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  • Do Your Kids a Favor...Love Your Spouse

Do Your Kids a Favor...Love Your Spouse

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Building a healthy marriage can give your kids a great head start in life. Kendra and John Smiley learned this through the ups and downs of raising three sons, all now grown. With her trademark humor, honesty, and the wisdom that she has shared on Focus on the Family and Family Life Today, Kendra offers practical, day-in, day-out insights on kids, marriage, and much more. She shares her wisdom on such topics as setting priorities and coming to grips with family backgrounds, showing how when we make the right choice for our marriage, we're making the right choice for our children. \u0022Resident Dad\u0022 John pitches in with his perspective. Learn how to \u0022parent like a pro\u0022!

About the Author

Kendra Smiley
KENDRA SMILEY, named Illinois Mother of the Year in 2001, hosts a daily radio program, Live Life Intentionally, and speaks nationally and internationally. She graduated with highest honors from the University of Illinois then went on to earn her Master of Science from University of North Dakota.

She has written more than half a dozen books including High Wire Mom and Empowering Choices. She and her husband are co-authors of Do Your Kids a Favor...Love Your Spouse and Journey of a Strong-Willed Child. Kendra has also written numerous magazine articles, contributed to several books, and currently writes a monthly column for Hearts at Home magazine.

Kendra and her husband, John, live in East Lynn, Illinois.


Kendra Smiley is talking my language in Do Your Kids a Favor...Love Your Spouse.  In her breezy, humorous, inimitable style, Kendra forces us to think afresh about how important a solid marriage is to our kids' well-being.  Way beyond fun and funny, which we always get from her, Kendra hammers home easily digested truth.
-Jerry B. Jenkins

Kendra Smiley does it again!  All her books are filled with practical, godly, wisdom that will make a difference in your family's life.  This one is my favorite because it's what I needed to hear most.
-Paul Baloche, songwriter, worship artist

Advice is easily dispensed but wisdom is hard to find, particularly when it comes to raising kids.  With bookstore shelves lined with mere advice, do yourself a favor and read the wise counsel Kendra and John Smiley have provided in Do Your Kids a Favor...Love Your Spouse.  This thoroughly biblical, intensely practical, and refreshingly honest book, if followed, will make your marriage strong and your kids secure.
-Dr. Michael Rydelnik, Professor of Jewish Studies, Moody Bible Institute Chicago, IL

I'm so thankful that Kendra has locked on to a key truth that many seem to ignore.  When you love your spouse first and foremost, it's amazing how much security that gives to your children.  Kendra is never afraid to tell it like it is.
-Anita Lustrea, Host & Executive Producer Midday Connection

A big thumbs-up to the Smileys for writing this book!  Yes, we do our children a huge favor when we love our spouses well.  We also illustrate for them the incredible love and faithfulness of God.  Thank you, John and Kendra for sharing your beautiful marriage with all of us so that we too can provide a rock-solid foundation of love for our children and grandchildren.
-Wayne Rice, Co-founder of Youth Specialties, Founder of HomeWord Understanding Your Teenagers seminars

This is a delightfully encouraging and inspiring book.  Live by this advice and your kids will thank you.  Kendra and John live what they write about.
-Jim Burns, Ph.D., President, HomeWord, Author of Creating An Intimate Marriage and Confident Parenting

Kendra and John shed light and wisdom intertwined with humor while they describe not only the benefits of loving your spouse but its imperative nature in raising our children and equipping them for life.
-Denise Zook, Wife of University of Illinois Footbal Coach Ron Zook

I have known Kendra and John for well over twenty years, and they have always been an inspiration to me in so many ways.  Their passion for Christ and their desire to share Him with teenagers is compelling.  Their marriage and family life has been a great example for me.  I am so glad they have decided to share what God has taught them over the years with us.  This book is great, full of truths, and can help anyone at any stage in a marriage.  Thank you, Kendra, for allowing God to use you and your personal life lessons in such a teachable ways for others.
-Elisa Cupples, mother of four; married to Brian for eleven years

Whether you're a sparky sanguine or perfect melancholy, John and Kendra provide practical advice on everything from personality differences to family traditions.  And they carefully handle the delicate issue of unpacking the baggage we all bring into marriage.  I highly recommend this book.
-Florence Littauer, Speaker and Author

Most of us think of doing favors for our friends.  But what about doing a favor for your own children?  Kendra and John are here to guide you in giving your kids the best possible favor to love your spouse.  Drawing from their own unique backgrounds and perspective, they give great guidance to parents.  John's wrap-up of each chapter from The Resident Dad's perspective is worth the price of the book.  Want the best for your child?  Love your spouse!
-Carole Lewis, First Place 4 Health National Director

There are many books on parenting, but John and Kendra Smiley's Do Your Kids a Favor...Love Your Spouse is the one you will find yourself buying for couples who need encouragement, practical wisdom, and a healthy perspective from a mom's and dad's perspective.  The stories will grab your heart, but the unique aspect of this book is that male and female hang-ups, priorities, differences, expectations, mistakes, and solutions are woven together in a way that will make your marriage stronger while you learn how to become a better parent.  The couples who work through the section at the end of each chapter will find themselves closer than they've ever been before as they discover how to raise kids right.
-Carol Kent, Speaker and Author, A New Kind of Normal

I've been married going on 18 years and it's funny when you find yourself saying, "Yeah...that's exactly how it is!"  I think this book cuts right to the chase and tells us how it is and how intertwined our relationships are with not only our spouse but with the Lord.  And how important is it for our children to have that loving relationship between Mom and Dad?  I have a 14-year-old and I know firsthand how his world is anchored in that safety net.  Do you have an issue with your husband or wife?  Do you feel like he or she doesn't understand?  Grab this book and read a few pages...your question may just be answered along with several others.
-Scott Andresen, Assistant News Director, WICD-TV Champaign, IL

As parents we do so much to prepare our kids for a successful life...from after-school sports activities, to music lessons, to college prep courses while they're still in elementary school!  But who would have thought that loving your spouse could have THE MOST significant impact on their lives today and beyond?  Well, thank goodness Kendra Smiley did!  In a world where the stability and security of family life is no longer the solid foundation kids can build their lives upon, Kendra, along with her husband, John, turn personal stories, spiritual wisdom and down-to-earth humor into practical advice that will transform ANY household.  A book no family should be without.
-Kelly Morgan, Co-host of The Harvest Show, LeSEA Broadcasting

Every parent needs to read this book!  Most of us make the mistake of putting our children before our spouse unaware of the damage it causes in our marriage relationship.  In their honest, straightforward, and humorous way John and Kendra Smiley share the secret of keeping your marriage a priority in the midst of raising a family.
-Jill Savage, Executive Director of Hearts at Home and author of Is There Really Sex After Kids?

Whether you want to prepare for family, improve or rebuild your present family relationships, this book is on target.  Kendra and John give you the tools you need to encourage a closeness between you and your spouse that will steady the legs of any family unit!
-J. Otis Ledbetter, Senior Pastor, Sonrise Church, Clovis, CA and Co-Founder, Heritage Builders Association

I love reading Kendra's books because they are so practical and simple to apply to my own life.  Do Your Kids a no different.  Kendra and John did a great job with this book.  It was like I was reading a parenting and a marriage book all wrapped into one.  I will definitely recommend this one to my friends.
-Elizabeth Alt, Wife of Nathan, mother of four (with one on the way)

I have advised my sons that to be a good father you have to be a better husband.  This book clearly demonstrates the need for parents to focus their relationships on God, spouse, and children in that order.  If these ideals are adopted by parents, their children would have a better ability to overcome life's challenges.
-D.J. Bushue, husband of Jennifer, father of two sons

Kendra's book was a very practical and encouraging read.  As a mother of four young children I was reminded of how important my relationship with my husband is, and encouraged by the practical suggestions that will not only help our marriage and kids now, but will give our kids a head start in their relationships with their spouses and children in the future.  A great book for those with children and those planning on having children!
-Mindy LaBerge, Wife and mother of four

"I love this message!  Parents can sometimes feel guilty for taking the time to be a couple within marriage.  DYKAF is like spending time with a wise friend of long-standing--satisfying, helpful and fun!  A blessing for blended families like mine, with solid support for putting your marriage first to the benefit of your children.  Sound advice and strong direction for couples who desire a more loving, parent-led family life."
-Kim Jeffries, Host, Along the Way, Faith and Radio Network

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ISBN: 978-0-8024-8021-7
Publish Date: September 2008
Format: eBook