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  • Never Alone: Ruth, the Modern Military Spouse, and the God Who Goes With Us

Never Alone: Ruth, the Modern Military Spouse, and the God Who Goes With Us

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Format: Paperback
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Product Description

Faraway lands, fear, and faith—Ruth paves the way for our story.

One day when author and military spouse Jessica Manfre was reading the book of Ruth, she had an epiphany. Ruth is the story of every military spouse.

In the book of Ruth, we witness a woman's brave journey—one of loss, loneliness, and loyalty. A story of love and faith. Does that sound familiar? These are the hallmarks of the military life. While our lives are fraught with heartache and sacrifice, that isn't the whole of our stories. Ruth is a hero that has gone before us, offering encouragement and strength. Through her, we witness the beauty of hope and share in the healing power of friendship. We discover that even when all seems lost and completely hopeless, we are Never Alone. God is always with us. And He's leading us through our own story of redemption. He's restoring the hardships and healing the wounds of despair. He's transforming our pain and building our trust. Even when we're wandering in a faraway, foreign land, He is not lost and has not lost us.

Join Jessica in studying a story that was meant for you. Jessica explores topics like the fundamental need for connection, the clinical mental health implications of loneliness, preparing your heart for loss (she writes from experience), friendship, and much more. This resource is for every military spouse who desires to strengthen relationships, live in authentic community, and walk with God.

About the Author

Jessica Manfre
JESSICA MANFRE is a licensed social worker, author, and Chief Financial Officer of the nonprofit, Inspire Up. She holds a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Central Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Northwestern State University. Jessica is the proud wife of a U.S. Coast Guardsman, Scott, and mama to their two children, Anthony and Raegan. She is passionate about creating a kinder and more generous world—one that Jesus prayed and gave His life for.


"Jessica has written such a marvelous book about the journey our military families endure. As Jessica weaves her story with the story of Ruth and Naomi, you will find yourself laughing and crying. It is a story of belonging and remaining steadfast in some of life's hardships with the beautiful reminder you are never alone. This is a must-read for every military family and those who want to know more about their journeys."
Lead Pastor of Naples First Church of the Nazarene

"Never Alone will help military and nonmilitary spouses alike understand how to struggle well in life's challenges, how to stand in the strength of their convictions, and how to live a life filled with love and beauty before God. As a seasoned military spouse, Manfre captures the essence of Ruth's conviction and gives us a language to speak amidst an ever-changing landscape. Never Alone is a clarion call for all spouses who find themselves weary in well-doing, where the changes and chances of this life are hard to bear, but who know that this journey is never meant to be traversed alone."
United States Navy Chaplain

"Navigating life as a military spouse is harder than it looks, filled with moments of deep loneliness and overwhelming hardship. Yet many are still carrying that weight alone. Enter Jessica, the neighbor and best friend that every military spouse needs in their back pocket who also just happens to know exactly what you need to hear right when you need to hear it. Ultimately, she reminds every reader that there is a God who is just as present for you today as He was for Ruth yesterday."
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Army chaplain spouse

"We all experience moments in life when we feel no one understands, and that's a lonely place. Jessica's book, Never Alone, can make you feel as though she's peering into your heart and soul. I love Jessica's courage in sharing her heart and confidence in God's infinite love that shines through her work."
Gold Star spouse, 2018 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year, and cofounder of The Unquiet Professional

"A gripping firsthand look into the behind the scenes world of a military spouse. The lessons in Never Alone provide multi-tool for those on the journey of faith and service. Finally, a recognition of military spouses and the true cost of supporting those who wear the uniform."
Marine and Green Beret veteran; award-winning filmmaker and producer

"Jessica Manfre delivers an honest and nuanced road map for how to succeed as a military spouse. Not only does Never Alone deliver raw personal stories from Manfre, it also discusses the challenges of military spouses from a scientific and spiritual perspective. A must-read for any military spouse, and an important read for any service member wanting to understand how their better half copes with their absence."
New York Times bestselling author and Army combat veteran

"As a military spouse of seventeen years, I found it refreshing to read this book and realize how Ruth's story is so relatable to the military spouse. I cried, I laughed, and I sighed as I read through the pages of Never Alone. You will finish the book with a newfound strength and understanding that you truly are never alone and God is with you always."
2017 Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year and founder of Discovering Your Spark

"Faith is revealed to us through powerful storytelling. A burning bush. A sea parted. A force darker than evil and a God full of mercy and light. These stories give us more than lessons; they give us hope. Jessica Manfre is a master storyteller. Never Alone weaves together the beautiful triumphant heart of Ruth with the unwavering strength of military spouses. It's a story of faith, friendship, service, and most of all, love. A must-read for every military spouse."
Editor in Chief for We Are The Mighty; former CIA agent

"As an Army special forces veteran, my mind was always on the next mission while everything at home seemed secondary. The world needs to know our military spouses are the true foundation for ensuring force readiness. Without our spouses and families securing the home front, we couldn't do what we do. Never Alone is a loud reminder of the price our families pay so we can serve. It's also a deep calling into the faith that sustains us as we navigate the realities of military life from those waiting at home to the warriors on the battlefields across the globe. Jessica takes you on an extraordinary journey through this book by giving readers the truth about the toll loneliness can take while simultaneously reinforcing our faith in God walking with us through it all."
CEO of Alpha Elite Performance, president of Alpha Elite Performance Outdoors, and retired Army Green Beret

"In the eighteen years I have been a military spouse, I have been on the brink of feeling broken more than a couple of times. As a physician's assistant, I've seen the results of the negative impact loneliness can have on the body and the mind. Jessica Manfre has crafted into the printed word the message that my soul has spoken in my quiet prayers. This is a stunning piece of work, one that will have well-loved dog-eared pages as I continue to reference my favorite passages. Manfre has crafted a message of hope and inspiration that our journey is never a solitary one."
PA-C, physician's assistant, Green Beret spouse, and Vice President of Development for Project 33 Memorial Foundation

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-2840-0
Publish Date: March 2023
Dimensions: 5 x 7
Format: Paperback