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  • Growing Grateful Kids: Teaching Them to Appreciate an Extraordinary God in Ordinary Places

Growing Grateful Kids: Teaching Them to Appreciate an Extraordinary God in Ordinary Places

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Even when economic times are tight, our children enjoy an abundance of material possessions.  Yet amidst all this wealth, discontentment and competition seem to be on the rise.  Instead of teaching children virtues such as gratefulness and patience, many parents are bending over backwards to get their children the latest and greatest item - or feeling guilty when they can't.  With the currents of materialism and entitlement flowing so strong, how do we raise kids who are simply thankful?

With simple language, interesting anecdotes, and biblical applications, Susie Larson helps readers understand that although teaching perspective and gratitude to our children is critical, it is not difficult.

About the Authors

Susie Larson
SUSIE LARSON is a national speaker, bestselling author, and the host of the daily talk show, Susie Larson Live heard on the Faith Radio Network. Susie has written 17 books and many articles. She's been a guest on Focus on the Family, The Life Today Show, Family Life Today, and other media outlets. Voted twice as a top-ten finalist for the John C. Maxwell Transformational Leadership Award, she is also a veteran of the fitness field. Susie has been married to her dear husband Kevin since 1985 and together they have three sons, three daughters-in-law, two beautiful grandchildren, and one adorable pit bull named Memphis. Susie's passion is to see people everywhere awakened to the value of their soul, the depth of God's love, and the height of their calling in Christ Jesus.


First of all, I just have to say this: It's about stinking time you write a parenting book!  Holy cow!  This is stinking amazing.  I haven't read too many parenting books because most of them are incredibly unrealistic and eye-rolling cheezy.  But this one is excellent.  SUPERB.  You have so many funny stories (humor is always good) that I have been laughing out loud A LOT.  I keep saying to Skip, "Ok you gotta hear this...Oh you gotta listen to this..."  And your insight into those moments is truly wonderful.  I just love this book.  Overall you have some profound insight, laugh-out-loud moments and easily applicable concepts.  Really good stuff.  Your personal stories that you include are appropriate and give such good perspective. I love your transparency. 

I like that this is a book about parenting but with a spiritual tone.  It's a really good tool for the parent who needs to be equipped. 

This is a great start to an excellent book! Another best seller. :-)

-Carolyn Crust, mother of two

I so appreciate this book, it has been such a wonderful resource to help me put things into check. I feel like we live in such a spoiled, greedy, selfish world and when you stop and think about those around us who are going through so many difficult things our little things really are little in comparison. I want to teach and show that to my kids I want them to be more grateful and compassionate. I feel like we have been so negative and judgemental!

And as you put it about the bum on the street it doesn't mean he's just a lazy drunk, we don't know what happened in his life to put him there but we need to have more compassion for him and take the time to pray for him and those out there who aren't as fortunate as us!

As I look around my house I know my kids have too much, Your book has inspired me to teach my children to give some of it away to someone who doesn't have as much someone who could really appreciate it.

I Thank you for this book cause it has really opened my eyes and my heart and makes me want to do better in the lives of my kids I want them to grow up grateful and with compassion. I think when this book gets out it will change alot of lives and hearts!!

This is by far one of the best parenting books I have ever read!!! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of it! you truly have a calling!!

-Kathy Newberg, mother of four

I love the message coming through the pages. Each chapter gives me practical applications, but even more valuable I think is the 'concept' teaching you do naturally and with humor and with humility.  thank you.  May the Lord continue to strengthen you and give you His message to send out.  I can't tell you how many teaching moments are prompted after reading what you wrote..  like the teaching about giving our children a worldview..  so needed.  And, asking for promised wisdom.  As parents we so easily forget to call on His help and fully engage in His Kingdom work daily..  You have a unique way of showing a glimpses of His kingdom work..

-Cindy Larson, mother of two

I LOVE this book! I wish I had it when my kids were young. This book is not only for parents of young children, but for anyone who spends time with children.


As I read the chapters, I sense that God really wants to get across how much He loves us.  I don't think women, and most people for that matter, realize just how much God loves them.  You mention in Chapter 1, "Cultivating a heart of gratitude in our children is impossible unless we ourselves are grateful.  We can't impart something we do not posses."  This is SO profoundly true.  If we don't actually realize God's love for us, how can we be believable when we tell our children this amazing truth? All I have to say is wow and thank you!  I can not tell you how happy I am that you are writing a book like this!  Your past struggles are going to help so many people who are in the same place you once were. 


As I read this book, I feel like I am getting a "2-for-1" deal!  I have read many books on parenting and this is the first one that does such a great job of helping me to start with me and my life, as it will then spill over into my kids and their lives.  I LOVE the "Personal Application" followed by the "Parental Application".  Such a great re-cap of the chapter with easy, practical ways to use them in our every-day lives.  It is humbling and inspiring all at the same time!  It feels like I am sharing a cup of tea and encouraging, insightful conversation with you - very relatable.  Your humor and candor shine through each chapter.  Bless you, for tools and examples from your own personal life that will help me to become a better parent and a better me!  


Growing Grateful Kids is such a great source of conviction, encouragement, and inspiration to spur me on to finishing this parenting race well and not sputter out along the way. This book compels me to submit my own character to the refining of the Holy Spirit that I may be equipped to impart those lessons on to my children. Thank you, Susie, for taking the time, for submitting in obedience, and writing this down for a generation in desperate need of this kind of parenting book!


Susie Larson is not just a great author, or great speaker or great mom; she is a great example of a great example. Her motivation is to tell the world that you too can do anything in partnership with Christ Jesus. She gives us the opportunity to see the weaknesses and successes of her and her family's lives. She is so open with her family examples, because she cares so much about the welfare of other families.  I have had the privilege to know Susie for many years. She is what she writes and she has no other agenda than to be doing Gods agenda. For anyone who would like the very best for their children or grand children, I highly recommend this book, it is a book that will keep on giving, and it will be a legacy to you and yours, inspired by God through Susie.

-L.C., father of four, and grandfather of 13 children

Wow. you have put sooooo much good stuff in the book! I am asking God to provide me with the funds to buy a case of books so I can hand them out to every young parent that I know.


This book is an amazing journey to go on with Susie! I love how she bears her heart and experience as a parent throughout it. Each chapter ends with practical ideas for personal and parental application. Be ready to be challenged and transformed by the Holy Spirit in your thinking as you read through this book and apply what you are learning. Your kids will be blessed as you take what you learn and pass it on to them!


In today's society, considerate people are as scarce as rare jewels. In her book Growing Grateful Kids, Susie Larson has initiated the process to reverse this socioeconomic calamity.  She gives today's mothers the vision of creating a new generation of grateful individuals.  She encourages modern mothers, through introspection and changes in their own lives, to teach their children thankfulness in every situation.  This book is different from other self-help books because it includes Biblically-based principles, practical advice, and a keen sense of humor which entice the reader to dig deeper into God's way of Growing Grateful Kids.

P. Larson

"Coming from the perspective of a single person with no children, I think this book is an outstanding read!  Not only did I gain insight on how to parent from a Godly perspective, but I laughed, cried, and was spiritually encouraged to the very last word!  I have known the Larson's for several years, so I have seen first hand what a wonderful example they are for others.  I cannot stress enough how important it is for everyone to read this book - it will change your way of thinking on how to parent children in a way that honors God.  This is Susie's best book yet!"

-S. Johnson

This is the real deal, moms.  This book will grab your attention and speak beyond the pages... even if you are one of those who has a hard time getting into books.  Susie writes with humor, vulnerability, and a depth that calls us to look beyond our own parenting to the example of Jesus.  I was SO BLESSED in reading this book and I pray the same be true for you!


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ISBN: 978-1-57567-546-6
Publish Date: March 2010
Format: eBook