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  • Why Not Today: Trafficking, Slavery, the Global Church . . . and You

Why Not Today: Trafficking, Slavery, the Global Church . . . and You

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In a hotel room in Bangalore, a California pastor wrestles with God—and himself . . .

"I draw in a long, slow breath of Indian air. The room is dark and still. I have only one thing more to say: 'Lord, I'm in. I am so in.'"

When Matthew Cork, lead pastor of a church in a comfortable corner of Orange County, first encountered the Dalit (untouchable) people of India on a visit to Hyderabad, he was shaken to his core. Children begging at the airport. Elderly women sweeping gutters. Families living in discarded concrete pipes. He learned of the systemic bondage they had been in for thousands of years.

As Matthew came face-to-face with this suffering, he knew God was summoning him to help. He knew that the greatest hope for the Dalits lay in educating their children—something long closed to them. So God gave Matthew a vision that would transform him and his church, taking them on a journey from the suburban comfort of the US to the slums and villages of India.

Today a new movement is sweeping over the world, a movement to set oppressed people free—free from slavery, sex-trafficking, poverty, and political and social injustice. Why Not Today is an invitation—and a challenge—to join in the efforts to bring freedom and hope to people suffering all over world.

Perhaps God has stirred a passion in you to help the poor and overcome injustice. This story shows what God can do when we are willing to respond to that stirring. Why not start today?

About the Authors

Matthew Cork
MATTHEW CORK has served in a number of key roles over his many years at Friends Church, including: WorshipPastor, Executive Pastor and the position he currently holds, Lead Pastor. Matthew’s focus since 2003 has been on therenewal of Friends Church. He has a strong pastor’s heart that has led him to be a key part of transitioning a church incrisis. On a trip to India in 2007, Matthew saw firsthand the plight of the Dalit people and the impact education canhave on improving their lives. Since then, Friends Church has launched a new vision called Global Freedom and hasbeen instrumental in building a large number of Education Centers throughout India. Matthew lives in Yorba Lindawith his wife Mardi and their three children: Nolan, Sophie and Ella.

Kenneth Kemp
KENNETH KEMP, author and blogger, writes like he takes photographs. When a scene strikes him, he frames it and checks the lighting. If a story moves him, he takes on the challenge of capturing the essence in a narrative that will engage a reader. He complains that he has too much education. He currently serves as Western Regional Director for Global Generosity with Operation Mobilization, USA. He and his lifelong partner, Carolyn, cherish their children and grandchildren and live in Southern California. He is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute (B.A., 1971) and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (M.Div., 1974), and the author of To Everything a Season, Fire in Paradise, Why Not Today, and Broken for Good.


I know Friends Church and have spoken there.  It's a dynamic congregation that doesn't just preach the gospel, but lives the gospel.  I love what it's doing to help release a generation of boys and girls still known as 'the lowest of the low.' This is Christ helping us live out justice and mercy, speaking out for people with no voice. Whether India grabs you by the sleeve or Christ does--or both!--here is a great book about one man whose response was: Why not today?

Governor Mike Huckabee


Why Not Today is a vital important book for our generation.  If we do not take this global scourge seriously, we will be as though we did nothing about Slavery, Segregation, Apartheid or other major historical injustices.  This book will open minds and hearts to one of the most important issue of our day. Please take time to read it. Then get copies to give to your friends. Let's get proactive about this form of slavery.     

Dr George Verwer, Author, World Missions Advocate


I resonate with Matthew Cork's story, well told in the pages of Why Not Today. This candid account of his encounter with the plight of India's untouchables, the Dalits, is filled with insight and hope.  It reads like a novel, taking us into his world as a leader and into the movement that is changing India.  This vision of freedom transformed Matthew's role as a leader.  It transformed a growing army of people just like you who are standing up for the cause of the Dalits. Matthew introduces our mutual friend, Dr. Joseph D'souza, who now plays a prophetic role in the transformation of a nation. You will be inspired, taught, encouraged and most of all, prompted to get involved.

Andrew Scott, President, Operation Mobilization USA


Why Not Today addresses a critical global issue. My friend and alumnus of Azusa Pacific University, Matthew Cork, has written a compelling story about leadership and the power of vision. More importantly, this story shines a bright light on the dark side of the burgeoning global economy: the widespread violation of human rights. Slavery, exploitation, trafficking, and oppression are ubiquitous. Our students serve world-wide, and I am proud to say that this new emerging generation is uniquely prepared to become a voice for the voiceless. This book brings the vision of freedom to life in a powerful way one that will inspire and energize this new generation of committed, equipped, and intelligent people to change the world for good. 

Jon R. Wallace, President, Azusa Pacific University


It was the great missionary to India, William Carey, who said, "Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God."  This book, Why Not Today, does both.  I read it just as I anticipated my first trip to India and, because of this book from Matthew and Ken, I know I will go with a heart more in tune with God's heart for the plight of the Dalits.

Wayne Shepherd, Radio Host



Matthew Cork in his book Why Not Today captures you with his honest vulnerability.  Matthew allowed himself to be wrecked by the disparity of what he saw and experienced in India. An emotionally-driven, bold declaration led him on a path of twists and turns that most likely would have caused anyone else to not keep a promise, but Matthew was not only bold, but full of integrity and perseverance that remained evident throughout his journey to make a difference in the plight of the Dalits.  As a result, multitudes of others will be challenged to see people with different eyes and take action.

Mary Frances Bowley, CEO/President of Wellspring Living



Why read Why Not Today? Because a pastor went from being a Christian to a Christ follower, and the difference is big. For starters, you open to real risk—to geography that outstrips your comfort zone. You're not just about the church anymore; you're about the world. You're getting over what Matthew Cork calls the 'virus of religiosity' to be part of what Jesus is doing all over the globe. And there's no better place to be.

Bob Roberts, Founder & Senior Pastor, Northwood Church; Author of "Bold as Love"


Why Not Today powerfully describes the impact that one church in this country can have when they wholeheartedly commit to make a difference. You will be challenged to take a personal inventory on what you can do to end this stain on all of humanity.                                          

Cathey Anderson, Founder, Freedom Climb


Don't read this book unless you are prepared to be disturbed, inspired, and awakened to a new world inside and outside of yourself. It happened to my friend Matthew Cork and I'll warn you in advance, his passion is contagious. His story will not leave you in a dark place, but will lift you to a strategic, exciting and purposeful place.

Gene Appel, Senior Pastor, Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, CA



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ISBN: 978-0-8024-8956-2
Publish Date: June 2013
Format: eBook