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  • Marriage Rebranded: Modern Misconceptions & the Unnatural Art of Loving Another Person

Marriage Rebranded: Modern Misconceptions & the Unnatural Art of Loving Another Person

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Product Description

It didn't take long for Tyler to realize he had no idea how to be married.

When Tyler and Analee got married, they read marriage books, learned about each other's personality and habits, and exhausted three-step relational formulas. Yet a year and a half after their wedding, they had fallen into a pattern of fighting and unhappiness.

Tyler knew that he and his wife needed more than formulas and counseling sessions. They needed a vision for marriage that extended beyond just finding happiness and falling in love. They wanted a vision that dealt with the realities of life and gave them a picture of marriage worth fighting for.

As a business professional who helps companies "rebrand" when their image doesn't match up with their identity, Tyler realized that marriage has an image that doesn't match up to what God designed it to be.

Marriage Rebranded will help you replace four modern misconceptions about marriage with more timeless perspectives enlightened by biblical, personal, and historical studies.

We need to rethink our modern brand of matrimony. It's time for us to develop a new vision for marriage—a vision that's worth fighting for. 


Marriage Rebranded marks the debut of a gifted writer, astute thinker, and earnest believer. Tyler Ward asks all the right questions about marriage and comes up with compelling answers. If you want to think more deeply about marriage, more biblically, and more thoughtfully, this is the book for you.
Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage and A Lifelong Love

I am not a fan of 'marriage' books because they tend to be formulaic and boring. Marriage Rebranded is neither. Witty, entertaining, and thoughtfully authentic, Tyler has delivered an unusually artistic conversation starter and enhancer worthy of your time and attention.
William Paul Young, author of The Shack and Crossroads 

In Marriage Rebranded, Tyler Ward approaches the fearsome subject of marriage with caution, humility, and a refreshing dose of humor. In a culture where the sacramental vision of marriage continues to erode, Ward asks the big questions and invites the reader to contemplate the mystery of love.
Jonathan Jackson, actor, author, and musician 

Tyler Ward cleverly and clearly uncovers some of the most commonly held misconceptions of marriage. At a time when many singles and married couples have been confused by popular societal myths regarding relationship, Marriage Rebranded sets a solid foundation to build godly relationships. We highly recommend this book to singles and married couples alike.
Barry and Lori Byrne, marriage and family therapists, authors of Love After Marriage

I just finished reading Marriage Rebranded and I'm blown away! Tyler Ward isn't just teaching us how to dream, expect, and get more out of our marriage—he has also raised the bar for what an advice book can and should be. Wrapped in refreshing vulnerability, compelling storytelling, and uncommon insight, Marriage Rebranded is a life-giving resource for any marriage and an absolute must-read for young couples.
Chance Scoggins, Grammy-award winning producer and blogger

Marriage Rebranded offers an all-too-necessary re-vision for the working power of matrimony in a couple's life, while not shying away from the unanticipated realities that marriage brings out in each individual. Tyler gathers the best of the best in relevant marriage materials from a wide range of authors, teachers, and thinkers, to construct a beautifully renewed model of marriage, hand-painted from his own testimonies of trial and error.
Jared Black, speaker, writer, and theologian

The best artists often take the most common or familiar subjects and represent them in a way that unveils the divine essence within. In the following pages, Tyler Ward masterfully infuses the sacred colors back into the often tired, black and white world of holy matrimony. Whether single, newlywed, or seasoned in the art of marriage, the following pages are sure to enhance your view, grace your understanding, and strengthen your resolve to love more deeply.
Brady Toops, singer, songwriter

I'm honored to be one of the voices Tyler sought to speak into "rebranding" your marriage. But I think it's Tyler's wife, Analee's voice who makes the strongest case for why you should read this book. She writes, "I am incredibly thankful he (Tyler) has been so committed to finding the greatness in marriage and leading us towards it." That's EXACTLY where you want your marriage to go! So if you're ready to "rebrand" your marriage from good, ordinary, or even deeply disappointing, to simply "GREAT," this helpful, hopeful, hands-on book is a must-read. 
John Trent, president of Strong Families and author of The Blessing 

What I love about this book is that speaks to your heart and your mind which honestly is rare in a lot marriage books. It's real, humorous and insightful which is also surprisingly refreshing. Love is a wild ride as we know. It's ever changing and extremely crazy at times but I am happy to say that I will have this book on board with me as a companion during its adventure. Very thankful for the truth in these pages, very thankful indeed.
Phillip Larue, Billboard Top 100 songwriter

Marriage Rebranded shifted our paradigms. It built a more realistic perspective about marriage and how to do love well. This book is a must read that will build determination and hope in your hearts no matter the season of marriage you're in.
Colin Benward and Caitlin Crosby-Benward, founders of The Giving Keys

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-1183-9
Publish Date: July 2014
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8
Format: Paperback