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  • Opportunity Leadership: Stop Planning and Start Getting Results

Opportunity Leadership: Stop Planning and Start Getting Results

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Don't create change. Capture it.

Get ready to forget everything you know about "working your plan." In this counterintuitive book, innovative university president Roger Parrott turns leadership on its head and shows you how unexpected opportunities--the ones you may be missing--are the key to your success.

With an Opportunity Leadership mindset, you'll see God-directed results like never before. In plain language, Dr. Parrott guides you in developing six traits to focus your leadership outlook on untapped opportunities. Not only that, he provides a step-by-step plan for you to create six organization-wide tendencies that enable your team to respond to opportunities with expediency, adeptness, and energy.


About the Author

Roger Parrott
DR. ROGER PARROTT is one of America's most experienced presidents, leading Belhaven University, a doctoral-level institution, highly regarded as one of the 36 schools in the world working at the highest level of collegiate Arts programs. Behhaven was named in 2021 as "Best University to Work For" by the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Roger was recognized as one of "The 10 Most Visionary Education Leaders of 2021" by Education Magazine. For a quarter-century, he served in board leadership roles with Lausanne Movement and The Mission America Coalition and was chairman of the 2004 Forum for World Evangelization. He is the author of The Longview: Lasting Strategies for Rising Leaders.


This is an incredibly important book that flies in the face of almost everything you've been taught about the importance of strategic planning. Roger Parrott wants you to forget for a moment all of the tedious and all-consuming planning that leadership gurus want you to do, and cut yourself loose to see and embrace the opportunities right in front of you. It has been said that sometimes "we can't see the forest for the trees"—but it is also true that sometimes we can't see the most important "trees" because we are obsessed by the forest. As the CEO of multiple organizations over my career, I can tell you that virtually all of my "breakthrough moments" had little to do with strategic planning and everything to do with looking, listening, and being available to the opportunities God had placed right in front of me. Do yourself a favor and read Opportunity Leadership.
President Emeritus, World Vision US; author of Lead Like It Matters to God and The Hole in Our Gospel

During my time at Krispy Kreme, I would have loved having Dr. Parrott's
Opportunity Leadership as a guidebook for our 2008–2016 corporate turnaround. We did not have the luxury of developing five-year plans . . . in the words of Dr. Parrott, we attempted to lead by "capturing opportunities rather than building plans." To echo Dr. Parrott's theme in this must-read book, I learned the following: If we bury our heads in planning, we are likely to miss the greatest of God's opportunities! At last, someone has written a leadership book for both today and tomorrow!
Former President, Krispy Kreme

Leaders must get out front and make decisions—especially during times of crisis, opportunity, challenge, or danger. Our decisions won't always be right because we face forces beyond our control, but the most effective leaders don't slow down or retreat. Instead, they learn to make adjustments without losing momentum. I've watched Roger lead Belhaven University with courage and decisiveness, and I am thankful he's written a guide for others to follow through the storms of leadership.
Governor of Mississippi, 2004–2012

This book is directing you to a level of inspirational leadership that you didn't expect was possible. Incarnational thinking is coming to the end of what you know about something, and you receive the light of the knowledge of God to solve the problem. This book is adding a major leadership principle to our vision. I'm so thankful and encouraged by my dear friend Roger, and his book is something we need to listen to—this book is timely.
Author of Let Justice Roll Down and He Calls Me Friend

Opportunity Leadership is an exciting, paradigm-shifting book. It takes everything you ever learned in business school and turns it upside down. Kingdom work takes not only leadership acumen but the courage and faith to follow where God leads. Roger Parrott's ability to inspire you, challenge you, and train you in a new way of thinking will impact your ministry and those you lead for years to come.
Social researcher; author of For Women Only and The Kindness Challenge

Roger Parrott is one of the most impressive leaders I've ever met. And now he shares his unconventional insights to provide all of us a guide to be more impactful leaders for the kingdom. "The plan is that there is no plan" is not just a provocative philosophy, but Roger shows how he created one of the most innovative universities in the country with this approach. Read this important book and let the tailwinds of God's sovereignty power your leadership strategy.
Global Silicon Valley Founder/CEO; author of The Mission Corporation

God can accomplish more in a short time than we can otherwise plan and implement over many years. I learned that from Bill Bright and have personally experienced it for decades. Roger Parrott has refined and led by that principle for during his many years as president of Belhaven University, and the results are stunning. In Opportunity Leadership, he challenges us to recognize and redeem the special opportunities God has prepared in advance for us to do (Eph. 2:10; 5:15–16).
President Emeritus, Cru

Leadership is an art form that requires—especially in recent times full of disruptions—imagination, risk-taking, and intuition, to be guided toward enduring fruitfulness. Dr. Roger Parrott's leadership vision has helped me to steward my giftings as an artist and a leader. Now we are fortunate to have his wisdom written on these pages as a guide to many perplexed by the complexity and fluidity of our times. This book about effective leadership in education and in business now resonates with an artist's journey toward Making.
Artist; author of Art + Faith: A Theology of Making

With the speed of change, the days of crafting long-term strategic plans are rapidly evaporating. Leaders today have to remain nimble as navigating the unexpected is the new normal. Opportunity Leadership challenges leaders to abandon traditional planning practices to become leaders who seek God and are responsive to what He is directing and doing. If you need a breakthrough in your thinking, then this book is for you!
President and CEO, Christian Leadership Alliance

Working closely with him for thirty-five years, I have seen over and over that Roger Parrott believes what he teaches: God provides us with opportunity after opportunity—beyond our plans. He has lived this model of leadership—praying, trusting, and working hard in anticipation of God bringing opportunities. In this challenging book, you will gain a renewed call to trust God with your future!
Author of Transforming Leadership

Opportunity Leadership is a must read for every leader! As someone who plans every waking minute of my day, I'll admit I was a little skeptical of Dr. Parrott's premise that we need to stop planning. But what Dr. Parrott provides is not another planning strategy repackaged, but rather a way of thinking and behaving as a leader. This book provides a guide for leading with clarity, especially when a long-range vision is unclear. It's a mix of self-leadership, emotional intelligence, and values-based leadership that will be a refreshing read for every leader who has been exhausted by the demands of leadership.
Founder of The 4Sight Group; author of The Four Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership

Dr. Roger Parrott exhorts leaders to let go of the perceived control in our planning activities and instructs us in how to step out in faith, trusting that God can and will lead us as we watch for the opportunities around us.
Author of The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

Most leadership books are simply new ways of saying what has been said a hundred times before. Opportunity Leadership is an exception to that rule. The management philosophy Dr. Parrott advocates in this book is radically different from what most leaders are used to. The uniqueness of this message coupled with Dr. Parrott's extraordinary results demand the attention of every Christian leader.
Executive Chairman of Threshold 360; author of Redeeming Your Time

Vince Lombardi once said, "Leaders are made, they are not born." I've had the chance to meet many leaders in my life, but Dr. Roger Parrott is one of the few "leader-makers." His new book, Opportunity Leadership, is a MUST READ for all who aspire to leadership and will be a gift to all who take it to heart.
Chairman, Far East Broadcasting Company – Korea

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ISBN: 978-0-8024-2321-4
Publish Date: February 2022
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Format: Paperback