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  • Loneliness: Don't Hate it or Waste it. Redeem it.

Loneliness: Don't Hate it or Waste it. Redeem it.

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How the gospel of Jesus empowers us to redeem the deep ache of loneliness.

For years, Steve DeWitt was the only never married megachurch pastor in the United States. This put him in proximity to thousands of people, yet he lived his daily life alone. Over some 8,000 days as an adult single, and now eleven years of marriage, Pastor Steve has a unique perspective on solitude and aloneness. Loneliness addresses this pervasive ache from his personal experience and pastoral viewpoint.

In a time when loneliness is at an all-time high, this book—rich with biblical truth and practical help—speaks to all hearts. DeWitt explores the invitation of Jesus when our hearts feel alone and isolated. Writing on topics that affect us and the ones we love—such as loneliness and the gospel, loneliness and singleness, loneliness and marriage, and loneliness and leadership—he shows us the way out of our pain and into relational flourishing with God and others.

Is there a sweetness or a blessing offered in the valley of loneliness? DeWitt has discovered that there absolutely is. Loneliness doesn't have to be our enemy. It can be the path God uses for our souls to experience the presence, promises, and power of Jesus Christ. Join Pastor Steve on a journey out of the ache and into love in his new book Loneliness.


About the Author

Steve DeWitt
STEVE DEWITT has served as Senior Pastor of Bethel Church since 1997. Bethel is a nondenominational church located in NW Indiana/Chicagoland and ministers to its community across multiple campuses. Steve is on the council of The Gospel Coalition and is a board member of Global Action. His teaching ministry can be heard on his popular podcast and media ministry The Journey. Steve and his wife, Jennifer, are the proud parents of two daughters.


"We have been in vocational ministry for over forty years and have never seen a rise in loneliness like today. The ache in people's souls has jumped dramatically since the pandemic. And no one seems to be talking about an answer to this ache until now. In this book, Steve will take you on a journey through his battle with loneliness that you will relate to, but you will also find a God who meets us right in the middle of this loneliness. We've never heard a pastor speak or write so honestly about this struggle, but Steve goes there. And we mean, really goes there. And he will take you there as well. And you will find healing just as he did. Buckle up because God is about to meet you right where you are. It's a journey we all need to take"
—DAVE & ANN WILSON, cohosts of FamilyLife Today

"This book is badly needed. Due to changes in the way we work and worship, we are more isolated than ever. Indeed, loneliness has become a pandemic. But Steve DeWitt knows that the loneliness we all feel is also an opportunity for us to experience God's grace in life-giving ways. In this wise, practical, and hope-filled book, he shows us how to see our loneliness in gospel perspective and respond in ways that bring health and healing."
—PHILIP RYKEN, President, Wheaton College

"A fascinating look at loneliness from a biblical perspective. With increasing urbanization and social fragmentation in our premodern Global South societies, loneliness is fast becoming a growing concern. Steve Dewitt has given us a warm, inspirational and gentle guide that reads like a conversation with a trusted friend."
—OSCAR MURIU, pastor of Nairobi Chapel, Nairobi, Kenya

"You might be married with kids and boast thousands of friends on social media. Yet you might still feel lonely. Steve DeWitt challenged me by showing how loneliness can be a gift from God to help us love Him more fully. Readers will join me in learning to take loneliness as an occasion to turn toward our ever-present God."
—COLLIN HANSEN, editor-in-chief of The Gospel Coalition and host of the Gospelbound podcast

"As a settled widow of twenty years, I can highly recommend this book to anyone suffering loneliness due to loss of a loved one or in any situation of loneliness. It is practical and engaging, chock-full of biblical truth that leads us to the principle of redeeming loneliness and seeing it as a gift from God that points us to Him. If you need hope, you will find it here."
—DONNA CUNNINGHAM, widow and member of Bethel Church, NW Indiana

"Working with young adults on a college campus, loneliness is a pervasive feeling expressed daily, and the world is providing empty solutions. With a beautiful blend of biblical wisdom and practical insight, Steve DeWitt unpacks the origins of loneliness in each of us and offers transformative solutions rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through heartfelt personal stories and scriptural truths, readers are guided toward a deeper understanding of loneliness and our intrinsic need for a relationship with God and others. This book provides a path to contentment amidst life's challenges."
—DREW FLAMM, President, Grace College & Seminary

"The first time I met Steve, the first thing I said to him during our lunch was, 'Tell me about your family.' Of course, I was unaware that Steve was single at the time . . . So I've known Steve from his days as the 'single megachurch pastor' and now as the 'married with children megachurch pastor.' Through it all, I've witnessed Steve use his singleness, his marriage, and his parenting all for the glory of God. My friend, my pastor, my ministry colleague—Steve DeWitt—has that same 'it's all about Him' focus in his biblical, realistic book, Loneliness. Single or married, younger or older, this book is for all of us because it gets to the heart of loneliness and walks us through all the various stages and phases of loneliness. But Loneliness doesn't leave you alone. It gently leads you to your gentle Shepherd who will never leave you or forsake you. In His presence, we can lament our loneliness without hating it, and use our loneliness without wasting it."
—BOB KELLEMEN, author of Gospel-Centered Marriage Counseling and Gospel-Centered Family Counseling

"In this thoughtful book, Steve DeWitt shares his own transformative journey with loneliness. With warmth, biblical insight, and a focus on practical action, Loneliness helps readers see their challenging solitary times as catalysts for growth and deeper connections with others. This is a truly valuable resource that speaks to the redemptive power of God available in our darkest moments."
—SHAWN THORNTON, Senior Pastor, Calvary Community Church, Westlake Village, CA

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ISBN: 978-0-8024-3218-6
Publish Date: May 2024
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Format: Paperback