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  • Unwrapping the Names of Jesus: An Advent Devotional

Unwrapping the Names of Jesus: An Advent Devotional

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Product Description

How to focus on Christ during Advent

Most Christians agree that Christmas is all about Jesus, yet most of us spend little time preparing our hearts to celebrate Him. Why is this? Partly because we don't know how.

In Unwrapping the Names of Jesus, Asheritah Ciuciu leads readers through the four weeks of Advent (Hope, Preparation, Joy, and Love). Each week:

  • Begins with an interactive family devotional that equips readers to celebrate Advent together
  • Offers five daily reflections that focus on that week's name of Jesus
  • Includes suggestions for fun-filled family activities or service projects 

This devotional can be used by readers in their own personal worship times or as a tool to engage in family worship during the busy holiday season. Either way, participants will gain a greater sense of awe and wonder at who Jesus is.

By focusing on the person and character of Jesus throughout the Advent season, readers will prepare their hearts so that when they admire the live nativity, sit in the candlelight service, or wake up on Christian morning, they can join the faithful who sing from the bottom of their hearts, "O come, let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!"

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-9630-0
Publish Date: October 2017
Format: eBook


  • Definitely a must read!

    Posted By: SherryK on 12/20/2017

    I was so very blessed by this book! This is more that just another book about advent. This book helps you recall and rekindle the love you have for the Lord, by studying His different names. I loved how the book was laid out. Each day had a short, but meaningful devotion about a different name of the Lord. Asheritah then provided more scripture references if you wanted to go deeper. There are also great online resources to supplement the book as well! I was so fortunate to be given a free copy of Unwrapping the Names of Jesus to review! However, I would have wanted to snatch one up myself. Definitely a must read: before or after Christmas!

  • I absolutely loved this devotional

    Posted By: The Merry Momma on 12/12/2017

    If you are interested in learning more about how to prepare you heart to celebrate Jesus’ birth, I highly recommend this Advent devotional from Asheritah Ciuciu.

    We spend so much time preparing our homes, menus, and gift lists for Christmas that it's easy to completely forget to prepare our hearts. Asheritah writes in the introduction, “Most Christians agree that Christmas is all about Jesus, yet few of our calendars would reflect that priority.” Ouch, right?

    But Unwrapping the Names of Jesus will help you change that. Through daily devotions focusing on the names of Jesus, Asheritah will help you prepare yourself spiritually so you can worship Him like never before. Each day includes a Scripture passage, a short devotion, a challenge, a prayer, and Scriptures for further study, and will prepare your heart in the midst of the busy season.

    There are even optional family advent activities to help you celebrate Advent as a family, which I love. And many of them are simple and practical enough for even young children, which I appreciate since my oldest is 3 1/2.


    I absolutely loved this devotional (and I’m not even a big devotional girl!) for several reasons.

    I learned more about Advent and the meanings of the different weeks.
    I learned historical and cultural facts that connected me more to Jesus.
    The devotionals were short, but were not lacking in depth, as I’ve found some quick devotionals to be.
    The challenges helped me internalize and apply the messages of the devotionals.
    The activities are awesome! Some of them are standard Christmas activities that you’re probably already doing, and some of them are more novel, but all of them are very realistic and practical, which I appreciated!

    I have no reservations about recommending this devotional to anyone looking to prepare their hearts to worship. And it wouldn’t even have to be confined to Christmas, either. Though the readings and activities center around the Christmas season, I think you could easily read this devotional any time of the year. Because Jesus should be adored all year ‘round.

  • Are you looking for a perfect Advent book for yourself or for your family? Look no further!!!

    Posted By: motaylor21 on 12/12/2017

    Are you looking for a perfect Advent book for yourself or for your family? Look no further!!! This book needs to be in your possession, for sure.

    First of all, whoever designed this cover should be given many thanks. They did a fantastic job! As soon as I got it, I couldn’t wait to see what was inside. It was a book that I looked at and got excited about everytime I took it off the counter. It may be one of the most beautiful covers I’ve seen in a long time.

    The beauty doesn’t stop there. In fact, so much beauty is found within. The pages are a nicer paper that fits with the cover so well. It reminds me, as I turn the pages, that this is a book to be enjoyed year after year and not just a one-time thing.

    Of course the most beautiful part of the book can be found at the top of the pages…the different names of Jesus. When I first got it, I was going to just use this book for myself. However, I quickly vetoed that idea after the first name and decided it was going to be used as our family Advent book. Then I recommended it out for many to get because it was just that good.

    As a family Advent devotional, it does have some bigger words for little kids. My kids are 2, 7, and 9 but they go to Bible Study Fellowship where many of these things have been talked about and studied. Because of that, we had such deep conversations over the names of Jesus. My favorite thing was the questions I could ask them at the end that were heart questions. I got a lot of deep answers from them, which was exciting. Well, I should clarify that my 2-year-old would say Jesus’ name but then would be up and down and all around, so it wasn’t perfect…it was real. But the other two kids really enjoyed the devotions.

    We use an Advent candle and my favorite part were the pages about the different candles and why we light them. It has some readings to go along with it, which my kids enjoyed taking turns reading.

    I found this to be a very family-friendly book that was biblical. It has definitely prepared our hearts for Christmas Day and for Jesus. How wonderful to hear the names of Jesus and to study them right before Christmas.

    This is the second book I have read by Asheritah Circiu and I have found her to be a wise woman who stands on biblical principles. Her book, Full, was wonderfully written about the struggles we have with food. Now she has come out with the perfect Advent book and I saw that she has a Bible Study coming out soon, as well. I’m curious to see what that will look like!

  • The perfect way to celebrate this season!

    Posted By: TriciaS on 12/8/2017

    Asheritah hit the ball out of the park with this book!

    I never celebrated Advent in previous seasons so this was my first introduction to advent. It has such easy information to follow each week and the daily devotions have been great! Not only am I growing closer to Christ in this season but also my kids. This is a family friendly devotional that I think each family should have this book! It can be reused each year as you and your family grows in their faith.

    Thank you so much Asheritah for another amazing book you have written!

  • This book is so beautifully written and designed

    Posted By: Brewing Wisdom on 12/5/2017

    The first time I have ever heard of Advent was about eight years ago at our church. This year, I have been hearing the term pop up more and more which sparked some curiosity on the subject. I wanted to learn more about the importance of this tradition celebrated this time of year.

    In Unwrapping the Names of Jesus, Asheritah starts off her introduction with something I believe every reader can relate to.

    “We spend much of the holiday season creating our own little winter wonderlands: cookies and cards, lights and decorations, carols and get-togethers. But what exactly are we doing to prepare spiritually? Most Christians agree that Christmas is all about Jesus, yet few of our calendars would reflect that priority.” (pg.10)

    How true is this? This time of the year, everyone is being influenced by the television commercials, social media, and even our family and friends to keep up with the latest and have the picture-perfect Christmas. Everything seems to pile up so quickly that we lose sight of why we are celebrating this Holiday season in the first place.

    To help put our focus back on Jesus, Asheritah has created this devotional to not only help us read about the importance of Advent on this holiday season but to help us learn more about who Jesus is by making this book centered and focused on who He is. Throughout the book, Asheritah has provided daily readings and weekly activities that take readers through the various names of Jesus presented in Scripture and reminds them of who Jesus is and the importance of what He has done for those who trust in Him for salvation.

    This book is so beautifully written and designed. Each daily reading is Christ-centered and filled with scripture readings to get you digging deeper into the word. Personally, I think this is wonderful because the reading of God’s holy word is being so neglected in today’s word with all the distractions we have. These scriptures not only help you learn more about Jesus, but they also bring you comfort and encouragement during this very busy time of year.

    This book can be used not only as a book on Advent but would make an excellent book for a bible study to learn more about our Savior.

    I highly recommend Unwrapping the Names of Jesus and look forward to reading it annually with my family on December mornings.