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  • Sex and the Single Girl

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Product Description

A study on sex that goes beyond "just don't do it."

Sexuality is a hot topic these days, and opinions are all over the place. A resource offering simple “do's and don'ts” won't cut it. Sex and the Single Girl fills the gap by providing a broader, more comprehensive understanding of what it means to honor God with our sexuality. This resource will equip single women to understand their sexuality, trust the Lord for redemption and healing, and stand against the cultural trends that marginalize and compromise God's design for sex.

Juli Slattery is a clinical psychologist, cofounder of Authentic Intimacy, and author of several popular books, including 25 Questions You're Afraid to Ask About Love, Sex, and Intimacy. She has devoted the last five years to equipping women with God's truth about sexuality, and here she drives home the truth that every sexual choice is also a spiritual choice.

The six-week study is broken down into five days for each week, covering:

  • Why Sexuality Matters: The connection between spirituality and sexuality
  • Embracing a Grand Design: God's design and the beauty of living according to His wisdom.
  • Sexuality and Your Character: How sexuality is part of worship and Christian identity.
  • Sexual Boundaries: A very practical chapter providing a biblical grid for matters like masturbation, oral sex, and how far is too far to go in a dating relationship.
  • Battling Temptation: A peak at “the enemy's playbook,” helping women anticipate, prepare for, and stand against sexual temptation.
  • Restoring Intimacy with God: How God can tear down the wall of sexual sin, shame, and confusion through forgiveness and redemption.

This study has been tested through pilot groups with college women and other 20somethings. Revised according to their feedback, it is primed and ready to help any single woman think biblically about sexuality, live accordingly, and experience the joy and freedom of doing so.

Sex and the Single Girl is especially relevant today. One of the greatest threats to the modern church and emerging adults is the distortion of sexual design. Study after study has documented the proliferation of porn use (among both men and women), sexual exploitation on college campuses, experimentation with homosexuality and bi-sexuality, and the acceptability of multiple sexual partners. The average single Christian has received very little teaching on the purpose of sexuality, and a simple “just wait until you're married” approach won't cut it. Christian singles need to be equipped with a biblical worldview of sexuality and practical tools for talking it out.

This study, which Slattery created with two women familiar with curriculum development, is ideal for college campuses and small groups. It will prompt discussions on practical topics like sexual temptation, sexual conduct, and responding to cultural thinking on gender issues and sexual autonomy. It is designed to challenge women to examine the assumptions underlying their sexual behaviors and beliefs. The ultimate goal of this resource is to introduce women to an intimate relationship with God who cares about every aspect of her life.

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-9632-4
Publish Date: August 2017
Format: eBook


  • This book is one that has equipped me to walk faithfully in the ways of Jesus.

    Posted By: crystalmchildress on 12/6/2017

    This book is one that has equipped me to walk faithfully in the ways of Jesus.

    Sex and the Single Girl is a book that if I could photocopy and lay at the feet of every little girls crib, I would. That is how serious I am about the views and truths presented. Dr. Juli Slattery goes beyond the simple “don’t do it” mantra to thoroughly explain what purity actually is and what it should look like in the life of a believer.

    From the start, the book gets to the heart of the matter and goes as far as asking the reader to point out where they learned about sex and what attitudes were expressed.

    Set up like a devotional for readers to answer questions, memorize scripture and respond; this book is unlike any other I have read on the topic. Additionally, if you are searching for new material for your small group on this subject this book has my FULL backing.

  • There are more Christian books on this topic than there used to be, but I think this one stands out from the others.

    Posted By: esiertse on 11/15/2017

    Well, I wish I'd picked this book up earlier. What a life-renewing resource.

    Whether someone struggling with past mistakes or someone unsure of what it all means, you will find sound, Bible-based direction in this book.

    This should be used in small groups for young, single women all over. There are more Christian books on this topic than there used to be, but I think this one stands out from the others.

    Why? A few reasons:

    1. It's a workbook style - meant to be scribbled in and responded to. There are questions, quizzes, and lines for response, deepening your understanding and application of the text.

    2. It covers everything. The why, the what, the how. It's practical but comes from a standpoint of grace. It includes real examples of changed lives and struggles or growth other women have experienced.

    3. It's a study - spread out over 6-weeks, with 5 days of self-examination every week, this book has an impact. Once you dive in, it's paced to challenge you and help you grow over this time frame.

    I believe this book is the perfect resource for 20-somethings and will get young women on track with establishing sexual boundaries, focusing on God's design, and understand where a Christian stands in this world today. Highly recommend picking up a copy, and get scribbling!

  • An outstanding Bible study

    Posted By: CreateWithJoy on 11/9/2017

    For the longest time, I’ve been in search of a sound Bible study from a trustworthy source that helps women discuss and work through issues relating to sexuality and spirituality in an honest, healthy and authentic way. I’ve been looking for a book that does not shy away from the issues that women in our culture face today, but teaches them how to make good choices when faced with temptation and difficult decisions. I’ve been looking for a book that will not help women who were raised in less than healthy environments transform their minds when it comes to their past so that they can build healthy futures.

    Finally, my search is over. Sex And The Single Girl by Dr. Juli Slattery is an outstanding Bible study that’s written with young, single women in mind – but one I would recommend to women of all ages, single or married, since most of us have not been schooled in this material.

    Sex And The Single Girl is structured as a six-week Bible Study with five days of reading, quizzes, and interactive journaling exercises that you can complete in the book.

    The topics and exercises are both relevant and practical. For example, you’ll learn exactly what God (who created you) has to say about your bodies and your sexuality – explore contemporary issues facing each of us – learn how to create an action plan to help you resist temptation – and learn how to embrace God’s forgiveness.

    Whether you are in search of a Bible study to do on your own or with a group, and particularly if you are a mom or a leader in young adult, women’s or care ministry, Sex And The Single Girl is a fabulous resource that I encourage you to consider!

  • I recommend this study to ALL single girls

    Posted By: gardenof_eve on 10/31/2017

    I'm so glad I chose this workbook for review! This a 6-week study on a topic Christians tend to shy away from but is in dire need of being addressed. This book was exclusively written for the single girl. Dr. Slattery touches on very important topics about sex that many young girls struggle with: premarital sex, masturbation, pornography, sexual fantasies among others. With much love and patience, Dr. Slattery gently guides the student through misconceptions many girls have about sex.

    Each week consists of 5 days of material. Every week is based on a topic and every day has a short reading portion with some real short stories from other young women, and then some questions for self -reflection and meditation. The topics covered are: Why Sexuality Matters, Embracing a Grand Design, Sexuality and Your Character, Sexual Boundaries, Battling Temptation, Restoring Intimacy with God. This workbook can either be done alone or in a group.

    Going through this book has made me realize that you're never alone in your personal struggles. Sex doesn't have to be taboo nor shameful to talk about. In Sex and the Single Girl, you will find yourself discovering lies you believed all your life and how to handle pain, confusion, or anger brought from experiences. Dr. Slattery has done an amazing job of lending Scriptural advice with love and grace, never condemnation. I recommend this study to ALL single girls, whether you struggle with lust, masturbation, pornography, premarital sex, or none at all. This study is for you.