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  • The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled People: 15 Minute Brain Science Hacks to a More Connected and Satisfying Life

The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled People: 15 Minute Brain Science Hacks to a More Connected and Satisfying Life

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Product Description

Is joy the icing on the cake of life—or the fuel on which it runs?

Are some people just born happy? Most of us grew up thinking that joy is random and fleeting, instead of something we can actually count on or build our life around. But brain science has revealed that joy is the perfect word to describe the fuel on which our brains run. So how do we live a joy-filled life?

Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey show us how to build habits that fill our lives with greater joy and satisfaction. Based on the latest neuroscience and attachment theory—but written in everyday language—The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled People is practical and easy to comprehend. The authors provide exercises and tools you can put into practice immediately.

Joy is possible. It doesn't have to be a random experience that catches you off guard now and then. Some of the most joyful people have endured unbelievable trauma.

Joy-filled living expands our world. It makes life an adventure and teaches us to live for what is truly satisfying. Discover the skills and habits you can develop that will enhance your very quality of life.  

About the Authors

Marcus Warner
MARCUS WARNER (MDiv, ThM, and Min Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is the president of Deeper Walk International. A former pastor and professor, he has written on topics ranging from how to study the Bible to spiritual warfare, emotional healing, and leadership. Marcus travels the world equipping people on the front lines of ministry with practical tools for dealing with root issues that keep people stuck and unable to go deeper into what God has for them.

Chris-M Coursey
CHRIS COURSEY is an ordained minister, pastoral counselor, published author, and international speaker. He and his wife, Jen, lead and design the THRIVE Training Program that uses brain-based exercises to train leaders, families, and communities in the 19 relational skills and the Immanuel Lifestyle. They are passionate about helping people acquire the skills to make relationships work. Chris and Jen have two boys, Matthew and Andrew.


"Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey have hit the jackpot with this new book. We all live in a world that is filled with fears and problems, but this book shares how to find joy in the midst of difficult circumstances. What has been missing until recent years is how our brains work—how the brain is 'wired' to process negative emotions and return to joy. Their fascinating, and eminently readable book shares clear pathways that can be developed, resulting in the transformation we seek to return to joy. I can't think of anyone who doesn't need it!"
Bill Atwood
Author of numerous books on applied neuroscience, including The General, The Boy, and Recapturing Joy

"In The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled People, Marcus and Chris have captured the essence of our time by showcasing the significance of why knowing and living joy is critical for humanity to exist and survive. They point out through in-depth research and powerful stories that we all crave this good feeling because we are scientifically and spiritually WIRED to live a life of joy. The joy workouts and techniques carefully outlined give generations to come hope. The hope is that each of us can be seen and heard through the building of our own joy house, and that ultimately we will make decisions with the confidence and courage that is developed through these principles. I believe that this book will have a profound impact on how we create success in life, and this newfound success will lead to more peace and calm for all. The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled People was a delightful read, easy to consume, and fun to implement! Brilliant!"
Sheryl Lynn
Visionary and founder, JOYELY, LLC; Chair of Joy™ Experience

"This book has transformed how I view my life, my kids, my marriage. I wish everyone could learn these super practical skills that are forward facing; they work toward living the life you want to live and feeling the way you want to feel instead of so many approaches that backfire because they focus on negativity. Chris and Marcus take the science of attachment and joy, integrate it with a mind-body approach and boil it down into simple, effective life changing habits that everyone can use to live their best life. A lot of people might say that you can't change how you feel, but this book doesn't just tell you that you can, it shows you how to do it. The simple skills of practicing appreciation and learning to calm your body are game-changing. And these guys teach you how to do it."
Emma McAdam
LMFT, Creator of Therapy in a Nutshell

"Above all emotions, JOY has a unique life-impacting role in creating and sustaining healthy mental well-being and connecting relationships. Marcus Warner takes this complicated reality and simplifies it masterfully for practical daily application. Beyond spiritual understanding, appropriating joy despite circumstances provides one of life's most foundational skills to learn and impart. As parents of a dozen children, raising joy-filled lives has provided the glue for their fulfilled families. This book provides all the elements to make that possible!"
Bill & Pamela Mutz
FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Speakers

"Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey are trusted guides on the journey I am on to becoming more fully human. My life is being transformed by the countercultural message of this book. I wish I had known these things thirty years ago, and I can't wait to share this book with my children, grandchildren, and friends."
Ray Woolridge
Former US Army Brigadier General, Executive Director of Life Model Works, and the coauthor of Escaping Enemy Mode: How Our Brains Unite or Divide Us

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-3139-4
Publish Date: May 2023
Dimensions: 5 x 7
Format: Paperback