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  • The Dad Difference: The 4 Most Important Gifts You Can Give to Your Kids

The Dad Difference: The 4 Most Important Gifts You Can Give to Your Kids

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What does it take to be a great dad?

The world is full of examples of men who weren't there for their kids. But there are good and even great dads out there, who inspire their children and the men around them to reach for more. How do you become a dad like that—even if your own dad wasn't such a good example?

In The Dad Difference, Bryan Loritts explores the four gifts every kid needs from their dad: relationship, integrity, teaching, and experiences. He walks you through what each of these mean and how to put them into practice. He also shares stories of fathers, including his own dad, who were examples of this to him. Full of biblical wisdom, simple truths, and practical advice, this book will empower you to become a dad who makes a difference in the lives of your children.

About the Authors

Bryan Loritts
BRYAN LORITTS is the Lead Pastor of the Abundant Life Christian Fellowship of Silicon Valley, California. He is the privileged husband of Korie, and the graced father of three sons -- Quentin, Myles, and Jaden. He is also an award winning author of six books including Saving the Saved: How Jesus Saves us from Try-harder Christianity into Performance-Free Love which was given the Christianity Today Award of Merit, and his newest release Insider Outsider. Bryan co-founded Fellowship Memphis in 2003, and later founded the Kainos Movement -- an organization committed to seeing the multi-ethnic church become the new normal in our world. He travels extensively throughout the world preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ at conferences and events, as well as serving on the board of trustees for Biola University and PineCove Christian Camps. His messages can be heard daily on the Salem Radio Network's KFAX station. You can follow him on Twitter @bcloritts.


Praise for The Dad Difference

If you are looking for an authentic, fun, encouraging, and hope-giving book on one of the most important assignments in life—being a DAD—then you've found it.  My friend Bryan gives us an up close and personal look at how one of the finest men I know, his father, Crawford, is passing on a purposeful and powerful legacy through his children. Buy two copies—one for yourself and another for a friend who may need an arm around the shoulder or a gentle nudge to excel still more as a dad. The next generation is desperate for dads to "step up."
—DENNIS RAINEY, cofounder and host of the radio program FamilyLife Today; author of bestselling book Moments Together for Couples

My friend Bryan Loritts has gifted us with a practical and inspiring book to help us in the journey of fatherhood. In a world in need of great men to guide their children, The Dad Difference is a must read for every father and aspiring father. 
—LECRAE MOORE, Grammy Award–winning artist 

As a first-time expecting father, this book has been invaluable. As someone who lost their father at a very young age, I had very little guidance in becoming a dad. This book has been incredibly helpful in my preparation for fatherhood.
—BRANDIN COOKS, Wide Receiver, Los Angeles Rams

The Dad Difference is a gift to men, providing clarity in one of life's most daunting journeys—fatherhood. In clear and compelling language, Bryan Loritts draws us into the Scriptures and his relationship with his own father to show us what every man must pass on to their kids to position them for success. This is a must read. 

The older I get, the more I realize: you don't know what you don't know. Which is quite humbling as a dad! I'm so grateful for voices like Pastor Loritts. In this book, he shows us how to lift the next generation above our shoulders, as his father did for him. The wisdom in his message will challenge you, as it did me, to be more intentional as we try to send out tried and true arrows into the world.

Relationship. Integrity. Teaching. Experiences. I'm not sure there are four better words to describe having Crawford Loritts as a father. The intentionality in which he has pursued his children in these areas has continued into our adult years. I pray this book blesses you as its truths are continuing to bless me.
—HEATHER LORITTS, Bryan's sister

"If there's anyone in my family that is capable of capturing such a wonderful and heartfelt tribute of our dad, it would be my brother. In The Dad Difference, you will be encouraged, challenged, as well as enlightened by the life of our father, Crawford Loritts Jr. Dad, thank you so much for modeling the desired destination. I love you dearly.
—BRYNDAN LORITTS, Bryan's brother

Children are not born with a manual. However, having a godly foundation is comforting during the most difficult parenting seasons. My brother's book lovingly and accurately captures the examples, principles, and high (but attainable) standards of my wonderful father. Dad blessed us with parenting tools and techniques that I both cherish and utilize to this day.
—HOLLY L. GIBSON, Bryan's sister

As a father who is about to release his youngest daughter off to college, how I wish that I had had a book like The Dad Difference back when I was just starting out. Bryan is wise beyond his years, with great passion and practical wisdom for us parents who wish to be present, intentional, and Christ-centered in the way that we raise our kids. Whether you are an experienced parent, a new parent, or perhaps looking forward to being a parent someday, the insights Bryan shares in these pages are ones you won't want to miss.
—SCOTT SAULS, pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN, and author of A Gentle Answer

Bryan Loritts's newest book, The Dad Difference, is both a divine and practical look at being a dad. Why? Because Bryan draws from principally two sources he trusts—the Scriptures and his earthly father, Dr. Crawford Loritts. I have had the amazing privilege and blessing of having Crawford as a good and trusted friend for over thirty years. What I have seen and experienced in Crawford is only a fraction of what Bryan has seen. But what I have grown to know is a man of integrity, with complete trust and faith in the Word of God; cherishing his wife, Karen; loyalty and transparency with his children, friends, and associates; always leaning into and trusting the Holy Spirit. So when Bryan shares four major virtues of a great dad, rest assured, it is based upon watching a man trusting God and His Word, and how that affected the way he fulfilled his role as a dad. The powerful intersection of divine truths and an earthly example!
—STEVE ROBINSON, former VP of Marketing for Chick-fil-A


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ISBN: 978-0-8024-1962-0
Publish Date: June 2020
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8
Format: Paperback