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  • The Global Orphan Crisis: Be the Solution, Change Your World

The Global Orphan Crisis: Be the Solution, Change Your World

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God's call to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children of the world is not easy or comfortable.  And it will require willingness, commitment and sacrifice. The more you know about the global orphan crisis the more your heart will break and it will cause you to want to do something... anything... to make the life of an orphaned child a little easier.

The need is overwhelming, but if you are willing, you can be part of the global orphan solution. It is a decision that will change your life forever. The journey will be worth the effort in countless blessings along the way.  Together, with God's strength, you can be the hands and feet of Christ and make a difference in the life of an orphaned child now and for all eternity.

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

About the Author

Diane-Lynn Elliot
DIANE LYNN ELLIOT is an author, professional photographer and business administrator. With a heart for people and a passion for ministry she has worked and volunteered with children, teens, women, and short-term missions and relief projects. Diane's interest in the global orphan crisis started many years ago with a trip to a hospital for terminally ill children in Siberia, and later to an orphanage in Mexico. Seeing a small snapshot of the great need started her journey and fueled her passion for the orphaned child. For the research of the book Diane also traveled to Peru and Haiti which continued to expand your vision and passion for orphaned children. Diane has a BA in Communication from Trinity International University and an M.B.A. in Global Management from the University of Phoenix. Professionally she has co-written two youth management books, and has spent many years as a freelance meeting and events planner and business manager in both not-for-profit and corporate settings. Diane, her husband David, along with their trained Alaskan Klee Kai therapy dog named Kody, live in Wauconda, Illinois and attend Willow Creek Community Church.


 As more and more Christians answer God's call to serve the orphan, it is vital that we relentlessly bind together action with understanding and zeal with knowledge.  The Global Orphan Crisis helps us do that, offering an impressive array of data, a primer on key issues, and thorny debates, and a wealth of ideas for personal involvement.  All orphan advocates stand to benefit from the extensive information Diane Elliot shares.

-Jedd Medefind, President, Christian Alliance for Orphans

 The Bible tells us that we "have the mind of Christ" (Philippians 2:5). Jesus' mind is more than his intellect. When united to Christ, we think, feel, hurt, and act right along with him. Throughout the Bible our Christ is burdened by the plight of the fatherless. Sharing his Spirit, we must be as well. This book prompts Christians to the enormity of the global orphan crisis, and calls us to action.

 -Russell D. Moore, Dean, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and author of Adopted for Life

 This book reaches deep into my "inner Robin Hood" and calls me to action for the sake of Christ and His children. Kids pay the highest price when the issues of economic, physical, and spiritual oppression go unaddressed. The Global Orphan Crisis is packed with research that informs us, photos that convince us, and stories that move us. 

-Scott Olson, President/CEO, International Teams

 While the church should be commended for its growing commitment to orphan ministries, there remains a wide chasm between our zeal to care for the fatherless and a true understanding of their plight. The Global Orphan Crisis is a must-read for all who want to truly obey God's call to care for orphans. Diane Elliot helps us not only understand the scope of the orphan crisis throughout the world but also presents practical and biblical solutions to the crisis. A great resource to go through individually or with a group.

 -Dr. Daniel Bennett, pastor and author of A Passion for the Fatherless: Developing a God-Centered Ministry to Orphans

Diane Lynn Elliot has written a well-researched, thoughtful and balanced work. This is not a book for the faint of heart but for those who are serious about being in the center of God's will for the orphan.  She takes the reader on a journey fraught with heartache, struggle, sorrow, pain, sadness but also filled with the possibility of hope, joy, redemption, healing, grace and unconditional love.  It is a journey that begins and ends in the heart of God and if you are faithful to His voice - will change you and the children you serve in His name forever.

-Michael Douris, President, Orphan Outreach

 Diane Elliot in her book has uncovered and exposed the dirty, complex and messy problems that define the lives of millions of vulnerable children around the world. The Global Orphan Crisis aids the reader in knowing the mind and heart of God relating to orphans and vulnerable children. This resource opens the reader's mind, heart and hands to developing and implementing solutions. Those of us on the ground in orphan care ministry anxiously await God's blessings on this phenomenal tool!

-Ed Schwartz, Founder and President , Loving Shepherd Ministries

She did it! Diane Elliott answered the big question "I want to help, but what can I do?" with clear and powerful ideas that will surely make an impact."

-Matthew Storer, President of VisionTrust, Chairman of Christian Alliance for Orphans, Chairman of Food for Orphans

I wish I had read The Global Orphan Crisis years go!  For far too long, I read Scripture but missed God's heart for the orphan.  Not only does this book offer an inside look at the causes of the crisis, it also equips you to live out the call to practice true religion and make a lasting difference in the lives of the most vulnerable.

 -Peter Greer, President and CEO, HOPE International and co-author of The Poor Will Be Glad

For 25 years, I've prayed that God would call someone to shine a spot light on the issue of orphans.  He answered that prayer through Diane Elliot and her book The Global Orphan Crisis. Her writing begs you to take a hard look, perhaps for the first time, at the staggering statistics of how many children, world-wide, are orphaned.  Then she inspires you, as a child of the God—who calls himself "the father to the fatherless"—to do something for the orphans in your town, your state, your country, your world!

-Christa M. March, Founder and President, Teen Mother Choices International and author, Light to lead the Way.

This book is a must-read for all who want to be informed about, and involved in, the global orphan crisis.  I know first-hand the life-changing impact we can make in the lives of these vulnerable children, as we respond to this invitation of engagement.  With a wealth of data, challenging questions and practical ways to participate, the book is a valuable resource in the struggle to be God's love to these needy orphaned children.  As you read, I pray your heart will be open to how God wants you to be part of the solution.

 -Emily D. Voorhies, President, Tirzah International

The Global Orphan Crisis is a masterful blend of awareness and engagement. Inviting us to not leave these children in the ignored, abused or unwanted state they find themselves in, but calls us to help right the wrongs, and to be about: action, compassion, justice, purpose, respect, leadership, and commitment.  Rejecting passivity and fulfilling the call God has given us to help bring relationship, renewal and reconciliation - for Christ.

 -Andy Lehman, Vice President, Lifesong for Orphans

 The Global Orphan Crisis is an inspiring, well-articulated, wake-up call. As the title suggests, there is a literal crisis in our world—children without means who desperately need love and care. With overwhelming compassion, Diane Elliot reminds us of the world's least fortunate, their dire needs, and what we can do to help. She also shows the dangers faced by orphans around the world, including the ever increasing problem of human trafficking. The problem is heartbreaking, yet Diane addresses this challenging topic with hope providing a call to action for people striving to live as Christ did. The book offers a number of ways to get involved and emphasizes that no contribution is greater than another. It is impossible to read this book and not be moved to make a difference.

-Rebecca McDonald, President of Women at Risk, International

The Global Orphan Crisis is a well-researched and careful handling of a complex issue, including interviews and insights from some of the orphan care community's top leaders/thinkers, that leaves the reader with multiple tangible suggestions for ways to respond and get involved.

-Scott Vair, President of World Orphans

Diane Elliot has written a powerful guide that is more than informative; it is a call to action. She did not assume she had all of the solutions; rather she prayerfully and diligently researched the issues involved and sought best practice solutions. This book provides much more than a helpful clear description and analysis of the underlying problems, it provides answers.  I think book clubs, church leaders, Bible studies and all who share God's heart for orphaned and fatherless children will be blessed by the material.

-Clayton Wood, President of Allays for Orphans and Director for the SOAR mentorship program


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ISBN: 978-0-8024-7624-1
Publish Date: October 2012
Format: eBook