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  • A Deeper Walk: A Proven Path for Developing a More Vibrant Faith

A Deeper Walk: A Proven Path for Developing a More Vibrant Faith

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Too many Christians are stuck and unable to go deeper in their walk with God because traditional discipleship models are overly left-brained and miss the heart. These models are broken and need to be re-engineered if the Western Church is going to produce spiritually vibrant and emotionally mature disciples. In A Deeper Walk, Marcus Warner examines how status quo discipleship broke down and provides a model for whole-brained, heart-focused discipleship based on the gospel's four essential elements: freedom, identity, spirit, and heart-focused community—FISH. A Bible teacher at heart, Marcus Warner is the president of Deeper Walk International and has a passion for taking complex topics and making them practical and accessible for everyone. A Deeper Walk is the flagship title from this growing and dynamic organization seeking to revolutionize the way discipleship is done in the West.

About the Authors

Marcus Warner
MARCUS WARNER (MDiv, ThM, and Min Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is the president of Deeper Walk International. A former pastor and professor, he has written on topics ranging from how to study the Bible to spiritual warfare, emotional healing, and leadership. Marcus travels the world equipping people on the front lines of ministry with practical tools for dealing with root issues that keep people stuck and unable to go deeper into what God has for them.


Praise for A Deeper Walk

"In his latest book, A Deeper Walk, Dr. Marcus Warner clearly, succinctly, and systematically illustrates why I consider him to be not only an excellent Bible teacher but also a world-class discipleship trainer. There is a difference between the two. I have sat under and read the works of many fine Bible teachers who knew absolutely nothing about discipleship training, but I have never sat under nor read the works of a discipleship trainer who was not also a very capable Bible teacher. We need more discipleship trainers who share not only accurate content but also Bible skills, ministry skills and life skills. This book represents both accurate Bible teaching and transferable discipleship training. It is written in a way that can be easily understood and shared with others in a Matthew 28:18–20 and 2 Timothy 2:2 methodology and manner. The numerous acronyms explained throughout the book alone represent a gold mine of information that can be easily understood and shared. Whether your interest is in learning more about spiritual warfare and freedom in Christ, or systematic discipleship training that goes beyond fill-in-the-blank clichés, this book is worth the treasure and time you invest to purchase it and read it. It is a privilege to lock arms with you in ministry to each other and others. Well done my brother; keep on!"
Pastor, teacher, discipleship trainer, and author

"Marcus has the sacred ability to turn theological vagaries into clear and implementable opportunities for health. In A Deeper Walk, Marcus clarifies the oft-mistaught themes of freedom through warfare and inner healing. His teaching is vitally important because of his trusted understanding of our identity in Christ. I'm so grateful to get to endorse my friend."
Coauthor of The Cure and author of On My Worst Day

"In his book A Deeper Walk, my good friend and former board member of RIMI, Dr. Marcus Warner, has identified key elements of a heart-focused discipleship. As you read through this book, you will learn about the F.I.S.H. model and receive practical tools to apply these principles to your own life and the lives of others. Together, these will help break through those seemingly impenetrable brick walls in our journey with Christ. I highly recommend this relevant work to everyone who is interested to be a serious disciple and called to go and make disciples. Please get your copy today!"
Founder/President of RIMI Mission India / Mission India Theological Seminary

"If you desire a deeper level of maturity in your walk with God, read this book! Dr. Marcus Warner shows the best model is heart-focused discipleship. There is freedom and healing in these pages."
Author, radio host of Chris Fabry Live

"In A Deeper Walk, Marcus has managed to gather together the most significant, coherent, and powerful design to help us develop exactly what the title calls for: a deeper walk with God. All of Marcus's books are excellent, but this is his best and most comprehensive work—not only laying out what the key components of healthy discipleship are, but also presenting how to apprehend them in life. I plan on putting this in the hands of all the clergy I oversee, and all the new bishops I work with overseas."
Bishop, Anglican Church

"A Deeper Walk is a refreshing, invigorating read by the illustrious Dr. Marcus Warner, a wellspring of wisdom and knowledge! Here we have a magnificent manifesto developed from a lifetime of study and experience in God's Word, God's character, and God's creation. In A Deeper Walk, Marcus works in his sweet spot, simplifying complex topics and making the Bible, God, and the Christian life clear and compelling. Marcus shines light on the essentials needed to develop a vibrant faith. Every seminary, school, and small group must read, apply, teach, live, and share this book. You will want to read this several times over and give copies to everyone you know!"
Author of The Joy Switch and president of THRIVEtoday

"When our Christian life underperforms, we are always missing a key element. A Deeper Walk identifies what we are missing. Dr. Warner gives clear guidance for adding what we needed. You will be surprised at what you learn and soon be giving copies of A Deeper Walk to your friends."
Neurotheologian with Life Model Works and author of several books including The Other Half of Church (with Michel Hendricks) and Rare Leadership (with Marcus Warner)

"This book provides a proven discipleship path to a deeper walk with God, a path that Dr. Marcus Warner brilliantly guides his readers to follow. If you long to move from just head knowledge to heart-focused discipleship, A Deeper Walk is a must-read. In his signature way of teaching, Marcus provides accessible and practical ways to apply the truths in this book to your own life and ministry."
Author of The Loudest Roar: Living in the Unshakable Victory of Christ and board member of Deeper Walk International

"Dr. Marcus Warner has a unique gift of communicating simply, profoundly, and memorably. This book does exactly that. He defines not only what a 'deeper walk' with God means, but what the barriers to a deeper walk are. Especially important is the fact that this book recognizes and addresses the discipleship barriers for the deeply wounded and those who have experienced trauma. I love that Dr. Warner knows how to share biblical, faith-driven material alongside sound psychological principles and a sophisticated (yet understandable) description of how God made our brains to work. I would give this book to family, friends, church leaders, and clients to help deepen conversation and deepen our walk with God in our communities, in ourselves, and in our spheres of influence."
Senior Director of Counseling Service Dept., Focus on the Family

"Marcus has written a phenomenal book that explains what true, biblical discipleship is meant to accomplish: creating joyful followers of Jesus who, through the overflow of their love for God, help others to discover who God is and what He's really like. With grace and humility, he explores how the culture of the church is harmed by the lack of emotional and relational maturity that living and loving like Jesus requires, while offering proven ways to understand what a Spirit-led life looks like. This book is a refreshing reminder of the fact that our secret mistrust of God hinders every aspect of our lives. But he doesn't leave us there. Marcus provides a pathway to joy to help us to understand God's plan for deliverance by His Spirit, for our good and God's glory."
Author of You Are Worth the Work and member of Dr. BJ Fogg's Stanford Behavior Design Teaching Team

"Our mission from the resurrected Lord is to make disciples. How are we doing? How effective are we? This book will help expand our vision of what discipleship is and equip us with better tools for engaging in the process. I deeply appreciate the way Marcus Warner discusses the importance of developing emotional and relational maturity as part of the process and how he takes the reality of demonic opposition seriously.  There is much wisdom to be gained through this book that will sharpen our ability to fulfill our Lord's commission to us."
Research Professor of New Testament Talbot School of Theology (Biola University)

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ISBN: 978-0-8024-2871-4
Publish Date: August 2022
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Format: Paperback