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  • Warfare: Winning the Spiritual Battle

Warfare: Winning the Spiritual Battle

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Product Description

You're at war. Are you winning?

Your fight is not with the problems you can see—depression, a broken marriage, addiction, or financial troubles. These are just the symptoms, the true disease—the true battle—is against the devil and his armies. But the devil's not afraid of mere humans like you and me. So how are we supposed to fight? More importantly, how are we supposed to win?  

Warfare is a guide to fighting the battles that matter. In it, you'll learn:

  • to identify how spiritual warfare is impacting your soul, family, church, and culture.
  • who the armies are and what role they play—God, angels, demons, and the devil
  • how to use the arsenal of spiritual weapons God provides
  • how to claim the victory God has already won.

When we fight the right battles with the right weapons, fear gives way to courage, futility gives way to purpose, and failure gives way to victory.

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-9663-8
Publish Date: September 2018
Format: eBook


  • Excellent book! A Must-Read!

    Posted By: abelleofgrace on 12/28/2018

    I REALLY enjoyed this book. Tony Evans is personally one of my favorite pastors to learn from because he is very down-to-earth and speaks simply. He does not sugar-coat the reality of biblical teachings. His method for teaching scripture is very clear and he rightly divides the Word. (2 Tim 2:15) When I saw that I had the chance to review this book, I jumped on it!

    ISBN 978-0-8024-1817-3

    Warfare: Winning the Spiritual Battle by Tony Evans. You're at war---and Evans wants to know: Are you winning? Learn why visible problems such as depression, addiction, and broken relationships are just manifestations of the invisible battle you're truly fighting against the devil and his armies. Discover the role of God, angels, and demons in your life---and become better equipped for victory! 176 pages, softcover from Moody.

    What I loved:
    The Readability & Understandability
    This book was an easy read. It's definitely something you could pick up, but be aware - you might not be able to put it down. In this book, Dr. Evans thoroughly explains the importance of understanding the importance of understanding what it means to be a citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom, and how that connects with how we live day-to-day life.

    One quote I found particularly interesting was when he said in the first chapter that "the reason so many of us believers are struggling is that we want God to bless our agenda rather than us to fulfill His agenda. We want God to approve our plans rather than us to accomplish His plans." SO TRUE!

    This is something that every Christian will encounter in their faith journey. In this book, Dr. Evans really explains in depth how to identify spiritual warfare and how to claim victory over these battles. That being said, I believe this book is a must-read for every believer!

    This book is lightweight, and with the size, it is easily portable. It's 8.5" (h) x 5.5" (w) and just under 1/2" thick. It will fit into most ladies handbags, lunch boxes, men's bags, etc. (or you could just carry it).

    My Recommendation:
    Excellent Book
    Must Read

  • Best ever book on spiritual warfare

    Posted By: RickW on 11/26/2018

    Tony Evans' explanation of the spiritual realm and war that wages is beyond an appropriate adjective. I highly recommend this book to any believer that wants to understand exactly what is going on around us. Excellent writing and easily comprehended.

  • The BEST warfare book ever written

    Posted By: MargeW on 9/18/2018

    I have never read a book that explained SO much... and I understood it, like this book. Dr. Evans is brilliant. He is spot on... when talking about the spiritual warfare that is going on in each of our lives. This is a MUST HAVE BOOK for any Christian library. I will be passing these out for Christmas this year. Wonderful book.

  • Great insight on spiritual wafare

    Posted By: CarolG on 9/7/2018

    Another great teaching by Tony Evans that I highly recommend. He shows us how we are in a constant battle against the enemy and how to effectively handle these situations. He shows how great Lucifer had it in heaven but pride brought him down and he wants all of us too. Dr. Evans shows us we can live a victorious life when we follow God's plan. He challenges us with scripture to look at our trials with a new perspective and how worshipping God makes a difference. You will gain much insight about warfare and how to deal with it from this book!