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  • Kids Say the Wisest Things: 26 Lessons You Didn't Know Children Could Teach You

Kids Say the Wisest Things: 26 Lessons You Didn't Know Children Could Teach You

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Product Description

Funny stories. Make-you-cry stories. And all of them show us something about ourselves and our Savior we can never forget.

-Dr. Tony Evans, President, The Urban Alternative, Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

Kids have a way of saying things adults would never say and revealing profound—even biblical—truths in their unfiltered, unedited commentary on the world. In this inspiring book, Jon Guager shares important lessons he learned about God by observing kids. Like the story of Joslynn's tumble. When Joslynn was camping she falls down the camper's stairs to the horror of her watching grandparents. But when she stands up and declares, "Let's try that again," Jon Gauger (Grandpa) notices how even though Joslynn had failed at something, she was kissed, hugged, and comforted by her family. Gauger reminds us that this is how God responds to us when we seemed to have failed "big time."

Each anecdote teaches the Christian a familiar truth through a less familiar vehicle, making this giftable book fresh and fun.

About the Author

Jon Gauger
JON GAUGER hosts several nationally syndicated programs for Moody Radio and is an award-winning narrator of more than 45 audio books. As a journalist and speaker, he has traveled to 35 countries. From Billy Graham to Chuck Norris, Jon is never more at home than when hosting an interview. An ordained minister, Jon is an avid photographer and videographer. He is married to Diana, and they have two children and several grandchildren. He enjoys camping (trailers, not tents), reading, travel, and great Mexican food. His weekly blog, The Thursday Thought, is available at


Praise for Kids Say the Wisest Things


These stories yank open windows into profound biblical truth. Funny stories. Make-you-cry stories. And all of them show us something about ourselves and our Savior we can never forget. 


Tony Evans

President, The Urban Alternative, Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship



Here at Focus on the Family, we emphasize the importance of wise and effective parenting—a vital calling, to be sure. However, how often do we overlook the spiritual lessons we can glean from our children? In his latest book, Jon Gauger demonstrates that our kids sometimes exhibit wisdom and insight far beyond their years.


Jim Daly

President – Focus on the Family



To a lot of people, I'm a radio host, an author, and an entrepreneur. But to one special group, I'm simply "Papa Dave." If being a grandad has taught me anything, it's that God often speaks through the words and faith of a child. The stories that Jon Gauger shares prove that's true—and they will encourage you to listen for God's voice in the voices of your kids. 


Dave Ramsey

Bestselling author and nationally syndicated radio show host



Straight from the mouth of babes comes deep truth that will revolutionize how you understand faith and life. Jon Gauger brings fresh wisdom and inspiring insights that will restore your childlike sense of wonder. ¿


Mandy Arioto

President and CEO, MOPS International



A lifetime of studying kids has convinced me they're great teachers—if we're humble enough to learn from them.¿This book is crammed with surprising wisdom out of the mouths of babes—small tots with big thoughts. Start reading—class is in session!


Kevin Leman

New York Times bestselling author of Making Children Mind without Losing Yours and The Birth Order Book



Every parent has experienced their children teaching them, but as Jon Gauger points out, we really need to stop and ponder what God may be saying to us through children.¿Kids Say the Wisest Things is a fresh look at how God uses children to help parents finish the process of growing up.¿After reading Jon's book, I couldn't help but wonder how many lessons I missed just because I'd never thought about my kids teaching me!


Dennis Rainey

Founder¿of FamilyLife¿, father of six, papa to twenty-four¿



God is the perfect professor and He always uses the most effective and often unexpected ways to instruct us.¿Sometimes the "teacher" He uses can be a child whose heart is still sensitive and soft enough to grasp truths we grown-ups have grown cold to and no longer recognize. Take a journey with Jon through these stories and prepare to be taught by these pint-size tutors.¿You'll be the wiser for it.



Nationally syndicated talk show host



We all know the expression "out of the mouths of babes," but few realize the phrase originated in the Bible (see Ps. 8:2; Matt. 21:16). In Kids Say the Wisest Things, Jon Gauger shows us how true that statement can be. With a style that's both entertaining and enlightening, Jon shares profound thoughts on life that started on the lips of young children.¿His words echo the message of young Elihu to Job and his three friends: "It is not only the old who are wise, not only the aged who understand what is right" (Job 32:9). Buy a copy, settle into a comfortable chair, and enjoy Jon's creative observations on the amazing wisdom that does indeed come "out of the mouths of babes"!


Charlie Dyer

Professor-at-Large of Bible and cohost of The Land and the Book radio program



Jon Gauger has always been able to maintain in life what most of us cannot—the soft heart of a child combined with the sharp discernment of an adult. This book will open your eyes in a refreshing way to the sincere love, disarming innocence, spontaneous kindness, unblemished sincerity, total trust, and above all, amazing wisdom that children can teach us if we will but listen. Renowned radio personality, accomplished author, and master storyteller Jon Gauger leads us on honest, often hilarious, and above all, heartwarming journey to re-examine our own life and values in Kids Say the Wisest Things. You'll walk away as I did realizing if I want to live life as a more loving and mature adult, I need to become a more teachable and childlike person once again. Speaking of precious little boys and girls Jesus did indeed say, "The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Come discover why in a sometimes convicting yet always delightful way.


Robert Moeller

Founder, For Better For Worse For Keeps Ministries

Author, The 6 Hearts of Sexual Intimacy

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ISBN: 978-0-8024-1894-4
Publish Date: April 2019
Dimensions: 5.25 x 7.5
Format: Hardcover