbinding book weaves together the story arcs of Hendricks' life in a compelling, powerful way that will not only leave you with more information about one of the twentieth century's most influential leaders but will inspire you to walk more faithfully with God."
Daniel Darling
Director of The Land Center for Cultural Engagement at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and bestselling author of several books, including A Way with Words, The Characters of Christmas, and Agents of Grace

"'You can impress others at a distance, but you can impact them only up close.' That's just one of the pearls of wisdom in this book from a legendary teacher, Howard Hendricks, whose sixty years of joyful, compelling instruction at the Dallas Theological Seminary touched and changed the lives of thousands of students. Maina Mwaura shares how Hendricks fought off depression and a mother who didn't want him and became a true inspiration."
Jonathan Alter
Author of His Very Best: Jimmy Carter, a Life

"Using the life and ministry of Howard Hendricks as a backdrop, Maina has written a fantastic leadership tool. Jam-packed with leadership principles that work in any context, The Influential Mentor is a must-read for anybody who wants to sharpen their leadership saw."
Kurt Johnston
Pastor of NextGen Ministries, Saddleback Church

"Prof Dr. Howard Hendricks 'dusted my heart and mind with spiritual itching powder.' His life and teaching always left me 'itching' for more. Next to my dad, Prof remains one of the most influential mentors in my life. This book masterfully captures Prof's impact on leaders' lives. Read this book. Ponder the man and his message . . . as a result, your life too will be unmistakably marked by Prof."
Dennis Rainey
Cofounder, FamilyLife

"I fondly remember sitting in Prof Hendricks' class at Dallas Seminary. He was brilliant, engaging, and a master teacher whose courses made you fall in love with the Scriptures. The Influential Mentor has exceptionally captured the essence and valuable tenets that made Prof Hendricks great! Maina has transported us all to Prof Hendricks' class so that we might glean and grow together."
Bryan Carter
Senior Pastor, Concord Church

"Rarely has there been a such a divine demonstration of bridging the gap between the scholarship of the academy and leadership of local church than in the man, the ministry, and the message of Dr. Howard Hendricks."
Kenneth C. Ulmer
Senior Advisor to the President of Biola University

"Our whole story matters. Connecting the dots of Howie's whole story from a broken birth through decades of esteemed leadership contributions, this book gives both humanity and hope to how we all can live and lead with wholeness. As a true journalist, Maina beautifully interviews dozens who were deeply influenced by a man committed to fully live out his potential. This book reinvigorates me to become my whole self and give fully to others, especially those on the margins."
April L. Diaz
Ezer + Co. Founder and CEO

"Mentorship has helped me along my career on and off the baseball field. If someone wants to hit a home run in life, find a mentor. Maina lays out in practical ways through biblical principles the importance and value of having a mentor."
Darryl Strawberry
Former professional baseball player

"As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, I have many selfish reasons to love this book, but the real reason I love it is because it is a book about spiritual legacy and influence. Maina has painted a beautiful portrait of a man's influence through the eyes and ears of those he has impacted forever. You will recognize so many successful names in ministry, industry, education, and athletics who have been mentored and influenced by Howard Hendricks. I highly recommend this encouraging, authentic and inspiring book."
Al Robertson
Star of Duck Dynasty; cohost of the Unashamed podcast with Phil and Jase Robertson

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-7632-6
Publish Date: June 2023
Format: eBook