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  • God Speaks Science: What Neurons, Giant Squid, and Supernovae Reveal About Our Creator

God Speaks Science: What Neurons, Giant Squid, and Supernovae Reveal About Our Creator

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A joy-filled expedition into experiencing God's majestic, everywhere presence.

DNA, the Danube River, and deep-sea life. Knees and trees. The Swiss Alps, songbirds, and supernovas. God speaks though His creation. And you don't have to be naturally gifted at biology, chemistry, or physics to be awakened to His wisdom and majesty. Pastor, teacher, and non-scientist John Van Sloten invites us to know God more deeply as we marvel at the complexities of His amazing creation.

Knowing God through His written Word enables us to know Him more clearly through His creational Words. How does God speak through His creation, and what is He saying? Each chapter includes interviews with leading scientists and connects creation to its Creator. With the primary foundation that Jesus is the mediator of both salvation and creation, Van Sloten fields questions such as:

  • Why are things beautiful and how can beautiful things be engaged?
  • How does the doctrine of the Trinity teach us about the nature of tree branches and wound healing?
  • What do the doctrines of creation, incarnation, and the resurrection tell us about phenomenon of supernovas?
  • How do we engage God's providence through knees and fossils?

We were made to wonder. To marvel. To know and live in awe of God. God Speaks Science expands our hearts and minds so that we might delight in the wisdom, beauty, and awesome power of our triune God!

About the Author

John Van-Sloten
JOHN VAN SLOTEN is a Calgary-based writer, teacher, and pastor who is passionate about helping people engage God everywhere. Over the past ten years he has preached dozens of creation/bible-based sermons on topics like radiation therapy, DNA repair mechanisms, river hydrology, chemical catalysts, tree branches, human knees, and the Giant Squid. John is a regular columnist with the Calgary Herald and his books include The Day Metallica Came to Church and Every Job a Parable. Over the past ten years, he has been awarded three John Templeton Foundation subgrants for preaching science, has been part of an Ambrose Seminary Science for Seminaries, and has been a Sinai and Synapses fellow.


"I've met some fine scientists who are decent theologians, but there are precious few theologians who are as comfortable with the world of science as John Van Sloten. And if you think Van Sloten's approach is to simply see the hand of God at work in the natural world, then you've seriously underestimated the insight of this 'rational mystic.' Rather, Van Sloten looks much deeper and finds nothing less than God Himself within the very center of scientific inquiry, from ecosystems to atomic forces and everything in between. This work challenges the scientist to experience God's manifest presence in the 'doing' of science and opens the eyes of the theologian to be able to read God's "other" book—the natural world and its holy complexity."
Gregory A. Kline, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine/Endocrinology, University of Calgary

"Can it be? Are there pathways to knowing God through science? In his new book, God Speaks Science, John Van Sloten guides us down a seldom trod path of knowing God through contemplative examination of scientific discoveries and the roads leading to them. This book is imaginative and revelatory; it contains a well-written series of interesting vignettes while illuminating a neglected area of spiritual inquiry."
George Chaconas, Professor Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary

"I'm not a scientist, but I have always loved trees and stars and music. Even as a boy I perked up when we sang 'all nature sings' and 'round me rings the music of the spheres' or 'thou rising morn in praise rejoice, ye lights of evening, find a voice,' because even with the most basic knowledge of Jesus I sensed Him speaking—singing, even—through His creation. I still do. The church has a long and beautiful tradition of learning what God is like, not just by reading Scripture, but also by delighting in and studying His creation—and with this book John Van Sloten has done both."
Andrew Peterson, singer-songwriter; author of The God of the Garden and The Wingfeather Saga

"Questions about the relationship between science and Christian faith are numerous and often difficult. Pastor John Van Sloten has given us wonderful answers to many of these questions in this outstanding and deeply religious book. He beautifully illustrates the harmony between science and Christianity by focusing on several specific fields of science, from medicine and molecular biology to astrophysics, geology, and linguistics. The profound insights the author shares with us are too many to count but can be summarized as pure doxology. Van Sloten uses the human study of God's creation to extract awareness of its fundamental beauty and majesty of the Creator. This book is for everyone, scientist or not, Bible scholar or not, even Christian or not. God does indeed speak science, and this book tells us how."
Sy Garte, professor at New York University, Rutgers University, and the University of Pittsburgh; Director at the NIH; former member of the Templeton Foundation's board of directors

"Theologians have long described Scripture and nature as two books of God's revelation; now Pastor John Van Sloten digs deep into this truth. He actively reads the two books together, with 'the Bible shining light on creation and creation bringing deeper understanding to the Scriptures.' John introduces fascinating examples from many fields of science and medicine and draws thought-provoking parallels to theological truths. He invites us to engage with more than our reason—to ponder God's creation in our hearts and turn in worship to the Author of it all."
Deb Haarsma, astrophysicist and President of BioLogos

"As the father of four intellectually curious children and the pastor of a church filled with college students, professors, and PhD candidates, I was thrilled by every page of this masterful and beautiful exploration of the way God reveals Himself through the created world. John Van Sloten provides us with a long overdue reminder that God is in constant communication with us through the physical world if we will pause long enough to listen, look, taste, feel, and smell His beautiful handiwork. The skies declare His glory, the earth rejoices, the sea resounds, the fields are jubilant, and the trees of the forest sing for joy. Every atom in the universe reverberates with the surpassing genius of God's divine intent. Van Sloten's book reminds us that if God made the world, then science is a form of worship that leads us beyond knowledge and into awe and wonder. Dive in and enjoy!"
Brent Roam, Lead Pastor, One Family Church

"John Van Sloten has the innate ability to take complicated issues and make them easy to understand. His writing seamlessly intertwines the mysteries of faith with the realities of science, which leads to an engaging read no matter where your belief system sits."
Monica Zurowski, Calgary Herald deputy editor, journalist, and Canadian bestselling author

"God Speaks Science is a book of delight, awe, and joy. It's about science and God but not in any of the ways you might expect. If you're wanting to read about the two books of God (creation and revelation) in a way that draws you into a fresh sense of love toward the One who made all things and is making all things new—read this book. Through nontechnical storytelling, experience the world of science and nature in fresh, amazing ways. Who would have imagined seeing God through the wonder of our knees? John invites you into some ways science illuminates one of God's two books and then invites you to dwell and meditate on these stories."
Alan Roxburgh, teacher, missiologist, and author of 15 books, including Joining God in the Great Unraveling: Where Are We and What Have I Learned

"Too often, conversations surrounding science and religion are either simplistic or a rehash of old and tired debates. But Rev. John Van Sloten approaches the interaction of these two worlds with great humility and deep respect for the nature of science—and, even more importantly, the scientists themselves. This book will inspire you to see the unseen spirituality of radiation, the sacredness of water, and the transcendence of deep-sea creatures. Most of all, it will make you rethink the way science and religion can come together to enhance a sense of awe and majesty surrounding the natural world."
Rabbi Geoffrey A. Mitelman, Founding Director, Sinai and Synapses

"In God Speaks Science, pastor and writer John Van Sloten has taken on a noble task—closing the Christian's imagined gap between faith in God and a critical trust in science. As only a loving pastor could, the author teaches with one eye on the truth and the other on the fact that untangling misunderstandings and untruths in the human heart is rarely a one-and-done affair. With patience and scholarship, Van Sloten breaks down a complicated, centuries-old problem. He serves up to his readers a fresh retelling of the beautiful compatibility between knowing God and the vocation of knowing God's creativity. All human enterprise has its failures, including science. In fact, the scientific method accounts for this. Hopefully, because of this well-written book, more Christians will find delight in unpacking the micro and the macro of creation. There's no threat. Discovery and thanksgiving await the curious."
Charlie Peacock, Grammy award-winning music producer, author, and Founder/Director Emeritus of the Commercial Music Program, Lipscomb University

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ISBN: 978-0-8024-3094-6
Publish Date: July 2023
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5
Format: Paperback