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  • Lord, Change My Attitude: Before It's Too Late

Lord, Change My Attitude: Before It's Too Late

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Product Description

Change your attitude, change your life.

We're very good at explaining why we're unhappy: bad job, bad relationships, bad luck. But there's probably a better reason: bad attitudes.

In Lord, Change My Attitude, James MacDonald shows us just how much our attitudes affect our lives. One of his bestsellers, this book is classic James: It's clear, it's inspiring, and it packs a punch.

Drawing from the experience of the Israelites who grumbled through the wilderness, MacDonald shows how bad attitudes rob us of joy. Coveting, complaining, and being critical are not what our hearts were made for. They were made for thankfulness, contentment, and love. Is your heart straining under the weight of a bad attitude?

Don't read this book if you're looking for a quick fix. Don't read this book if you're unwilling to change. Read it if you're ready for a serious, inside-out attitude adjustment.

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-1319-2
Publish Date: July 2015
Dimensions: 6 x 9
Format: Paperback


  • Lord, Change My Attitude Review

    Posted By: savannahm1987 on 7/14/2016

    I adore this book. It doesn't just scratch the surface it really gets down into the root of attitude issues. For example in one section he has us ask ourselves 3 simple questions.
    Am I a grateful person?
    Am I seeing the blessings of thankfulness in my life?
    Am I choosing thankfulness over complaining moment by moment?

    So I am one of those people who when set to a task likes to tackle it head on. And guess what I came up lacking!! I complain all the time and I always want the next best thing! A better car, a bigger house, new clothing. I complain about what I have instead of being thankful I have it. Those 3 simple questions made me realize just how sinful I was being.
    And that is just one page of this amazing book! I love how the book makes me question my ways, has me look at them a new way and gives me a solution to fix them. Also there is so many biblical references! James Macdonald isn't just throwing stuff out there, he is backing it up with Bible references every step of the way.
    I did a whole lot of soul searching as I worked my way through this book. And I know change doesn't happen over night, but I am trying and with this book it is a lot easier.
    This book is only for people who are serious about changing their attitude. People who really want the change.