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  • Shepherding the Church: Effective Spiritual Leadership in a Changing Culture

Shepherding the Church: Effective Spiritual Leadership in a Changing Culture

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Times are changing. The Truth never will. It's tough to be a pastor today. Christians who stand up for what God has said are disregarded and labeled right-wing extremists. Political correctness and tolerance of anything but godly character is the norm. So how do ministers lead God's people in this pagan culture? How do they shepherd the flock as the lights fade dimmer and the nights grow colder? This book is not about programs. It not about developing the best techniques for numerical growth. Rather it is a discussion of the heart of the matter - the heart of the shepherd. In Shepherding the Church, Dr. Stowell takes a look at what it takes to be a truly effective leader from the inside out. He encourages today's leaders to focus on their own character, spiritual growth, and spiritual gifts. Examine some heart issues like: how do I prove to my congregation that I'm trustworthy? how do I lead by loving? how do I overcome insecurities? how can I transform lives with my preaching? how do I lead my flock by the way I live my life? how do I persevere?Even in these tough times, effective leadership is possible. Learn from Dr. Stowell as he encourages today's leaders to keep their eyes on the non-negotiables of Christian ministry.

About the Author

Joseph-M Stowell
DR. JOSEPH M. STOWELL has a distinguished career in higher education and church leadership. He has served as President of Moody Bible Institute and Cornerstone University and has had the honor of pastoring several churches in the Midwest. An internationally recognized conference speaker, Joe has written devotionals for Our Daily Bread and authored several books, including Strength for the Journey, The Trouble with Jesus, Simply Jesus, and Redefining Leadership: Character-Driven Habits of Effective Leaders. He and his wife Martie enjoy the pleasure of three children and ten grandchildren.


Joe Stowell's analysis of leadership is profoundly biblical and practical and thus properly radical.  A splendid book; a must read.
-R. Kent Hughes, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois

Joe Stowell is a man with a "kingdom heart" that transcends smaller issues and goes out to all the body of Christ.  His care and concern for pastors is clearly reflected in this book.
-Jim Cymbala, The Brooklyn Tabernacle, Brooklyn, New York

Joe Stowell's advice to pastors is, like himself, firm, faithful, forceful, and fun.  It will do a lot of good!
-Stuart Briscoe, Elmbrook Church, Waukesha, Wisconsin

A powerfully argued and seminal book dealing with the most important question facing the church today.  I would feel more encouraged if every pastor and lay leader were compelled to read it and absorb its message.
-Howard C. Hendricks, Center for Christian Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary

It has been my observation that congregations change when their leaders change.  At last there is a book that expresses many things I have felt about spiritual leadership.  I highly recommend it.
-John Maxwell, INJOY, Inc., San Diego, California

In a day when church-growth gurus are telling us to "market the church" by finding out the "wants" of a lost society and developing programs to meet those wants, Joe Stowell brings us back to the biblical pattern of "churching the market" to meet the "needs" of those around us.
-O.S. Hawkins, First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

In his inimitable proclamation-in-print style, Joe Stowell writes as a friend to all pastors. . . about God's calling to preach the Word and to demonstrate its power in our lives.  A significant work!
-Samuel Ling, Chinese Christian Union Church, Chicago, Illinois

Joe Stowell shares his mind, but also his heart; his commitment, but also his experience.  Invaluable help for the person who seeks to be a faithful shepherd of the flock of Jesus Christ.
-Maxie Dunnam, President, Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky

Provides a beautiful balance between theological/biblical integrity and practical church-growth methodology.  Joe Stowell has done the church in this generation a great service and provides a significant challenge for the future.
-Jack Graham, Prestonwood Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

With the contemporary marginalization of Christianity in our modern society, we are in desperate need for a definitive word from God to the church and its shepherds.  Joe Stowell has provided us with such a word.  You will discover the timeless truths of what the church is, what it is to look like, and how it is to function.
-Tony Evans, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas, Texas

Without throwing stones, Joe Stowell analyzes problems insightfully, applies the Scriptures accurately, and encourages God's servants compassionately.  Reading this book reminded me of our old Youth for Christ slogan "Geared to the times, but anchored to the Rock."
-Warren W. Wiersbe, Author and Conference Speaker, Lincoln, Nebraska

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ISBN: 978-1-57567-776-7
Publish Date: March 1997
Format: eBook