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  • Chosen for Christ: Stepping into the Life You've Been Missing

Chosen for Christ: Stepping into the Life You've Been Missing

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Do you long to know your unique purpose? Do you feel you have a calling but wonder how to fulfill it?

As we pursue a sense of purpose and scramble to be the ones chosen for internships, graduate schools, marriages, careers, or some special honor, we often tie our identity to people, places, and clear plans that leave us frustrated and unfulfilled. We feel like we're missing the life we're supposed to live and we somehow veered off course. We ask questions like, "Is this God's plan for me? How do I know? What is His plan, anyway?" What if Scripture not only answered these questions but also taught us an entirely new way of living? Instead of waiting for the perfect person, place, or plan, what if we lived, above all else, as chosen for Christ?

Chosen for Christ invites you to step into the life you've been missing. You were chosen for a Person, not a plan. Now it's time to live out your calling to:

  • worship Jesus
  • live as His treasured possession
  • belong to a new household
  • become like Jesus
  • display God's power
  • complete the good works He designed for you
  • live differently from the rest of the world

In a world fixated on personal purpose and impact, Chosen for Christ presents a new way to think about calling. Each chapter includes discussion questions that will help women embrace their identity as chosen ones and step into a new way of living each new day.

Chosen for Christ completes Heather Holleman's vivid verbs trilogy, which also includes Seated with Christ and Guarded by Christ. It works wonderfully as a stand-alone book or as a powerful companion to her previous works. It also provides an expansion of ideas that appear briefly in Holleman's devotional Included in Christ.

About the Author

Heather Holleman
DR. HEATHER HOLLEMAN an associate teaching professor of advanced writing at Penn State, speaker, and author. She has written ten books, including the bestseller Seated with Christ: Living Freely in a Culture of Comparison, and an award-winning book on evangelism (cowritten with her husband, Ashley Holleman) called Sent: Living a Life That Invites Others to Jesus. Heather’s book, The Six Conversations: Pathways to Connecting in an Age of Isolation and Incivility, helps fight the loneliness epidemic by inviting readers to enjoy better conversations. Her most recent fiction book, This Seat’s Saved, written for middle-grade audiences, helps young readers discover they are already seated at the best table with Jesus. This book recently won Christianity Today’s Book of the Year in the Young Adult category. Heather also serves with Faculty Commons in the professor ministry of Cru. She and her husband have two daughters and three cats. When she’s not writing or teaching, Heather is growing plum trees, looking for turtles in the woods, or gathering with friends for dinner and a movie.


God chose us first. It's a comforting truth about our past, but it's also electric power in our present. In her book Chosen for Christ, Heather Holleman describes all the promise and passion bound up in the simple fact that God picked us. If you have ever struggled with feeling left out, unloved, or overlooked, this book will bring you healing, but it will also inspire you to more.

Sharon Hodde Miller
Author of Free of Me: Why Life Is Better When It's Not about You

Too often we gauge our worth by our career success, relationship status, or number of "likes" on our social media posts. We desperately need a different measuring stick, and Chosen for Christ offers just that. With humility, vulnerability, and a serious study of Scripture, Heather Holleman shows us that God chooses us—not for some distant future greatness—but here and now. Chosen for Christ unfolds glorious potential for our ordinary days, transforming them into an extraordinary journey. This book is a resounding YES for anyone questioning if they are called or chosen by God.

Erica Young Reitz
Author, After College: Navigating Transitions, Relationships and Faith

For everyone who has felt uninvited, this book is for you. Heather writes brilliantly and beautifully showing you your status as God's chosen one. Living a chosen life will change everything about how you live your life. I highly recommend this book!

Becky Harling
Speaker and author of How to Listen so People Will Talk and Who Do You Say That I Am

Our media-soaked world inundates millennials 24/7 with compelling promises of where to find their identity, purpose, and value. Problem—they are all empty, chaotic promises. There's only one place they will find contentment—in Christ. Chosen for Christ is a brilliant work that challenges all of us in our personal journey, as well as in our commitment to mentor next-generation leaders.

Danita Bye
Author of Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next Gen Leader

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Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-1687-2
Publish Date: October 2018
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8
Format: Paperback