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  • Grace-Based Counseling: An Effective New Biblical Model

Grace-Based Counseling: An Effective New Biblical Model

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You speak God's truth when you counsel. But do you also communicate His grace?

The Christian counselor or pastor plays an important role in helping people process the trauma they've experienced. Too often, a client leaves the counselor's office with feelings of guilt and shame. They feel the heavy burden of what they did wrong. But somehow, they've missed the grace of God that makes things right again.

A counseling model that stays true to a biblical worldview will overflow with grace . . . not cheap grace, but real grace that acknowledges sin while offering a hopeful path to redemption and healing. In Grace-Based Counseling, professional counselors Richard Fowler and Natalie Ford offer a model that blends the truths of Scripture, the science of psychology, and the everlasting hope of the gospel. In this book you will find:

  • New, grace-based counseling model
  • Detailed application of the model, with case studies
  • Practical toolbox with surveys, assessments, and counseling helps

A Christian counseling model can't just be about admonishment. That approach only leads to shame and human efforts that are doomed to fail. But when the gospel is brought to bear in the counseling relationship, real life change is possible. Then the counselor becomes an instrument of divine grace in the hands of a faithful God.

About the Authors

Richard-A Fowler,-EdD
DR. RICK FOWLER, son of missionary parents, has for over forty years served in a variety of capacities, including as pastor, licensed counselor, university professor of psychology and sociology, and head basketball coach. Dr. Fowler is currently a member of the graduate faculty of psychology/professional counseling at Truett McConnell University. In addition, he has been a frequent speaker at numerous seminars and Bible conferences across America and overseas. He is the author of thirteen books and has been a featured guest on FOCUS ON THE FAMILY and the 700 CLUB. Married for 52 years, he and his wife Jen have two children and eight grandchildren.

Natalie Ford,-PhD
DR. NATALIE FORD (B.A., Mercer University; M.A., Reformed Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Liberty University) is a licensed professional counselor at Northeast Georgia Christian Counseling and is also the International Member Care Coordinator at Helen First Baptist Church. Previously she taught at the Leonhard Schiemer School of Psychology and Biblical Counseling at Truett McConnell University, was the director of Catalyst Christian Learning Center, and a missionary with the North American Mission Board. She wrote Seeking Answers, Finding Peace: Loving and Losing Someone with Mental Illness. She lives in the North Georgia Mountains with her husband, Jeff.


Praise for Grace-Based Counseling
"What a breath of fresh air to read of a counseling model that is bathed and based in the sufficiency of Scripture while providing counselors with the practical tools and profound wisdom necessary to minister to men and women in need of healing and grace. Every pastor and counselor needs this book."
EMIR CANER, President of Truett McConnell University

"While the concept of grace is not new to people of faith, incorporating this critically important dynamic and essential "change agent" into the therapeutic process is long past due. Grace-Based Counseling anchors sound counseling principles with the truth of God's Word, the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the heart of the counselor. Practical applications offered through various case study scenarios, along with a "toolbox" of useful inventories, make the GRACE model an excellent equipping resource for lay and pastoral counselors, as well as for seasoned mental health practitioners."
ERIC SCALISE, Senior Vice President for Hope For The Heart; Former Department Chair of Counseling at Regent University

"In answering the question, "What is the proper way for Christians to counsel?," Drs. Fowler and Ford have crafted a model of therapy that is both biblically sound and psychologically appropriate. Grace-Based Counseling builds a five-step approach to counseling (using the acrostic GRACE) that draws heavily from biblical theology as a framework for the understanding and application of psychological principles and counseling techniques, and the proper use of both in therapy. The model is explained in detail, with specific case studies provided to illustrate the proper use of the model in therapy. The reader is also blessed with the counselor's toolbox—a treasure of profiles, inventories, and assessments that may be used to assist counselors in their work. This book will be a valuable resource for professional counselors, counseling students, pastoral counselors, and laypeople who want a better understanding of how to counsel as a Christ follower."
JOE COOK, Professor of Professional Counseling, Dallas Baptist University

"I am confident that the readers of Grace-Based Counseling will discover the eminently practical and useful information contained within these pages. Having worked alongside Dr. Fowler, I witnessed the outworking of these principles in the lives of real people. Most counseling "how to's" outline "principles" without "practices." Grace-Based Counseling will provide its readers both principles and practices all set firmly in the foundation of biblical truth. Enjoy the read!"
STEVE FISCHER, Pastor Care Ministries, Stonebriar Community Church

"Ford and Fowler provide helpful clarification of what Christian counseling is by focusing on the worldview of the counselor rather than the methods counselors employ. God is good to send Christian counselors into the sin-scarred world He is redeeming, and Grace-Based Counseling is a valuable resource to the professional counselors, pastors, and laypeople who He calls to this work."
CORY BARNES, Associate Vice President of Distance Learning, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

"In Grace-Based Counseling, Rick and Natalie have offered up a gold mine of resources that are biblical, transferable, practical, and transformative. I have worked personally with both of them and know firsthand their effectiveness and impact both in helping those in need navigate the issues of their life, as well as helping others learn to be frontline responders in life to those who are hurting and in need of guidance that works and produces results.  The Tool Kit  at the end of the book is worth the price of the book by itself, giving the reader resources with which to help people do self-assessments that can change their life and direction. If you deal with people, you'll want this book for yourself, your team, and those you train."
BOB RECCORD, founder and chairman of Total Life Impact Ministries

"Drs. Ford and Fowler have done a brilliant job funneling over forty years of combined experience into this solidly biblical counseling model. It is a delightful guide, chock-full of information for those of us who want to counsel well, while also remaining rooted and grounded in Truth . I highly recommend it."
LISA SOSIN, Director of the PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision Program at Liberty University

"As a member of the pastoral staff, I encounter people at all levels of spiritual maturity who are struggling with deep and difficult issues. So, Grace-Based Counseling gives much-needed help and encouragement to those who minister in the growing area of soul care. This book not only gives an effective model and toolbox to counsel with wisdom, empathy, and grace, but also counsels the counselor, helping these dedicated individuals to come to each session fully prepared emotionally, mentally, and spiritually—for the crucial work they do."
MIKE BUSTER, Executive Pastor, Prestonwood Church, Plano, TX


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ISBN: 978-0-8024-2323-8
Publish Date: August 2021
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Format: Paperback