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  • Why God Calls Us to Dangerous Places

Why God Calls Us to Dangerous Places

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"Perhaps that's the greatest reason why He calls us to dangerous places: so that we will know His astonishing, sacrificial, life-restoring love."

Why God Calls Us to Dangerous Places is about what is lost and what is gained when we follow God at any cost.

Soon after 9/11, Kate McCord left the corporate world and followed God to Afghanistan—sometimes into the reach of death. Alive but not unscathed, she has suffered the loss of many things: comfort, safety, even dear friends and fellow sojourners.

But Kate realizes that those who go are not the only ones who suffer. Those who love those who go also suffer. This book is for them, too.

Weaving together Scripture, her story, and stories of both those who go and those who send, Kate considers why God calls us to dangerous places and what it means for all involved.

It means dependence. It means loss. It means a firmer hold on hope. It can mean death, trauma, and heavy sorrow. But it can also mean joy unimaginable. Through suffering, we come closer to the heart of God.

Written with the weight of glory in the shadow of loss, Why God Calls Us to Dangerous Places will inspire Christians to count the cost—and pay it.

About the Author

Kate McCord
KATE MCCORD worked in Afghanistan for nine years after the fall of the Taliban. During her years in country, she worked as a humanitarian aid worker, delivering projects to benefit the people of Afghanistan. She also learned the local language and developed deep and lasting friendships with local Afghans. After evacuating from her home in Afghanistan, Ms. McCord transitioned into a mentoring, training, consulting and coaching role to other workers serving in the region. Prior to moving to Afghanistan, Ms. McCord worked in the international corporate community as a business process and strategy consultant.Currently, she serves Christ through writing, speaking, mentoring, and conducting workshops and seminars. She is the author of In the Land of Blue Burqas and Farewell Four Waters, both published by Moody Publishers.


Once again Kate McCord shares a compelling vision of life and ministry on the front lines of human needs. By the time you are done reading, you will be reminded of both the triumph and joy of doing God's will, no matter the danger, risk, or cost. If you're not careful, you just might be inspired to pack your bags and go yourself - or join in sending someone else ready to go for Him! -  Peggy Fletcher, Cofounder, Pioneers

God risked in order to communicate His love. Kate McCord believes we can emulate that compassion by imitating Jesus. May this book challenge us all to obey Him no matter where He calls us. - Chris Fabry, Author, radio host

The remaining harvest in God's kingdom is in the hard and dangerous places. God's love compels us to go despite our fears of safety and security. This book offers no gilded promises for those who answer the call, only the remarkable reality of God's presence and power as they minister faithfully in the darkest corners of this earth. It is a must-read for anyone feeling the Spirit-led tug on their heart. Read, take courage, and then go. - Paul Nyquist, PhD, President, Moody Bible Institute

The world has become increasingly more difficult and dangerous for those called to share the love and light of Jesus Christ. Kate captures the essence of the challenges facing highly motivated men and women who leave behind material comfort, family, and relational roots to love and heal in Jesus' name. She draws out and helps us understand the deep and abiding love of Jesus and His message of salvation, which motivates and sustains those called to dangerous places. - Rick Allen, CEO, MedSend

When it comes to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus in our day, the most underserved people on earth reside in very dangerous places. Someone has to have the courage to go there - and Kate McCord is one who did. This book is an amazing firsthand account of one woman who dared to to Afghanistan and be His light in that darkness. Kate declares, "We go to dangerous places with Jesus and we're never the same." - Hans Finzel, President of HDLeaders and bestselling author of The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make and Change Is Like a Slinky

I strongly recommend this outstanding book. It delicately balances the inevitable high price of taking up our cross daily and following Jesus - wherever He sends us - with the inestimable privileges and eternal rewards of following the most magnificent master in the universe. King Jesus. The lover of our souls. - Joy Dawson, Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

Here is a refreshing, yet sober look, at dangerous assignments. McCord, a missionary serving for nearly a decade in Afghanistan, speaks from experience as a frontline veteran. During her years in that worn-torn country she has experienced every imaginable danger along with heartbreaking martyrdom of close colleagues. She builds her case for why God calls some to dangerous assignments not on armchair theory but experience laced with biblical reflections. - Marvin J. Newell, Senior vice president, Missio Nexus, author of A Martyr's Grace

Kate McCord's talk is born of a faithful walk. She makes a compelling case for followers of Christ entering places of danger with abandon. She offers comfort for those who send and courage for those who go. Her understanding is no dry and dusty theological system divorced from life. This book will distrub, enlighten, and inspire you to follow Christ wherever He leads. - Charles W. Beckett, Senior minister, Woodlawn Christian Church, Knoxville TN and father of Cheryl, a 21st-cnetury martyr

One of the biggest lies embraced by the Western church is God loves us so much He would never ask us to do anything difficult, certainly not dangerous. In this richly illustrated and biblically based book, written out of the overflow of life experience, Kate McCord calls us back to a God-centered theology of risk and suffering. It is a much needed and timely message. I highly commend it to you.- Steve Moore, Executive director, nexleader, a next generation initiative of ABHE




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ISBN: 978-0-8024-1341-3
Publish Date: September 2015
Dimensions: 5.25 x 7.5
Format: Paperback