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  • Sacred Work: A Christian Woman's Guide to Leadership in the Marketplace

Sacred Work: A Christian Woman's Guide to Leadership in the Marketplace

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Format: Paperback
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Product Description

It's possible for women to be strong Christians and confident leaders.

There are more female professionals in the workforce than ever. But working women are also time-starved, stressed, and tired. And they often feel alone in their professional struggles.

If you're trying to do a million things at once and feel like you're not doing any of them well, you're not alone. Mentor and longtime corporate leader Peggy Bodde views work as sacred and has invested her life in showing women how to thrive in the workplace. In Sacred Work, Peggy provides an invaluable and practical resource that answers all your leadership challenges and questions.

With business and biblical savvy, you'll learn how to:

  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome
  • Make Difficult Decisions
  • Manage Workplace Conflict
  • Promote Yourself with Confidence
  • Negotiate to Win

You'll also learn about what to do:

  • When You Fail
  • When You and Your Boss Disagree
  • When Peers Disappoint
  • When You're Passed Over for a Promotion
  • When You Need to Address Performance . . . and so much more!

Women bring unique talents to the workplace, and they face specific challenges. Friend and mentor Peggy Bodde walks beside Christian women providing scriptural truth, personal examples, and practical teaching, equipping us to lead with wisdom and strength.

About the Author

Peggy Bodde
PEGGY BODDE is an entrepreneur and the founder of Sacred Work, an organization that provides free career and leadership support for Christian women in the workplace. Peggy spent 25 years as a corporate executive and then pivoted to start a freelance writing business. Her clients include marketing firms and major textbook publishers. Peggy's passions are writing about the intersection between faith and work and empowering women to show up boldly in both spaces. She lives in the heart of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado alongside her husband, George, and rescue pup, Quill. Find her at


"Sacred Work is a beacon of biblically based wisdom, inspiration, and guidance for any Christian woman navigating the challenges of leadership in the evolving professional world. As I turned the pages, I found myself captivated by Peggy's authenticity and vulnerability, sharing her personal journey with a transparency that makes her wisdom relatable and her insights actionable."
—VANESSA JONES, vice president of lead management sales, Philips Image-Guided Therapy Devices

"In Sacred Work, I love that Peggy Bodde not only shares her own experiences and learnings, but she also weaves in the stories and expertise of other women leaders. Collectively, these stories provide a rich tapestry of inspiration and practical tools to equip working women so they too can celebrate the sacredness of their work and be all God created them to be."
—CATHERINE GATES, author of The Confidence Cornerstone: A Woman's Guide to Fearless Leadership; vice president of business partnerships, Polished Network

"Sacred Work is a helpful playbook for female Christian leaders. Based on her extensive leadership experience, Peggy provides heartfelt advice and step-by-step instructions for managing crises, negotiating pay increases, recovering from failure, and more. Read this book to get your leadership questions answered!"
—DENISE LEE YOHN, founder and director, Faith & Work Journey

"Whether you are a man or a woman, Sacred Work shines a light on challenges in the workplace today and provides practical steps in dealing with these challenges. Most importantly, Peggy provides biblical resources supporting her suggested solutions, and provides hope for what the workplace can become."
—DIANE PADDISON, founder of 4word, and author of Work, Love, Pray and Be Refreshed: A Year of Devotions for Women in the Workplace

"At a time when leaders need mentorship more than ever before, Peggy's words and heart shine through. In Sacred Work, you'll find spot-on and relatable wisdom that can be applied to all aspects of your leadership. Whether you're just stepping into the working world or a seasoned pro, her book has something to offer everyone—a breath of fresh air for those seeking encouragement and biblical mentorship."
—ERIN BAXTER, director, marketing and communications, the Polished Network

"The Christian working woman has been underserved for far too long. Thank you, Peggy, for pouring your life's work into a great resource to help women live out their calling in the workplace with excellence and a biblical perspective. Great job!"
—JIM BRANGENBERG, cohost and cofounder of iWork4Him

"Using decades of experience as a corporate leader, mentor, and consultant, Peggy outlines the most pressing issues facing Christian women leaders. Sacred Work includes specific and practical ways women can overcome internal and external challenges to be more effective and confident leaders. Throughout the book, Peggy reminds her audience that secular work is a sacred calling and should be viewed as such. Her writing style is pragmatic and to the point, making it akin to John Maxwell's. Sacred Work is an essential virtual toolbox, and I'm buying a copy for every Christian woman leader I know!"
—JASON WOODWARD, operations executive and host of the Biblical Leadership @ Work podcast

"Woohoo! Someone finally created a resource designed specifically for Christian women who have been called into leadership. I feel seen, encouraged, and equipped. This is the book my soul has been craving! Sacred Work is a road map for women aspiring to lead authentically, navigate challenges with grace, and make a lasting impact. Leaders at any level will benefit from Peggy's comprehensive 'how to' guide for the most common leadership dilemmas they encounter!"
—KALI DAVIS, senior vice president at Harvest Group; Workmatters board member

"Sacred Work is a resource destined for the bookshelf of every Christian working woman. Peggy has created a resource that is a great read from the first chapter to the last, but also a reference manual to turn to when we might have a specific issue that needs to be addressed. I now have access to tools that will allow God to do His sacred work in and through me."
—MARTHA BRANGENBERG, cohost and cofounder of iWork4Him

"Sacred Work is a must-read for every Christian leader. This book equips you to live your faith unapologetically as a leader in the marketplace. Peggy Bodde provides you with wisdom and insights on how to let your light shine for Jesus Christ as you face workplace challenges and embrace professional opportunities. Sacred Work will help you align your words and actions with your beliefs and will empower you to lead like Jesus."
—NANCY J. LEWIS, president and founder of Progressive Techniques, Inc.

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-3216-2
Publish Date: April 2024
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Format: Paperback