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  • Craving Grace: Experience the Richness of the Gospel

Craving Grace: Experience the Richness of the Gospel

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"I was stuck. I believed the gospel changed people, but I knew it wasn't changing me. My head was filled with knowledge about God, but my heart was not convinced He even knew my name. How could I live as His child while feeling like a spiritual orphan?" — Ruthie Delk

Are you stuck? Craving something but don't know what? Ruthie Delk shares a clear and concrete way to preach the gospel to yourself. We all need to be reminded of the gospel, the real gospel that brings freedom and life and hope, a gospel that is worth celebrating and sharing. This book will empower you to move from a cycle of resistance, separation, and loneliness to a life of restoration and freedom.

About the Author

Ruthie Delk
RUTHIE DELK'S passion is to help women embrace the Gospel in such a way that it captures their hearts and not just their minds. She enjoys teaching, watching movies, drinking sweet tea, riding her bike and eating any assortment of cheap chocolate. Ruthie grew up in Europe as a missionary kid and met her husband David while at Furman University, where she graduated with a degree in Special Education. She and David have been married for 24 years and live in Orlando, Florida where he is President of Man in the Mirror. They have three children.


Ruth Delk has given us one of the most incredibly faithful, creative, and accessible books on God's grace I've ever read. Craving Grace is a veritable show-and-tell of God's commitment to do for us in Jesus what we could never do for ourselves—bring redemption, joy, and freedom to our lives. This little book is a Trojan horse of understanding about the only love that will never let us go—the only love that is enough to meet the deepest cravings and longings of our hearts.

Scotty Smith Founding Pastor of Christ Community Church, author of Every Day Prayers: 365 Days to a Gospel Centered Faith; Objections of His Affection; The Reign of Grace; Restoring Broken Things

How on earth did she do that? Ruthie Delk has taken 10,000 complex problems
and reduced them down to a single diagram. This book presents the clearest
explanation of how grace and sanctification work that I've ever read. No
matter where you are on your journey, this book should definitely be on your
"must read" list. You're going to love Craving Grace.

Patrick Morley, PhD, Author, Founder and Chairman, Man in the Mirror

Ruthie has created a profound, relevant and surprisingly simple diagram that illustrates the beauty and mystery of our kinship to Jesus. We belong to Him, yet the wounds and false beliefs of our stories leave us orphaned and alone. May the truth of the Gospel Eight soak into my heart and mind as well as into the clients God brings into my counseling office, and anyone who is fortunate enough to read this book. Thank you, Ruthie, for a transformative work about who we were meant to be at the core of our being. 

Rachel Blackston, MA, MEd. Licensed Mental Health Counselor Counseling

Craving Grace is a conceptual masterpiece. Ruthie's simplistic step-by-step Gospel Eight diagram brilliantly breaks down the attributes of God, our relationship with Him, the impact of our choices, and the power of His love and grace. As a mental health counselor, I recommend this book in my practice as a must-read to clients of all ages.

Heidi M. Jackson, MA, Owner of the Center for Family & Crisis Counseling, Orlando, FL

My best friend gave me the book Craving Grace. While I have been a Christian for many years, and a missionary, I found that this book explained the gospel in such a way, that I realized it was not stale, old news, but fresh, appreciated, vital news—needed every day for my walk with God. Recently, my husband and I lost our 16-year-old son. I can honestly say that the truths Ruthie reminded me of in a poignant and clear way, have been used by God during this time of grieving and suffering, as day by day we come to Him and are amazed at what He has provided for us, because of what Jesus did on the cross, to give us the strength and power to make it through the day. —Katie S.        

During a lonely time, when I could sense depression setting in, Craving Grace inspired me to look at the gospel in such a way that I fell deeply in love with my Savior all over again. My circumstances didn't change, but my heart did. Ruthie's honest words both challenged me and convicted me. —Connie R.

With its memorable visual framework and incredibly accurate portraits of the human heart, Craving Grace shapes my thinking long after I put the book aside. I feel that I now understand to a much greater degree how to actually apply the mind-boggling truth of the gospel to my everyday life. This is one of those books that is so powerful, it should be read at least once a year!—Michele D


Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-1124-2
Publish Date: January 2014
Dimensions: 5 x 7
Format: Paperback