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  • Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography: Understanding the Science, Risks, and Ways to Protect Your Kids

Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography: Understanding the Science, Risks, and Ways to Protect Your Kids

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Product Description

Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography exposes the many ways that pornography is menacing people, relationships, society, and—especially—our children. Dr. John Foubert's ability to write about complex concepts in practical terms will help you understand issues like how pornography affects the brain, how pornography is a recipe for sexual violence, and why you should take measures to protect your children and those you love. This scholarly perspective is well balanced by practical suggestions at the end of each chapter that gives parents advice on how to apply the information in their own home. It is time for a national conversation about what pornography is really all about. Foubert's book opens the door on that discussion and invites the reader to join the battle against porn with greater knowledge of its actual effects. You will be disturbed, shocked, motivated, and empowered to make a difference after reading this book.

About the Author

John-D Foubert
JOHN D. FOUBERT (B.S., College of William & Mary; M.A., University of Richmond; Ph.D., University of Maryland at College Park) is Dean of the College of Education at Union University and serves as the Highly Qualified Expert for Sexual Assault Prevention for the U.S. Army. He founded the national nonprofit organization One in Four which worked for twenty years to apply research to rape prevention programs on college campuses and in the military. Dr. Foubert has testified before Congress and has been called upon by the White House and all four branches of the military for his expertise. He lives in Jackson, TN with his wife and two children, ages 13 and 11.


Praise for Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography

"I believe that Internet pornography is the #1 threat to the healthy development of our children today. In Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography, Dr. John Foubert equips you as parents to know what you need to know and have the tough conversations you need to have with your children about this menace. This book is a must-read for all parents who love their children and want them to grow into healthy adults!"
JOSH D. MCDOWELL, author/speaker

"Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography delivers what its title suggests. In his new book, Dr. Foubert, an internationally known expert, uses well-annotated, up-to-date data and real-life stories to address subjects you never find elsewhere. But most importantly, parents are given real and practical ways to protect their children. Many of those helps are very simple, like the great lists of questions to ask your teens. This book will lock you in to protecting your children!"
RON DEHAAS, CEO, Covenant Eyes

"Dr. John Foubert has written the essential parental guide to protecting children from pornography. The numbers of children who fall prey to the evils of pornography is staggering, eventually resulting in the destruction of personal and spiritual lives for many. In today's technological world, parents cannot prevent their children from viewing pornography but they can prepare them to deal properly with it. Reading John Foubert's book is more than helpful to parents. It is an obligation."
PATRICK A. TRUEMAN, President, National Center on Sexual Exploitation

"Every parent needs this book. Dr. Foubert stands on a mountain of research to give us a clear view of the science behind the harms of pornography—especially for our kids. But he doesn't stop there. This renowned expert provides pragmatic steps every parent can take to create a safe and healthy perspective on sexuality for our children. This book is desperately needed. It's grounded, proven, and practical."
DRS. LES & LESLIE PARROTT, #1 New York Times bestselling authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

"Internet pornography is the great plague of the digital age. Parents, and all who care about the well-being of children, are desperately in need of solid, reliable, scientifically validated information, and practical guidance. John D. Foubert provides both in Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography. It's a book that every parent needs to read."
ROBERT P. GEORGE, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

"Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography is an absolute must-read for parents everywhere. This book will open your eyes to realities you didn't know existed and provide concrete guidance on how to appropriately address the topic in your home. John Foubert is perhaps one of the most informed scholars on the subject of pornography and the harm it can create in the entire world. His grasp and understanding of the literature makes him the perfect candidate to write this book."
CLAY OLSEN, founder, Fight the New Drug

"This book will scare you about your children. Then it will do what all good scary books should do, which is tell you how to heal the problems and, even more importantly, how to prevent them. The problems caused by pornography, which is now ubiquitous, will put to a lie that ignorance is bliss. In this situation, ignorance is catastrophic. Written with heart and intelligence, John Foubert will lead you through the issues highlighting things that matter to parents. The author is readable and comes from a place of scientific knowledge and real-world experience Don't miss this opportunity to snatch your children back from the pornographers who want to teach your children about sex without love and dignity. It is a battle that you can win. It is a battle that you must win."
MARY ANNE LAYDEN, Director of the Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program, University of Pennsylvania

"Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography reflects both John Foubert's first-rate scholarship and his deep humanity. Foubert's advice—to children, parents, and adult users of pornography—is offered without judgment, aimed at helping the many people who are trapped in self-destructive cycles of pornography use. Illustrated with the straightforward data from scholarly research and the heart-breaking stories of people struggling with the effects of pornography, Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography touches the reader in both the head and heart. We need both our best thinking and our deepest feeling to cope with the pornography industry's corrosive influence on us all."
ROBERT W. JENSEN, Emeritus Professor of Journalism, University of Texas; author of Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity

"Pornography is a solvent that dissolves interpersonal relationships and societal bonds, and Dr. Foubert has described the impact of internet pornography on children and emerging adults with skill and insight. Everyone should read this book, then follow his admonition to work together developing a public health policy to counter the multibillion-dollar cabal that comprises today's modern pornography industry."

"Dr. John Foubert has done a great service to children in writing this nuanced yet accessible book. His discussion of the effects of pornography is comprehensive, science based, and unflinching. By providing practical guidance on how to talk to young people about the harms of pornography, Dr. Foubert's book provides wisdom, hope, and a call to action."
GAIL DINES, Professor Emerita of Sociology; president, Culture Reframed

"This is the best book I have read to help parents and other caring adults protect kids from the harms of pornography. It's research-based, eye-opening, and practical. I will be recommending it for a long time."
SEAN MCDOWELL, Biola University professor, speaker, author

"Meaningful family discussions about pornography need to start early since the average age at which young people first start viewing porn is nine, and by then most of them have sophisticated computer skills enabling them to easily consume and distribute hurtful online sexual images. John Foubert's evidence-based, highly intelligible book is a much-needed resource for parents seeking effective ways of having such conversations."
WALTER DEKESEREDY, director of the Research Center on Violence; Professor of Sociology, West Virginia University

"Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography is a sobering but essential read for parents in our digital age. Not only will it awaken parents to the challenges, it offers helpful suggestions on how to start conversations with kids to help them navigate the temptation."
JON RITNER, pastor of Ecclesia Hollywood and author of Positively Irritating

"Concerning internet pornography, passivity, denial, and inaction are no longer options for parents. The battle is real and relentless. You must arm yourself and your children, and there is no better resource to assist you than the book you are holding in your hands. It is thorough, compassionate, accessible, meticulously researched, and very practical. Your children need your help. This book will help you help them."
MARK HITCHCOCK, Senior Pastor, Faith Bible Church, Edmond, OK; Associate Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary

"Dr. John Foubert has been a leading voice and researcher on the dangers of pornography for years. This book is a must-read for parents so they can equip their kids to understand and avoid the dangers of pornography. I love the age-appropriate questions at the end of each chapter to facilitate these important conversations with our children."
TED SHIMER, founder of the online porn addiction recovery program (

"Dr. John Foubert has curated a powerhouse of research that will enable parents to better arm their children against the harms of porn. Written in a conversational tone, Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography provides practical, action-oriented suggestions to safeguard kids in a world where porn is the most accessible danger to a child's growing young mind. Get it. Read it. Your kids' lives will be better for it!"
KRISTEN A. JENSON, author of the international bestselling Good Pictures Bad Pictures read-aloud books and founder of Defend Young Minds

"Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography is a resource I wish we didn't need, but we certainly do. John's careful, meticulously researched treatment of how the porn industry is impacting our youth is a 'must have' for parents and anyone who works with children, teens, and young adults. Foubert's case is compelling, insightful, and practical."
DREW MOSER, director, Master of Arts in Higher Education Initiatives; Professor of Higher Education & Student Development, Taylor University

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ISBN: 978-0-8024-2839-4
Publish Date: May 2022
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Format: Paperback