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  • The King is Coming: Ten Events That Will Change Our Future Forever

The King is Coming: Ten Events That Will Change Our Future Forever

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Begin to explore the end.

The end is near. While these often sound like words of insane rambling, they can also be a sensible presentation of truth. Acknowledging that what is yet to come is beyond the scope of our wildest projections, pastor and scholar Erwin Lutzer reminds us that we have not been left completely in the dark. There is much we can know.

Within this book are ten events we can be certain of, ten events that will change our future forever. You will be encouraged to renew your expectation of the return of the Messiah and, in so doing, be motivated to live pure lives for Him.

The King is Coming has been written precisely to aid your own exploration of biblical prophecies with sound, sensible, balanced perspectives based on the simple meaning of the biblical texts. Saturated with both humility and a sense of urgency, this book not only provides answers for those questioning what comes next, but also empowerment and instruction to live accordingly in the here and now.

About the Author

Erwin-W Lutzer
DR. ERWIN W. LUTZER is pastor emeritus of The Moody Church in Chicago where he served as the Senior Pastor for 36 years. A respected theologian, Dr. Lutzer earned his BTh from Winnipeg Bible College, a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary, a MA in philosophy from Loyola University, and an honorary LLD from the Simon Greenleaf School of Law. He is an award-winning author and the featured speaker on three radio programs that can be heard on more than one thousand outlets around the world. Dr. Lutzer and his wife, Rebecca, live in the Chicago area and have three grown children and eight grandchildren.


Here is a healthy dose of sanity on the study of prophecy. My friend Erwin Lutzer writes from long hours of informed study and presents essential truths with compelling clarity. He navigates our reading boat away from the rocks of sensationalism on the one side and complacency on the other, guiding us to listen well to God's prophetic Word.

Mark L. Bailey
President, Dallas Theological Seminary


There are peace-keepers and there are truth-tellers. I have always found Erwin Lutzer to be the latter, whether in his powerful preaching, incisive teaching, or dynamic writing. You'll find The King Is Coming represents the best of one of evangelicalism's most persuasive thinkers on a topic crucial to all.

Jerry B. Jenkins
Novelist and Biographer
Owner, Christian Writers Guild


In a day when people are starved for an answer about the end of the world and the second coming, Erwin Lutzer answers with a biblical, expositional, rational, thoughtful book on the coming of Christ. Here you will find rare insight from God's Word by one of today's most scholarly pastors.

Mac Brunson
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church
Jacksonville, Florida


What a clear picture of prophecy and its practical relevance for our lives today! Spending the past fourteen years studying and writing inductive Precept courses on all the historical and prophetic books of the Old Testament has given me an even greater appreciation for Dr. Lutzer's book. Not only is he easy to understand and objective in his presentation, he is compelling in his reminder that we as Christians will all stand at the judgment seat of Christ to give an account for how we've lived. If we understood this sobering truth, it would change the way we live now.

Kay Arthur
Co-Founder, Precept Ministries International


Finally! With fresh observation and clarifying exposition, Erwin Lutzer has taken difficult prophetic issues and placed them within our reach. But he isn't satisfied to simply provide biblical answers about the world of tomorrow; he's passionate in preparing us to walk wisely in our world today.

Stephen Davey
Pastor/Teacher, Colonial Baptist Church, Cary, North Carolina
President, Shepherds Theological Seminary


The King Is Coming: what a great title and what a great promise! The Bible predicts many things about the future, but the most important prophecy of all is the promise that Jesus is coming again. Don't miss Dr. Lutzer's insightful, captivating, and provocative new book. It will stir your soul and bless your heart.

Ed Hindson
Distinguished Professor, School of Religion
Liberty University


Erwin Lutzer has done a masterful job of presenting what Billy Graham has called the most neglected doctrine of our faith: the second coming of Jesus Christ. Dr. Lutzer avoids getting bogged down in the peripheral issues of eschatology and focuses on how the certainty of Christ's return should affect our lives today. This hope-filled book is must reading for every believer.

Robert Jeffress
Pastor, First Baptist Church


Imagine! A book on prophecy whose primary purpose is not to satisfy our curiosity but to change our lives by motivating us to live in light of the Lord's return. My friend Erwin Lutzer has written a book that will inform you, bless you, and remind you that time is short and eternity will soon begin.

James Meeks
Pastor, Salem Baptist Church


Lutzer presents the book of Revelation with the mind of a scholar and the heart of a pastor. Regardless of your view of the end times, these words will challenge, equip, and inspire you to deeper devotion to Christ and a life that longs for His coming. This is a book both to read and to savor as you seek to understand God's plan for the last days.

John Ankerberg
Founder and president, The John Ankerberg Show


In a world of extremism, what a pleasure it is to welcome a book on the return of Christ that neither races to embrace apocalyptic speculation nor shrinks from the clear teaching of God's Word. Guided by pastoral intentions, this beloved pastor and Bible teacher walks the reader through the Lord's program for the future, demonstrating clearly how this knowledge should radically alter how we live. The reader will be challenged, invigorated, and stirred to hope as he turns every page.

Paige Patterson
President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

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ISBN: 978-0-8024-1287-4
Publish Date: January 2015
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Format: Paperback