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  • Never Shaken: Finding Your Footing When the World is Sliding Away

Never Shaken: Finding Your Footing When the World is Sliding Away

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Format: Paperback
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Product Description

Finding a firm foundation in a shaken and fractured world.

Do you feel tossed about or a little disoriented? The foundations of predictable society are shifting. In this ambiguous cultural forecast, we're wondering what's right, what matters most, and how we should respond.

How do we build a meaningful life and legacy when our lives feel fragile—when our future seems discouragingly uncertain? With a pastoral heart Daniel Henderson looks to Psalm 15 when David—late in his years—was also trying to make sense of the strangest of times. David felt the unexpected loss of family, dignity, and destiny. Some of his pain was the result of seeds he'd sown earlier in his life. Yet, as he penned Psalm 15, he was led to the solid ground of intimacy with God and integrity in his own life. He was left with the promise from God that He would always be secure – never moved.  

The burdens under which David was laboring are staggeringly similar to our own. In Never Shaken, Henderson shows us how to build our lives on the gospel of Jesus Christ. He reveals how true worship and the presence of God is found in Christ's life in and through us.

This book is an invaluable resource for all who desire to live with the hope and courage of Jesus Christ no matter what befalls us.

About the Author

Daniel Henderson
As a senior pastor for nearly three decades, DANIEL HENDERSON brought prayer-based revitalization to numerous churches. Now, as the President of Strategic Renewal and Global Director of The 6:4 Fellowship, Daniel is dedicating his full-time efforts to help congregations across the country and world experience renewal. Daniel is sought-after for his expertise in leading corporate prayer. He has authored numerous books on biblical leadership and prayer, including Old Paths, New Power and Transforming Prayer: How Everything Changes When You Seek God’s Face.


"Daniel Henderson's new book, Never Shaken, will help you navigate through the most difficult and perplexing times of your life." 
Jim Cymbala | Senior Pastor of The Brooklyn Tabernacle, Brooklyn, NY

"Daniel Henderson has sought the face of God, found the heart of God, and then received from the hand of God for decades through his study, prayers, and applications of the Psalms. It is from this deep well of devotion that every single reader will benefit now in this thorough, masterful, and unavoidably practical engagement with Psalm 15. May all who read and receive this work be the Never Shaken for the glory of Christ." 
Adam Bailie | Senior Lead Pastor of Christ Church, Gilbert, AZ

"Daniel speaks to one of the most crucial needs of a Christian's heart-intimacy with God. A much-needed message in light of the turbulent days we are living in." 
Chrissy Toledo | Author, Girl in the Song

"The world is filled with uncertainty and doubt. We need hope and steadfast faith, now more than ever. Never Shaken helps deliver that hope. An exposition of Psalm 15, the book was written as an overflow of Daniel Henderson's personal journey and passion for Christ. A resource every Christian needs, it will inspire, encourage, and equip you to live with victory in Jesus." 
Brian Bloye | Founding and Senior Pastor of West Ridge Church, Dallas, GA

"During a time when my world was shaken to the core, Daniel Henderson stood by my side, pointed me to Scripture, and encouraged me to keep trusting God. In short, he embodied what this book is about for me! Daniel weaves together profound insights and personal experiences, inviting readers into a journey of unwavering trust in God. His words resonate with sincerity and biblical wisdom, traits born from years of pastoral service. This book is not just a good read, but a transformative experience that instills a sense of peace and strength for life's journey. This book is one of Daniel's most captivating and empowering books yet!" 
Josh Weidmann | Senior Pastor of Grace Chapel, Denver, CO

"I don't know how many times I've read Psalm 15. But after reading Never Shaken, I won't read it the same again. With penetrating insight, vivid applications, and a pastoral heart, Daniel Henderson has written a profoundly insightful and encouraging book for a deeply disorienting age." 
Mark Vroegop | Lead Pastor, College Park Church in Indianapolis and author of Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy

"Is victorious living possible? Never Shaken teaches you practical ways to experience greater intimacy with God and personal integrity in the midst of a culture of unmatched compromise. Everyone needs to read this life changing book that will help turn pain into purpose and leave a legacy of faith as you incorporate true worship into your daily life." 
Linda Barrick | Author and founder of Hope Out Loud

"In a world of increasing instability and anxiety, Never Shaken is a vital reminder of our unalterable foundation. Many people right now are distracted, disillusioned, and dejected. Daniel Henderson provides a prophetic call back to a life of purpose and power. What we do not need right now is more complexity and confusion. What we do need is a renewed and simple call to the person that God promises to bless. Never Shaken is that call. I am greatly encouraged by the timing of this book, and I eagerly recommend it." 
Robbie Symons | Lead Pastor of Preaching and Vision, Hope Bible Church – Oakville, Ontario

"So many pastors and leaders across our country look to Daniel Henderson for encouragement, for inspiration, for example. I count myself among those learners. Daniel is a pastor of pastors and a leader of leaders. For decades he has been a student of Psalm 15, a teacher of Psalm 15, a lover of Psalm 15. Most importantly, he has sought to live Psalm 15. Daniel, thank you for this labor of love in providing a fresh and penetrating look at this great psalm." 
Jeff Wells | Senior Pastor of WoodsEdge Community Church, Spring, TX

"Daniel Henderson has been an inspiration to me for decades. As I read Never Shaken I became more excited about my walk with Jesus than ever before. With poignant stories, deep biblical truths, and fabulous humor, this is a resource for any Christian with a hunger to grow and to make an eternal difference! Daniel shows us how God knows best. We have to embrace, with passion, all that the Lord either brings our way or allows to come at us. Let's join Daniel in allowing the struggles of life to not only make us better, stronger people, but to empower us to live like Jesus!" 
Karen Covell | Producer and Founding Director of The Hollywood Prayer Network

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-1694-0
Publish Date: March 2024
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Format: Paperback