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  • Honest to God: The Means to True Transformation

Honest to God: The Means to True Transformation

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Freedom begins when you stop hiding.

Many of us understand the value of authenticity. Of baring our souls in community. Of admitting our pain and struggles to each other. If we desire to relate authentically with our brothers and sisters in Christ, we must also desire relate honestly with God.

Josh Weidmann, a millennial and world traveler who is dedicated to writing and speaking the truth of the Bible, leads us to examine honesty and its importance in our relationship with God. Using Scripture and stories from his own life, Josh shows us how to be honest with God and truly honest with others. He also helps us identify lies, misunderstandings, and masks that are preventing us from being honest with God.

Honesty with God will free us, heal us, and transform us.  

About the Author

Josh Weidmann
JOSH WEIDMANN has traveled the world speaking to churched and un-churched crowds about the truth of the Gospel from the authority of God’s Word for more than a decade (since his late teen years). Josh started preaching at a young age and soon found himself living out God’s calling on His life to communicate the Bible through whatever means possible. After the 1999 Columbine high school shooting tragedy in his hometown, God used Josh as a voice of hope to his generation around the nation. Over the last decade, Josh has continued to preach the truth around the world. He has had the privilege of speaking for some well-known ministries such as Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Youth for Christ, and others.His years as a student at Moody Bible Institute served to deepen his understanding of God’s Word and equipped him for a long-term role in serving the church. Josh has had the privilege of fulfilling several pastoral roles in various churches in Colorado and Illinois, including a recent role as a lead pastor in Aurora, Colorado. He currently serves as the Discipleship pastor of Mission Hills Church in Littleton, CO. He also leads and writes for a web ministry called Honest To God. He and his wife, Molly, live in the suburbs of Denver with their two kids and enjoy loving Christ, loving each other, and loving on God’s people.


If you are tired of the game and are searching for something more authentic, then you have to read Josh's call to a more honest and transparent walk with God. With a compellingly articulated combination of present day stories and Biblical reflections from the lives of those whose hearts chased after God, Josh has charted a course for those of us who want to be honest with God.  

Dr. Joe Stowell
President, Cornerstone University


We love our masks—those elaborate covers of self-protection constructed daily in hopes of concealing our wounds, our doubts, and our brokenness. Thankfully, God calls us out, inviting us into His light, where all things—even wounds, doubts and brokenness—will be made new. In a culture hungry for authenticity, Weidmann's book is a profound exploration of Biblical authenticity. It's an amplification of God's glorious invitation to acknowledge who we really are, and so uncover more of who we're being made to be.

Mike Yankoski
Author of Under the Overpass


With a deeply pastoral heart, Weidmann dares you to be honest. Showing how honesty is at the heart of true growth, and digging into all the ways we seek to hide and cover, he casts a vision for true authenticity in the midst of grace.

Kyle Strobel, PhD
Author and Co-Founder of Metamorpha


Drawing on Josh's own faith-journey, Honest to God calls a new generation to crave transparency with God, face our own people-games, and address the fallout that can result. Identifying struggles such as image-management, Josh helps the reader with practical "how to" steps. What I found most refreshing was his exploration of our times of anger with God. Young people who want a serious discussion have found it.

Andrew J. Schmutzer, PhD
Professor of Biblical Studies, Moody Bible Institute and author of The Long Journey Home: Understanding and Ministering to the Sexually Abused


In his book Honest to God, Josh urges us to drop whatever masks we might be wearing and dare to be real with God. He models that kind of honesty by sharing of his own faults and shortcomings.  As the Apostle Paul said, 'If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness' (2 Corinthians 11:30).  Honest to God is a Gospel-centered book that will speak not only to youth, but to anyone who is struggling with people-pleasing tendencies or hypocrisy.  In other words, it speaks to all of us.

David Jones
Senior Pastor, Village Church of Barrington


Josh Weidmann offers the gift of freedom in Christ with a fresh perspective, written powerfully and woven with self-disclosing humor, from the precious heart of a pastor. In Honest to God, we are provided with the opportunity to exhale and breathe-in the truth before us: Living honestly before God fulfills our own desire to choose life and live fully every day.

Maureen Yockey
Executive Director, Alternatives Pregnancy Center


Josh Weidmann wants to live and Jesus came to make us alive! Honest to God offers the first steps of authenticity on the way to the Glorious Kingdom where grace, truth, and love are the invitation to become sons and daughters of Our Father.

Wes Yoder
Author of Bond of Brothers: Connecting with Other Men Beyond Work, Weather and Sports


Josh Weidmann's book Honest to God reveals a life-transforming truth, that when you are truly honest to God, it is IMPOSSIBLE to stay the same! God already knows it all, so why not lay it bare before Him? This book has caused me to re-evaluate my approach before God.

Mike Romberger
Senior Pastor, Mission Hills Church


Not only is Josh Weidmann a world-class evangelist, but also a passionate writer and a born storyteller who spurs his readers to greater depths of devotion and commitment to God. In Honest to God, he combines biblical, personal, and pastoral insight with a desperately needed message of transformation through honesty.

Beniamin Pascut, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge


Honest to God is a provocative pathway of practical equipping. It reveals the way to shed lifeless, non-intimate, inauthentic relationship with God and, instead, to embrace unshackled honesty, transformational freedom, and incredible joy!

Dr. Dwight Robertson
Founding president of Kingdom Building Ministries and author of You are God''s Plan A...and There Is No Plan B

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ISBN: 978-0-8024-8145-0
Publish Date: March 2012
Format: eBook