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  • Love Has a Story: 100 Meditations on the Enduring Love of God

Love Has a Story: 100 Meditations on the Enduring Love of God

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Format: Hardcover
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Product Description

Love has a story. It's bigger than you. It's bigger than me. It comes from old, an overflow of the beautiful love shared between the Father whose heart bursts for the Son, the Son who adores His Father, all wrapped in the glorious, life-giving love of the Spirit. And this great Love knows and cherishes every secret and intimate detail of your story. In fact, this story is for you.  

So where and how do we fit in this grand story of love? In Love Has a Story, author and poet Quina Aragon shares how, before the foundations of the earth, the great storyteller was penning a story that included you. Love was thinking about you, imagining ways to showcase His love for you, and planning to rescue you. This was not one of those sentimental loves, but a love that would traverse the wilderness in search of and for His beloved . . . and give everything—His life, blood, wounds, hope, and an invitation to be family.

Join Quina in entering the greatest love story ever told. Through the prose and poetry of these meditations, you will come to know the great love of God for the world and for you. When you reach the end of this book, you will want to begin all over again. And you will want to share this great love story with your friends and family.

Before you danced in your mother's womb, before Adam and Eve, your greatest-grandparents ever walked the earth, before stars lit up the night sky, there was God—handpicking you to inherit a bottomless ocean: His love. —Quina Aragon

About the Author

Quina Aragon
QUINA ARAGON is an author and spoken word poet residing in Orlando, Florida, with her husband, Jon, and their daughter. Her children's books Love Made and Love Gave, poetically retell the creation story and the good news of Jesus Christ respectively, both through a Trinitarian lens. Quina writes at her website


"In Love Has a Story, Quina masterfully combines biblical theology, storytelling, and personal poems to draw us closer to the God who is love. In discovering the magnificent love story of God throughout eternity and time we find that our own lives are also meant to be stories about God's love. This book is a gift."
Christine Caine, founder of A21 & Propel Women 

"Quina's meditations are a dazzling gift. She effortlessly entwines her musings on Scripture with such unique poetic response that I found she left my heart and mind both unified and refreshed. I have spent years writing songs and stories trying to get across a singular point: God is relationship, and He longs to be in one with us. We are made by love for love. This is the driving force behind every word in this book, and it is, I believe, the single most life-changing discovery one can make. Quina's words are a gift to that end. Cherish this book. I know I have."
Mike Donehey, author and frontman of Tenth Avenue North

"Love Has a Story is a beautifully dynamic meditation on God's unstoppable love for us, as experienced specifically by Quina Aragon. The best stories make room for trials, triumphs, loss, and love. What you hold in your hands contains all of that in a bold blend of poignant poetry, powerful prose, and personal portraits—all presented through the lens of Scripture. Love has a story, and this wonderful work invites you into it."
Rasool Berry, Director of Content Development, VOICES from Our Daily Bread Ministries

"In a fresh format, Quina invites you on a reflective devotional journey that incorporates Scripture, story, and poetry to help you become more of the type of human God desires us to be. These bite-sized devotionals can be done in a few minutes or carried throughout the day. Take up, read, reflect, and prayerfully rest in the goodness of God through this labor of love."
Raymond Chang, President of the Asian American Christian Collaborative and Executive Director of the TENx10 Collaboration

"Perhaps you've wondered why love feels impossible at times. The grudge you can't seem to let go of, or the words that tumble out, laced with anger instead of understanding. True love isn't a theoretical concept; it's a force in action. But a risky decision because love demands vulnerability. Quina lays herself bare—opening her life as an exhibition to the truth that Christ never overlooks an opportunity to satisfy a hungry soul. Her words offer us a most remarkable invitation: to experience the kindness of God."
Rich Pérez, filmmaker and storyteller

"Quina Aragon's lyrical writing weaves poetry and Scripture to push our thoughts beyond our suffering. Her words, drawn from God's great love Story, linger in the soul and heal. Open this book, enter the Story, and receive this benediction."
K. A. Ellis, Director, The Edmiston Center for the Study of the Bible and Ethnicity

"Let's all admit it. The love of God can feel distant, unreal. We might even wonder, as I myself have wondered, My life is such a disaster. Does God hate my guts? Quina Aragon's Love Has a Story is for people like us. This book will move your heart, because it comes from Quina's heart. There is no pious spin here. Love Has a Story is for anyone who is open to the real love of God."
Ray Ortlund, Renewal Ministries, Nashville

"What distinguishes Quina's work is her exceptional talent for weaving the tapestry of her own personal battles with trauma, worry, and the dark nights of the soul to unveil a profound truth: God's love, boundless and embracing, not only cradles our deepest pains and insecurities but also breathes within them, gently shaping and transforming us amid life's tumultuous currents."
Ameen Hudson, writer, speaker, podcaster

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-2559-1
Publish Date: October 2024
Dimensions: 5.65 x 8.75
Format: Hardcover