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  • Not a Tame Lion: The Life, Teachings, and Legacy of C.S. Lewis

Not a Tame Lion: The Life, Teachings, and Legacy of C.S. Lewis

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Finalist for the best biography of the year with Christian Book Awards.

The life, thought, and legacy of C. S. Lewis—a Prophet for our Times

One of the most brilliant minds of the twentieth century, C. S. Lewis bridged literature, philosophy, and religion. He taught at Oxford and Cambridge, all the while communicating in a clear, winsome manner that ordinary men and women could comprehend. He gave us masterpieces like The Screwtape Letters, The Chronicles of Narnia, Mere Christianity, The Problem of Pain, and still more. In this fascinating biographical study Not a Tame Lion, author Terry Glaspey points out that Lewis' life was as compelling as his work. Glaspey gives readers a glimpse of the character of this extraordinarily gifted man—who believed that his sharp mind and rich imagination were to be accompanied by a sense of responsibility to the wider world. If Lewis were alive today, he would see the fruition of trends he warned against many years ago. His continued relevance is based on his understanding of the human predicament—a predicament that is intellectual and moral, as well as spiritual. Lewis points the way out of this predicament, but it's not an easy way. It requires submission to God's authority, moral discipline, and integrity of action. Lewis shows how our lives can be lived in light of eternity and can demonstrate the hope that endures, even in these shadowlands.

About the Author

Terry Glaspey
TERRY GLASPEY is an author, creative mentor, and teaches at Northwind Seminary. He holds a D.Min. in spiritual formation and an M.A. in history. He has written over a dozen books, including Discovering God Through the Arts (winner of a Christianity Today Book Award and a Gospel Coalition Book Award), 75 Masterpieces Every Christian Should Know (winner of a Christianity Today Award), The Prayers of Jane Austen, 25 Keys to Life-Changing Prayer and Bible Basics for Everyone. Terry has been a featured speaker at colleges, conferences, and churches throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, Taiwan, and the UK. You can reach him through his website,


“There are many good biographies on the life and works of C. S. Lewis, but what makes Not a Tame Lion unique is its combination of multidisciplinary scholarship and popular style. Terry Glaspey is a fine writer, and this book is a simple, engaging, literary introduction to Lewis and why his romantic theology and practical spirituality endures.”
Professor of Theology and Academic Dean, Northwind Seminary; author of C. S. Lewis on Scripture and contributor to the C. S. Lewis Bible

“If you've ever been captivated by the brilliance of a C. S. Lewis quote, or if you've ever been confused by one, this book is for you. Not a Tame Lion masterfully introduces us to Lewis as a man, not just a character from history. Yet, in expertly unpacking Lewis's thoughts and his works, Terry Glaspey reveals the depth of Lewis's character. This book is for the C. S. Lewis junkies—like me—as well as those who just want to know what's behind all the fuss about him. I am grateful for Glaspey's honest, insightful, and accessible invitation into Lewis and his writing.”
Author of Lessons I Learned in the Dark, Me, Myself, and Lies, and God Is Just Not Fair 

“More than merely a biography, Not a Tame Lion accomplishes what other works do not. First, it provides a succinct overview of Lewis's life in over two dozen enjoyable snapshots. Then Glaspey uses his writing gift to achieve what few would even dare attempt. He wonderfully summarizes Lewis's key thoughts in thirty additional brief chapters. Those not familiar with Lewis will enjoy this presentation, and those already acquainted with him will find it a useful reminder about why he has had such a lasting legacy.”
Author of The Misquotable C. S. Lewis and C. S. Lewis Goes to Hell (a study guide to The Screwtape Letters)

“As Glaspey admits, there's plenty of literature on Lewis and his faith, and while this doesn't break new ground, the uninitiated will be well served by Glaspey's straightforward account of Lewis's life and enlightening tour of his philosophy. This workmanlike primer on Lewis and his spiritual life gets the job done.”

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ISBN: 978-0-8024-2913-1
Publish Date: December 2022
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8
Format: Paperback