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  • Scatter: Go Therefore and Take Your Job With You

Scatter: Go Therefore and Take Your Job With You

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"You were created for one purpose: live your life for God's glory. You need no further special call. You have been created uniquely to do this uniquely, so work out what you're passionate about, good at, and fit for, and go do it." — Andrew Scott

In Scatter, missions innovator Andrew Scott sounds a call for a new era of missions, one that uses the global marketplace for gospel growth and sees every Christian—engineer, baker, pastor, or other—as God's global image bearer.

Andrew has served in over 52 countries and is the U.S. president of one of the world's largest mission agencies. With eyes on a quickly-growing world and a slower-growing church, he sees that our traditional mission models simply won't do. Here he gives a guide to change it up.

Helping us see the grand narrative of Scripture and how each of us fits within it, he issues a compelling call: scatter.

About the Author

Andrew Scott
ANDREW SCOTT is the President and CEO of OM USA, part of a global mission movement working in 118 nations. He grew up in Northern Ireland where he married his childhood sweetheart and now lives with his family in Tyrone, GA. A former butcher, turned pastor he has travelled to over eighty countries. He plays soccer, shows dogs and loves to scuba dive.


I thank God for Andrew Scott and his vision for mobilizing multitudes more men and women from the church for mission in the world. Indeed, we must wake up to the extremely vast lostness of the nations and the extraordinarily unique opportunities God has given ordinary Christians to take the gospel to them. I pray that God will use this book to open your eyes to the unique part you were created to play in His good, grand, and glorious purpose in the world.

David Platt, President, International Mission Board


Throughout history one of the greatest hindrances to fulfilling the global mission of Jesus is the idea that people must leave what they are doing and begin doing something new for the Kingdom. The radical idea unpacked in Scatter is that it's likely that "what you are already doing" just might be the best door opener for you to be able to join God in His global work. It's not about what you do; it's about doing whatever you do for the sake of reflecting the face of Jesus to the world. This book frees us to pursue our dreams, and assures us that the gifting and talents we have been given can be used to sew into the story of Jesus.

Andrew Scott is a perfect guide for this journey. His passion for the people of the world and his unique positioning in God's kingdom enterprise qualify him in an extraordinary way. Andrew helps break the missions-myth that only highly gifted preachers are best suited to share Jesus with the world and allows each of us to see how we are already specifically gifted and called to God's great gospel adventure.

 Louie Giglio, Passion City Church // Passion Conferences Author of The Comeback


When we are bound too closely to a framed way of seeing or to a certain paradigm, it blocks our ability to see or imagine different realities or futures. In his book, Andrew offers us a compelling case for revisiting our Western missions paradigm and an inspiring challenge to engage in new ways.

Tim Breene, CEO World Relief, former Chief Strategy Officer Accenture, coauthor of Jumping the S-Curve


The open secret in North American mission is the model that served us well for the first 150 years of sending is not going to survive the pressures of rapid change and globalization in the twenty-first century. In Scatter, Andrew Scott speaks passionately and prophetically about what it would look like to unleash the diverse gifts of the body into the nations, bearing the image of Christ. For some this will be provocative. For many it will be liberating.

Steve Moore, Executive Director, nexleader, author of While You Were Micro-Sleeping and Seize the Vuja dé


I am excited about Andrew Scott's new book Scatter, which boldly confronts a huge problem—declining mission effectiveness. Thankfully, Andrew also presents a compelling solution—mobilizing excellent business professionals to take their vocations and faith around the world, introducing people to Jesus while working authentically in the marketplace.

Durwood Snead, Director of globalX at North Point Community Church


Andrew has a fresh vision for missions that the American church needs to hear. He believes it is time to move beyond only sending money and short-term teams to the various countries. I have observed Andrew's work in over fifteen countries, and it is working. His passion is not theoretical but practical and workable.

Bill Mitchell, Lead Pastor, Boca Raton Community Church Founder, WORLDLEAD


The Reformation brought us a rediscovery of the priesthood of the believer. In Scatter, Andrew Scott calls for a second reformation, with world-changing implications—a rediscovery of the missionhood of the believer! It's time for "all hands on deck." A new paradigm is needed to release the latent potential of the 99%. Every disciple is called not only to know Christ but to make Him known. Imagine the impact if everyone brought their personalities, passions, and professions to bear for God's greater glory!

Steve Richardson, President, Pioneers-USA


As a former marketing director and current missions leader on staff of a church, I'm excited for what's possible in the next decade. Scatter is a mandatory read for every Christian to understand how to engage our new world of work and missions.

Jason Howard, Executive Director of Mobilization, Stonecreek Church


We will never reach the world for Jesus with the worn-out wineskins of yesterday's missionary methods. Andrew Scott's refreshing new book is a call to totally rethink how we send God's people to impact the nations. Instead of sending expensive professional Christians, it is time to get back to the New Testament model of launching Christian professionals.

Dr. Hans Finzel, President of HDLeaders and bestselling author of The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make


Scatter speaks to a generation that is waiting for permission to step into the purpose God has uniquely created them for. Andrew challenges the "What am I meant to do?" mindset, inspires us to be who we are, where we are, and champions innovative new approaches to reaching the unreached.

Jake Ayers, A twentysomething and mentor to many millennials


Finally, a book that skillfully connects personal passion, talent, and occupation with the needs of a global world. The next generation desires to live authentic, significant, and passionate Lives. Scatter embraces this, as it reminds and reframes "mission" into living fully alive where you are needed most!

Dan and Suzie Potter, nternational Next Generation Specialists (


Vital to the context of our changing world, Andrew has written a guidebook for a new generation of workers who want to use all of the gifts, skills, and talents God has uniquely given them to serve Him on the harvest field. Be ready to put your predisposed thinking of missionaries and missions work aside, for God has opened a great and effective door. I pray as you read you will take the challenge to use your vocation to further the work of the kingdom! Remember, if Jesus holds the keys, then there are no "closed countries" in our world. You just have to take the key!

Chet Lowe, Assistant Pastor, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Author of Living Parables

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-1290-4
Publish Date: May 2016
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Format: Paperback