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  • Parent Differently: Raise Kids with Biblical Character That Changes Culture

Parent Differently: Raise Kids with Biblical Character That Changes Culture

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Most parents misguidedly prioritize behavior. The why and how to instill character.

Behavior modification does not guarantee good character qualities. Character influences decisions. It's evidenced in our speech, actions, and attitudes. It's about who we are and what we do. The world competes for the hearts of our kids—and we see its negative impact in their pride, laziness, and entitlement. As Christians, however, we want to see the character of Jesus Christ in our children. Dads and moms, grandparents, and teachers all want to see their children grow in humility, gratitude, and respect—for others and themselves. We want our kids to be brave, compassionate, and joyful. We don't want our kids to flounder through life. We want them to flourish and live into their God-given designs and callings. Dr. Kathy Koch helps us to that end by answering essential questions:

  • What is character and why does it matter?
  • Why is there a crisis of character?
  • What are the challenges in developing character?
  • How can we teach or improve character?

Not only does character help us accomplish our goals, there are many other benefits of mature character: we will be blessed, stand out for Jesus, attract good friends, grow in wisdom, and live in freedom.

Koch provides an invaluable resource for shepherding our children in godly character.

About the Author

Kathy Koch
KATHY KOCH ("cook"), PhD, is the founder and president of Celebrate Kids, Inc., a Christian ministry based in Fort Worth, Texas. She is an internationally celebrated speaker who has influenced thousands of parents, teachers, and children in over 25 countries through keynote messages, workshops, assemblies, and other events. Read her blog and find her podcast at


"As parents, we sometimes get stuck in survival mode. We default to putting out the fires of bad behavior. Dr. Kathy Koch focuses on fire prevention. She challenges us to develop godly character in our kids by instilling critical core values early, at every opportunity. Check out her insights on raising courageous, compassionate kids who can set the world ablaze for Christ!"
President, Focus on the Family

"As a parent, I have always strived to raise my children with strong character and values, knowing these qualities will shape their lives and impact the world around them. That's why I love this book! In Parent Differently, Dr. Kathy Koch explores the fundamental questions of what character truly is and how it can be nurtured in our children. From understanding how children develop mature character to the connection between character and obedience, Dr. Kathy provides a solid foundation for parents to build upon. I felt encouraged and inspired to take an active role in shaping my children's character while acknowledging the unique gifts and strengths they possess. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to parents committed to making a positive difference in their children's lives and the world they inherit!"
Wife, mom, podcast host, and bestselling author of over 80 books, including Calming Angry Kids: Hope and Help for Parents in the Trenches

"In Parent Differently, Dr. Koch draws us back to the core essentials and necessity of biblical character development in our children. In her usual Scripture-based practical gentle leading, she challenges without shaming, inspires without being 'preachy,' and gives hope without illusion. Way to go, Kathy. Once again, you've knocked it out of the park."
CEO, Trail Life USA

"The Bible shows us that Jesus loved, valued, and celebrated children at a time and in a culture that largely ignored them. This radical example of Jesus is just one insight that Kathy Koch draws out in this book to help parents see the exciting opportunity to shape and build the character of their children. Kathy offers encouragement and practical guidance for parents and caring adults who want to parent differently by suggesting they look first to their own beliefs and values, using those as a springboard for loving and teaching children. Whether you're a parent, grandparent, mentor, or teacher, Kathy's book can inspire you to consider the ways that you can nurture and celebrate the kids in your life and help them thrive as they build biblical character!"
President, Kids Hope USA

"Once again, Dr. Kathy has provided sound tools for a parent's toolbox with her latest work, Parent Differently. Her no-nonsense approach and clear calls to action will help any parent begin the important journey of character development within their child. This intentional approach to an area of human development that has traditionally been more 'caught than taught' will result in a generation of kids that could restore civility and decorum into our culture. Character is king despite one's choice of vocation, and parents need to understand its importance. As a thought leader in youth character development for over three decades, I cannot more heartily endorse Parent Differently. It should be a staple in your parenting library!"
Founder and Executive Director, American Heritage Girls, Inc.

"Dr. Kathy has done it again! She has put practical, God-glorifying parenting on an accessible shelf for us all. From, 'In the beginning, God,' to 'The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all,' God has revealed to us who He is and that He wants us to be like Him. Not only do we desire to be like Him, but we desire it for our children as well. The enduring question is, how do we get there? Dr. Kathy, with faithfulness to God's Word and sensitivity to His Spirit, has mined from His eternal truth a rich definition of biblical character to help us answer this question. In carefully defining biblical character and walking through the practical expression of it, she encourages us to invite God to go public through our life.
Homeschooling parents of six; cohosts of Airing the Addisons, American Family Radio

"Parenting isn't for the faint of heart, especially in these troubling times. And while there are numerous resources on Christian parenting, one rarely comes along that challenges and impacts an entire generation of parents. I believe that this book is one of them. Anchored in how to influence and build biblical character in a child's heart, my prayer is that parents would find strength, courage, hope, and joy as they love on and raise their kids to follow after God."
President, American Association of Christian Counselors; cohost, Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk; Executive Director, Liberty University Global Center for Mental Health, Addiction, and Recovery

"This is a confusing time to parent children—unless, of course, you are parenting them with the unchanging principles that are found in the Bible. Dr. Kathy uses biblical principles to provide clarity on the issue of character as it relates to raising children. Perhaps there has never been a more important time for this message. In a world that has rejected moral absolutes, Dr. Kathy reminds us to parent differently. Her voice exhorts and encourages parents to follow Jesus as they raise their children in these confusing times. If you are looking for a must-read book on parenting, this one should be in your library!"
Author of Becoming MomStrong; host of the Heidi St. John podcast; founder of

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ISBN: 978-0-8024-3118-9
Publish Date: November 2023
Dimensions: 5.5 x 7.5
Format: Paperback