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  • The Man You Were Made to Be: Nothing to Prove  Nothing to Hide  Everything to Live For

The Man You Were Made to Be: Nothing to Prove Nothing to Hide Everything to Live For

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Product Description

Society says, "Show us what you're made of!" But God says, "I know what I made you for."

Ex-cop-turned-minister Anthony Delaney says there are two kind of men in this world. Some become like coal, which is darkened, dirty, and fragile. It has the look of hard stone, but it burns under heat and crumbles under pressure. But God see you as a rough diamond. Such precious stones aren't yet sculpted into what they can become. Yet they've got all the right properties: hardness, durability, transparency, and the potential for beauty in the hand of the divine Gemcutter.

Both coal and diamonds are made of the same stuff. The question is, Which one are you? And more importantly . . . Which one do you want to become?

In The Man You Were Made to Be, Anthony examines six facets of the masculine "diamond" that when pressed will either crumble or shine. You'll take a good, hard look at:

  • Your fitness
  • Your finances
  • Your family
  • Your failure
  • Your friends
  • Your father

Like when cutting a gem, it'll be difficult—and sometimes painful!—to come under such close scrutiny. Yet Anthony is convinced that every man needs to be tested like this. No one is promising it will be easy. But if you get right with God and let Him go to work on the facets of your life, you'll soon find that you're shining with a brilliance and transparency that reflects who you were made to be.


About the Author

Anthony Delaney
ANTHONY DELANEY served as a police officer in inner city Manchester, England, for ten years before going into church leadership. He now leads Ivy Church, a multiplying movement that meets at various sites and lectures on church planting and leadership. He founded LAUNCH: Church Multiplication Catalyst, a global community drawing together hundreds of church and network leaders to be inspired and commissioned to multiply disciples, leaders, churches, and movements. Anthony's books include The Man You Were Made To Be, also published by Moody. He has been married to Zoe for 36 years and they have three adult children and six grandchildren.


Praise for The Man You Were Made to Be

A great book for men that women will want to read first! My friend Anthony is genuine, gracious, gifted, and a gentleman. This wonderful book brims over with wisdom and wit.
—CANON J. JOHN, director, Philo Trust

Anthony Delaney is one of God's chosen vessels. He is surely one of tomorrow's men!
—R. T. KENDALL, president, R.T. Kendall Ministries

Get this book. It's not full of theories—it's down to earth, practical, and deals with the kind of issues we all need help with.
—ERIC DELVE, Art of Leadership company

Tackles head-on what we need to become the men we ought to be. The Man You Were Made to Be nails it!
—CARL BEECH, CVM, Elim, founder of Codelife movement

Anthony Delaney is a rare breed of male leader. Not only does he practice what he preaches, but the combination of strength and genuine humility, compassion, and determination (as well as a down to earth sense of humour!) makes him superbly qualified to speak into the lives of other men.
—LUCY PEPPIATT, principal, Westminster Theological Centre

Anthony is a rare kind of man—a great leader, honest about his weaknesses, charismatic but surprisingly self-effacing. He comes from an ordinary background but has never settled for mediocrity. A strong man, with a tender heart. This excellent book speaks to every man who lives with the tests, conflicts, hopes, and desires that crowd our daily lives, combining fresh insights with ancient truths to find a new way to express authentic masculinity.
—MIKE BREEN, 3DM Global Team Leader

In my line of work I'm busy assessing the true value of beautiful diamonds. How much more valuable is a man's life! This book is written by a good friend who is utterly focused on reflecting the Lord in his own life. Within these pages he unlocks some deep and lasting treasures for any man looking to become more who he was made to be.
—JODY WAINWRIGHT, director, Boodles (subject of TV documentary The Million Pound Necklace)

In no-nonsense, power-packed language, Anthony Delaney shows how any old lump of coal can become a diamond—brilliant!
—PROFESSOR LEONARD SWEET, futurist and bestselling author

Anthony Delaney is one of those amazing leaders who is truly authentic in his faith, impacting his community and building a network of reproducing churches. I'm truly inspired by his get- it-done attitude while totally depending on God.
—DAVE FERGUSON, director of NewThing and president of Exponential

Communicates in a way that is grounded in honesty, reality, and integrity. Smashes every religious stereotype you've ever come across.
—PROFESSOR PAUL MCGEE, ("the SUMO guy"), bestselling author and business coach

A must for any man who aspires to make a difference. Anthony speaks powerfully from and to the heart, but in his own life he acts on these messages which makes him the best friend a guy could ask for!
—JOHN ANON, CEO, Safe And Free (international anti-trafficking charity)

I had the privilege of working very closely with the author in what in those days was nothing less than a war zone. As a tough cop he was no stranger to the violent and corrupt underbelly of Manchester's inner city. If you find yourself keeping God at arm's length because of all that macho stuff, this book will change your life.

Anthony is a rare man . . . one of a kind. He's powerful with deep purpose, who uses this to help others. I think he does it because he genuinely cares and is kind enough to bother. He is just the sort of man that we need more of in our communities. Why should you read this book? Because Anthony's passion shows through in every page, and the wisdom he offers will challenge and help you. Be bold . . . read on!
—JAMES RAY, CEO of Xtreme Character Challenge Adventure

I have benefited multiple times from Anthony's wisdom and wide-ranging experience. This book reflects this accumulated learning and wisdom on critically important issues with which most, if not all, men wrestle. He addresses the issues with wit and honesty, based on personal experience and biblical teaching. It is my hope that men will read and reflect on this book—especially those who want nothing to do with church, God, or Jesus.
—GARY SCHWAMMLEIN, President Emeritus, Global Leadership Network

The bins need taking out.

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-2446-4
Publish Date: March 2022
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Format: Paperback