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  • Experiencing the Land of the Book: A Life-Changing Journey through Israel

Experiencing the Land of the Book: A Life-Changing Journey through Israel

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The world's most inexpensive and unique tour to Israel. 

Join Holy Land expert and tour guide Dr. Charlie Dyer on a trip through Israel. Blending history, rich biblical teaching, and humor, Experiencing the Land of the Book: A Life-Changing Journey through Israel connects its travelers to fifty highlights—all through stories and an illustrated travelogue. Readers will be captivated by the more than 260 color images of places like Caesarea, Mount Carmel, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, Jericho, and more! Yet, rather than a mere history lesson or catalog of facts, you'll experience a trip—minus the jet lag, sunscreen, and lines.  

The Holy Land is full of rocks and stony ruins. But a successful trip to Israel will also bring the traveler into contact with "living stones"—people. Dyer invites you to connect to the sites emotionally as well as intellectually as he intertwines three beautiful and rich story cords. Get ready to make some new friends! You'll connect with the biblical story. You'll laugh and learn from the vast collection of tales Dyer's accumulated on his many trips over the years. And you'll form your own story along the way!  

If you've always wanted to experience Israel, but haven't had the opportunity, this book will transport you to the streets and acquaint you with the people. Or if you have been blessed to visit these sacred places and want to relive the experience, this book will bring you right back to the sights, smells, and emotional ties.

About the Author

Charles-H Dyer

DR. CHARLIE DYER served for 33 years on the faculty and in the administration of three different institutions, including 20 years at Dallas Seminary and ten years as Provost of the Moody Bible Institute. In 2010 Charlie became Professor-at-Large of Bible for Moody Bible Institute and host of The Land and the Book radio program, which is heard on more than 350 stations across the United States. For much of his time in ministry Charlie has taken groups to Israel and the other lands of the Bible. Over the past four decades he has traveled to Israel nearly a hundred times, helping several thousand people experience firsthand the life-changing impact that comes from spending time in the land of the Bible.

In addition to his speaking, teaching, and guiding, Charlie has authored or co-authored numerous books, including The Rise of Babylon, What's Next?, The Christian Traveler's Guide to the Holy Land, Character Counts, 30 Days in the Land with Jesus, 30 Days in the Land of the Psalms, A Voice in the Wilderness, Strike the Dragon, The ISIS Crisis, and Clash of Kingdoms. He also contributed to The Bible Knowledge Commentary (Jeremiah, Lamentations, and Ezekiel), Nelson's Old Testament Survey (Isaiah-Malachi), and The Moody Bible Commentary (Jeremiah, Lamentations, and Ezekiel).

Charlie and his wife Kathy live near Phoenix, Arizona. They have two grown children and four grandchildren.


"Descriptive, informational, enjoyable, memorable! These words came to mind as I read Experiencing the Land of the Book. This is my friend Charlie Dyer in the center of his sweet spot. If you haven't been to Israel, you need to read this book. If you have, it is a must-read as well. Not only will it bring back wonderful memories, it will be a great refresher course in biblical applications from the major stops on an Israel tour that effectively links the Land with the Book."
—Mark L. Bailey 
Chancellor and Sr. Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary

"I know of no better guide to the Holy Land than Dr. Charlie Dyer. His many decades of leading thousands of pilgrims to Israel combine with his wit, wisdom, and winsome way to produce a virtual tour so descriptive you'll feel like you're on the bus touring the Holy Land! Many guides can point to piles of rocks, or spit out dates for archaeological digs, but Charlie guides us a step further by connecting it all to Scripture—and to our lives. Experiencing the Land of the Book is a life-changing journey through Israel because it combines the very best of Charlie's expertise and passion: the land of Israel and the Word of God."
—Wayne Stiles
Host, Walking the Bible Lands

"There is not a better guide to take you on a tour of the Holy Land than Dr. Charlie Dyer. In the book, Charlie combines his knowledge of the Bible with his extensive experience to make each site along the way come alive. As I read, I visualized each site in my mind, and even though I've visited these sites many times, I learned something new at each one. This work is insightful, practical, and extremely helpful. You will find yourself immersed in the Bible, laughing at Charlie's humorous traveling anecdotes, while also being deeply challenged in your walk with God. I heartily recommend this book for anyone seeking to explore the land of Israel and link 'the land' with 'the Book.'"
—Douglas M. Cecil
Life Stage Pastor, Christ Chapel Bible Church, Fort Worth; adjunct professor, Dallas Theological Seminary

"Charlie Dyer has been a faithful guide for decades. When I was a student at Dallas Theological Seminary, he faithfully guided me and many other students through the Old Testament prophets and the land of the Bible. I've used his teaching as a reliable resource for tours I've led to Israel. There's no better guide to lead you through the Holy Land. I hope you will join him on the journey of a lifetime as the Bible comes alive to you like never before."
—Mark Hitchcock
Senior Pastor, Faith Bible Church, Edmond, OK; Associate Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary

"Dr. Charlie Dyer changed my life when he said 'Mark, don't forget . . . it IS the Lord's will for you to go to Israel!' From that point forward, I have followed his love for the land, the people, and the biblical narrative. Charlie's passion for Israel is unmatched. In Experiencing the Land of the Book, he guides the reader from Dan to Beersheba, noting what we should see along the way. Read this book! Don't miss the tour. Not only will you learn about the Promised Land, but about the promised Savior!"
—Mark M. Yarbrough
President and Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary

"My life was transformed by going to Israel with Charlie Dyer in 1995! I've never been the same, and neither will you as you travel alongside this renowned Bible teacher and professor. Charlie has taken pastors and leaders on high-level, meaningful, spiritually fulfilling, once-in-a-lifetime Bible tours. And now you can have that same unforgettable journey. Go with Charlie to Israel through the pages of this outstanding book. You'll never be the same!"
—Tom Doyle
CEO, Uncharted Ministries

"How do you take the stories, lessons, and laughter from more than a hundred trips to Israel and jam them between two book covers? I have no idea. But Charlie Dyer has done it! In this one unique volume, Charlie has bought your plane ticket, reserved your bus seat, and booked the hotels. He's even packed along some tasty humor. So, there's no excuse for not traveling to the Holy Land with him. As you do, you're sure to encounter the hilarity of a Mark Twain, the humility of a pastor, and the heart of Jesus. That's Charlie Dyer, your guide. And your adventure is about to begin!"
—Jon Gauger
Cohost, The Land and the Book radio program; Special Projects | Programming, Moody Radio

"Having taken numerous trips to Israel with Dr. Charles Dyer, I can affirm that his grasp of biblical history and ability to share it are one of a kind. His passion for knowing deeply this coveted land soon captivates seasoned scholars and Bible newcomers alike. In this latest book, Charlie has managed to put a journey through Israel into writing and pictures like no other. Anyone unable to experience the biblical enrichment a trip to Israel brings now has the next best thing! For an insider's view of Israel, then and now, open this book!"
—Ed Cannon
President/CEO, Far East Broadcasting Company

"You haven't visited Israel? Or you have, and would like to return without the hassle of tickets, airports, passports, and bus schedules? Then find a comfortable chair and take a guided, pictorial tour with Charlie Dyer, who has personally introduced thousands of people to 'the land of the Book.' My wife and I have visited Israel several times but are delighted that we can return once more to relive the memories, enjoy the scenery, and be reminded that our faith is rooted in the soil of history and actual events. Thanks, Charlie, for the gift you have given to the body of Christ by producing a book that will be treasured by all who rejoice that God chose this land to visit our planet and that, in His good time, these places will still have a glorious future."  
—Erwin W. Lutzer
Pastor Emeritus, The Moody Church, Chicago

"Charlie Dyer's guide to exploring Israel is quite unique and helpful. For a person who will never travel to Israel, this volume provides scores of insights, explanations, and encouraging devotionals. It also represents a great resource to equip a believer preparing to travel to Israel (or to read during their time in the land). In this helpful resource, Charlie superbly combines humor, clear explanations, interesting side stories, and insightful connections between biblical history, the land of the Bible, and scores of biblical passages. I have numerous resources that I draw on as I prepare for trips I lead to Israel, but will happily add this warm-hearted, clearly written, well-illustrated, and impactful guide for exploring and benefiting from the important connection between God's sacred Word and the land where the biblical events took place."
—Michael Grisanti
Director of Israel Studies and Distinguished Research Professor of Old Testament, The Master's Seminary

"With a tinge of Mark Twain humor, a ton of biblical scholarship, and a true passion to know the Lord and His Word through His land, Charlie Dyer has logged a written journey through the Holy Land sifted from his extensive experience of leading groups to Israel. Having been to Israel many times with Charlie, he brings a unique flavor grounded in the Scriptures and expressed colorfully through many first-time pilgrims' experiences. You will learn and laugh your way through each site while at the same time falling deeper in love with the Lord, the Land, and His Book. Thank you, Charlie, for sharing these treasures of truth in a personal way!"
—Greg Hatteberg
Executive Director of Alumni Services and Assistant Professor for Educational Ministries and Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary

"Drawing from his extensive travels in the land of Israel, Dr. Charles Dyer has written a book that is destined to become a cherished classic. Following the enduring style of Mark Twain's The Innocents Abroad (1869), Charlie has written an account of his own travel adventures in Israel. This book is loaded with interesting and helpful information about the biblical sites and stories. The extensive use of photographs will help readers visualize the landscapes and features Charlie so well describes. Having guided over one hundred tour groups through Israel, Charlie has had many surprising and humorous adventures, which he recounts as he leads readers on a riveting tour of the land. Readers will have a hard time putting this book down. I loved it! And I'm sure that you will too."
—J. Carl Laney
Professor Emeritus, Western Seminary

"In my role at Dallas Theological Seminary, it is one of my greatest joys to host tours of pilgrims in Israel and watch as the Bible comes to life in their lives. Charlie Dyer led many of our tours and designed a unique, life-changing journey through the land that put the pieces together in a way few others can. I'm excited that he has put this special journey into a narrative so everyone can have this experience, even if they never have the opportunity to travel to Israel."
—Kim Till
Vice President for Advancement, Dallas Theological Seminary

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ISBN: 978-0-8024-2888-2
Publish Date: December 2022
Dimensions: 6 x 9
Format: Paperback