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  • The Grace Marriage: How the Gospel and Intentionality Transform Your Relationship

The Grace Marriage: How the Gospel and Intentionality Transform Your Relationship

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We live in a performance-based world—but happy and hope-filled marriages thrive on grace. 

Marriage was God's idea, so we know He designed it to be very, very good. But why do most marriages look disengaged, unappealing, or at best a bit stagnant? 

For Brad and Marilyn, "the honeymoon was over before the honeymoon was even over." Both found themselves disillusioned and disappointed. In The Grace Marriage, the authors share how a revelation of God's grace and fresh conviction of the need for intentional investment transformed their hearts and relationship.   

What does a grace marriage look like? This book invites couples to explore:

  • Grace and Identity
  • Grace in the Day-to-Day
  • Grace in Crisis
  • Grace and Communication
  • Grace and Sex
  • Grace and Money . . . and more.

Choosing to show your spouse the same grace Christ has showed you liberates you to walk in freedom and fullness of joy. If you want your marriage to reflect the vibrancy, creativity, and oneness God intends, you must show proactive, ongoing investment.

This book is an essential resource for couples who desire to thrive—not just survive—and who want a marriage that showcases the grace of God to the watching world.

About the Authors

Brad Rhoads
BRAD AND MARILYN RHOADS founded Grace Marriage in 2015 to help churches and couples prioritize marriage. Prior to this, Brad was a practicing attorney for 22 years. He served as a marriage pastor at their local church, where he noted the nationwide absence of an intentional, ongoing strategy to keep couples on a trajectory of growth. Marilyn holds a masters in social work and worked at Counseling Associates before choosing to stay home with their children. In 2015, Brad left the practice of law to pursue marriage ministry full-time. The Rhoads currently lead Grace Marriage, author curriculum together, speak at conferences, and work with individual couples. They are the proud parents of five amazing kids and live in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Brittany Cragg
BRITTANY CRAGG has been editing and authoring marriage curriculum as the Director of Content for Grace Marriage since 2015. She has a degree in English Literature from Wheaton College and a law degree from Emory University, where she won the Golden Pen Award for excellence in legal editing. She has worked as an editor at Christianity Today in the preaching resources department and for investment firms in Chicago and Dallas. Brittany and her husband, Mark, have been married for over eleven years and live with their three children in Prosper, Texas.


"When couples hit a rough patch in their marriage, the tendency for most is to seek better ways of behaving and performing in order to improve the relationship. The problem, of course, is that outward behavior doesn't always reflect the true state of our hearts! In their new book, Brad and Marilyn Rhoads have extended a gospel-oriented approach to marriage that is rooted in the kind of love and grace Christ holds out to us."
Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family

"What a brilliant move to look at every aspect of marriage under the rubric of grace! Grace is lovely and precious; even more, it reflects the beauty of Jesus, which this book does as well. After reading this marvelous book, you will never look at your marriage through the same lens again."
Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage and Cherish

"In our research, one of the most crucial factors for a great marriage is having grace with your spouse. In this life-giving book, Brad and Marilyn convey deep truths about how to do exactly that. Their everyday stories and illustrations will help you connect the truths they share to your own everyday journey with your spouse, no matter where you are in your marriage. We highly recommend that you read The Grace Marriage—with your spouse—as it will breathe hope and life into your heart and marriage."
Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn, social researchers and bestselling authors of For Women Only and For Men Only

"Brad and Marilyn are a couple that walks the talk. The message of The Grace Marriage is not just one they write about, it's one they live. I love their balanced approach of grace and truth, and their message of investing in your marriage will inspire and challenge you to do the same. It takes intentional work to move your marriage to a healthy place, and this book will help give you a practical plan to take those next steps."
Debra Fileta, licensed professional counselor and bestselling author

"Brad and Marilyn's book is an honest, transparent, deep dive into the realities that married couples face every day. Their discussion transforms the trifecta of communication, money, and sex into a gentle conversation about God's grace. These potentially kryptonite issues can weaken the strongest marriages. Yet the Rhoads tackle each with courage, clarity, and biblically based strategies. I particularly love their reminder that 'God uses marriage—and sometimes our spouse, specifically—as an avenue of grace to grow us more into His likeness.' This book should be required reading for every marriage ministry and premarital program."
Rod Patterson, Executive Leader, International Christian Brotherhood; author of Guard Your Gates

"I know of no other book that focuses more on living out the gospel in your marriage than this one. Readers with a shallow understanding of the gospel will strengthen not only their marriage, but their grasp of God's saving grace in Christ as well. Those with a clear understanding of it will see its practical implications for marriage as never before. The Rhoads have written this book in an easy-to-read style, amply illustrating their early naiveté about marriage and the resulting failures, along with how they learned to grow in their relationship by intentionally investing in it. I know Brad well. He's humbly transparent about both his failures (especially) and successes in his marriage to Marilyn. But I don't know anyone who prioritizes his marriage more than he does. The Rhoads won't give you the impression in this book that they have achieved marital perfection, but they will show you biblical reasons and real-life (with five kids!) suggestions on how they've dramatically improved their marriage and how you can too."
Donald S. Whitney, Professor of Biblical Spirituality and Associate Dean at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville, KY); author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, Praying the Bible, and Family Worship

"Brad and Marilyn Rhoads lead with their hearts as they teach us how to experience intentionality in our marriages. Consistently investing in and valuing our spouse is a transforming catalyst in our homes–and only achieved through the power of the gospel. What a valuable framework and guide they equip husbands and wives with!"
Carl Caton, President, The Marriage Initiative

"If there is one resource every family pastor and Christian marriage and family therapist should have on their shelf, it is The Grace Marriage. Brad and Marilyn have done a masterful job weaving personal stories alongside Scripture in order to make the gospel's relevance come alive with regard to marriage. The balance of wisdom, conviction, and tenderness are refreshing."
Nathan Thompson, LPCC, Family Pastor, Southeast Christian Church

"This will become the book for marriage. It's honest, engaging, and practical. You'll laugh a lot. But most importantly, it absolutely drips the grace and love of Christ."
Jamus Edwards, Pastor for Preaching & Vision, Pleasant Valley Community Church

"The Grace Marriage is an excellent book that holds the key to marriage . . . grace. It's the grace of Jesus that lays the firm foundation for everything in marriage. When spouses are intentionally extending grace to one another, their marriage will flourish and can successfully navigate personality differences, financial challenges, and even marital crises."
Howard Dayton, Founder, Compass – Finances God's Way

Great storytelling. Humor. Strong truth. Practical application. There is perhaps no better way to learn about tough subjects. In The Grace Marriage, Brad and Marilyn Rhoads bring together all of these elements to help Christians gain a new perspective and strengthen their marriages. I'm recommending this book everywhere I go!
Joseph Sangl, President & CEO, INJOY Stewardship Solutions

"When a book tells a fascinating story while exposing the reader to rock-solid doctrine, the heart of Jesus, and a revolutionary strategy for marriage, one can't help but be enthralled. Not only will The Grace Marriage transfix you, it will transform your marriage while transforming your heart."
Rick Howerton, Pastor of Rockwall Groups, Lakepointe Church; author, A Different Kind of Tribe: Embracing the New Small-Group Dynamic

"As we listened to the story of their marriage, and how God transformed their marriage, all of us wanted God's grace for our own marriages! Brad and Marilyn point us to the grace of Christ and solid biblical principles that motivate us to 'do marriage' God's way. Thank you, Brad and Marilyn, for being transparent and honest with your own struggles and the joy you found in surrendering yourselves to God's grace!"
Greg Allen, Campus Pastor, Southeast Christian Church

"We know that grace saves! In The Grace Marriage, the Rhoads help Christians see, in a real-life, practical way, how grace can play the definitive role in fostering healthy, Christ-centered marriages. This book will ignite a fire of renewal in married life across the country."
J.P. De Gance, founder and president, Communio

"As followers of Christ, the grace offered by our Lord is our salvation and hope. Could this be any less true in our marriages? Certainly not! In this great book, Brad and Marilyn skillfully show us how to receive God's grace, enjoy it fully, and effectively invest it in both our spouse and our relationship. The result is a divinely blessed, grace-filled life and marriage. Why settle for less!"
Robert S. Paul, Vice President, Focus on the Family Marriage Institute

"As I talk to churches around the country, I continue to hear about the impact Brad and Marylin are having on couples. As you read this book, I am sure you will understand why!"
John McGee, Senior Director, Watermark Resources

"Brad and Marilyn have written a fantastic book on marriage that centers around Jesus Christ. From the standpoint of the Word of God, their own experiences, and honest transparency and heart-driven questions, this book offers guidelines for couples to stay connected to each other. The book also addresses the major aspects of marriage through the lens of the gospel. I truly believe that your marriage will be transformed, enriched, and healthy after reading this book."
Jon Bell, Campus Pastor (Aurora Campus), Harvest Bible Chapel

"I am so excited about The Grace Marriage getting into the hands of married couples everywhere. Godly, Christ-honoring marriages are desperately needed in our culture today. I love how this book is rooted in a sound theological framework and applied very practically to every area of marriage. I highly recommend going through this book with your spouse."
Afshin Ziafat, Lead Pastor, Providence Church (Frisco, TX) and council member for The Gospel Coalition

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-7307-3
Publish Date: May 2023
Format: eBook