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  • Full: Food, Jesus, and the Battle for Satisfaction

Full: Food, Jesus, and the Battle for Satisfaction

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Product Description

Can the Bible help me with my food struggles?

Have you ever felt stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of overeating, yo-yo dieting, and obsessive thoughts about food?

Whether you feel defeated by your lack of self-control or overwhelmed by thoughts and longings for food, the answer to our food fixation does not lie in the $500 billion global diet industry.

This is not a diet book and it's not a healthy eating plan. Because at the core, our problem is not really what we eat. It's why we seek fullness in something that will never satisfy.  

Join Asheritah Ciuciu as she shares honestly about her own battles with food and reveals the path to freedom. You'll discover the joy of living free from food fixation so you can experience deeper satisfaction in Christ, gain a renewed sense of purpose, and yes, even enjoy good food (without regret).

A healthier relationship with food through a stronger relationship with Christ—that's the goal of Full.

Includes a quiz to help you find out if you have food fixation, plus practical strategies for overcoming it.

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-1537-0
Publish Date: January 2017
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8
Format: Paperback


  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book

    Posted By: MOmademomma on 2/13/2018

    A lot of us struggle with food. We will search for the newest diet plan or way to lose weight, but all the while, missing the true, underlying cause of what is the root cause...we are unsatisfied in our relationship with God. In Full: Food, Jesus and the Battle for Satisfaction by Asheritah Ciuciu the reader is encouraged to address the fact that their true struggle with food isn't caused by the food itself, but is a longing that needs to be filled with a relationship with God and Jesus.

    I have to say that through all of the books that I have read related to weight, food, and the issues that come from those things, this was one of the best out there. I could completely relate to Ciuciu and loved how open and honest she was about her own struggles and life when it comes to the subject of food. She knows exactly how you feel and can be a shoulder to lean on as you walk through this part of your life towards food freedom. Food issues can be overcome and Ciuciu offers that small spark of hope that will light a fire in you to address the true reason for your food issues, and encourage you to work on your relationship with God to fill the spot that you were using food to fill.

    The part that I love the most about this book, besides the fact that she is always pointing you back to your bible, God and your relationship with Christ, is that once you are done reading, you are not left alone. Ciuciu offers a plethora of resources online that you can help keep yourself on the right path, along with the conversation questions that you can either use for journaling time, or to help you create a community of other women who can become your accountability partners and be there for you when you need them. Yes, you can always turn back to your book, but creating a community around this book would be a wonderful help and encouragement.

    I throughly enjoyed this book and highly suggest it as one of THE books to read about God, food, and your struggles. It's definitely a much read, but a slow read. There is so much in this small book that I suggest you take your time and work through it slowly. Trust me, it's worth it!

  • Be filled with Him and "annihilate the bigger-than life struggle that has haunted us for so long."

    Posted By: Rebecca on 1/23/2017

    “What we’re about to embark on is a journey of learning to rely on God’s power to do for us what we can’t on our own: annihilate the bigger-than life struggle that has haunted us for so long. And He delights in fighting this battle for us because it brings us closer to Him.” – Asheritah Ciuciu

    Have you ever wondered “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I win this food battle once and for all?” This resource helped me to understand.

    How many “diets/plans” have you attempted in your life…for those trying to lose and others seeking to be healthier? Yet, there is always another method/process/plan. The bottom line is that we are putting too much weight on the issue. (Couldn’t resist the pun.) In all seriousness, we create in food an idol. Whether we focus on chocolate or kale…there is just too much emphasis, time, energy, and thought placed on something meant to be nourishment. I am praying that “Full. Food, Jesus, and the Battle for Satisfaction” continues to teach me to fix my heart on Christ instead, for He has already won.

    In "Full," Asheritah offers solid, biblically sound instruction to help readers learn to lean on God instead of the scale. LOVE the free, interactive bonus features woven throughout the book: videos, lock screens to download for mobile devices, and charts/graphs/journaling pages! They provide great support and encouragement - make the experience deeper and real.

    *I received an advance copy in exchange for my honest opinion; then purchased another on Amazon and seven more from Moody Publishers. * Like potato chips, once you taste one – you can’t stop. Wait. You can stop munching the chips; “Full” teaches you how!