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  • Design Your Day: Be More Productive, Set Better Goals, and Live Life On Purpose

Design Your Day: Be More Productive, Set Better Goals, and Live Life On Purpose

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Product Description

"There are a lot of books about goal setting. This one is special." — Scott Warner, CEO, Gigg

When it comes to productivity, hard work is half the battle. The first half—the crucial half—is planning well. The DO LESS method is a simple way to achieve your goals more often, in less time, and with greater peace of mind.

Learn how to:

  • Decide the right goals for you
  • Create workable strategies for reaching them
  • Harness time for maximum efficiency

From the big-picture down to the details, Claire Diaz-Ortiz walks you through every step of setting and achieving smart goals. She helps you brainstorm goals, choose the best ones, and adjust them to make them realistic. Then she helps you strategize how to reach them, day-by-day, year-by-year.

Whether you want to finish a house project, lose weight, or write a book, Design Your Day—by someone who read 150 books while caring for an infant—is an all-in-one guide to smart productivity. Use Claire's tricks and tools and you'll be amazed at what you can do in a day, let alone a lifetime.

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-9312-5
Publish Date: December 2015
Format: eBook


  • Would recommend this book to anyone.

    Posted By: Lory on 11/20/2017

    This well written book about how to organize your day is a great work of Claire Diaz-Ortiz, where she illustrates every step necessary in setting and achieving goals. She gives tips on making good goals, choose the best ones and adjust them to make them realistic. There are wonderful examples of how to strategize, how to reach them, day-by-day, year-by-year in an efficient manner. Different projects can include: a house project, losing weight, writing a book, etc. is an all-in-one guide to smart productivity. Would recommend this book to anyone.

  • Design Your Day Book Review

    Posted By: natosha120 on 7/14/2016

    The book, Design Your Day by Claire Diaz-Ortiz is such an excellent help to organizing your life! It includes tips and ideas to help you organize a plan that will help you achieve and reach your goals. There are also great ideas to help you start writing and figuring out what to do to first to start reaching these goals. Some of the ideas inside this book will allow you to start off by planning on the crazy ideas you may have, get them out and placed on paper before you tempt it and realize that it wasn't a great choice to try. Then you can place down some things that might help and improve your chances to get what you want to achieve or have. Of course, this is just one of the planning options inside the book, getting all ideas out on paper in front of you. There are so much more that you'll find inside, making it easier to understand what it takes to what you want or need.

    I feel the author really takes the hard part out of your planning and helps you decide what to do first before making a move towards the final goal or plan you have made. This actually might save you before goofing up or ending up not achieving anything or taking longer to get it. So basically, I feel the book makes you understand how to approach what you want to get or achieve and how to get there. It's a book that supplies you with the plans and ways to work your way to whatever you may want to achieve. I think the best part is that the author separated this book into two sections, deciding and organizing. So you know to start by deciding your goals and strategies you'll do to achieve them.

    However, the part that is about organizing actually has this method called DO LESS. This actually has something to do with working less and getting more done, better and faster than taking on more and in return getting less done. It actually makes working on things a whole lot easier and allows for anyone to have more time for themselves verse less. That part is something everyone should read! Finally, I found that part to be very enjoyable no matter the age, this can work for so many people. I really like the idea that if you do less and still you'll be achieving more with her helpful reasoning and ideas on how too. In my opinion, it's just an excellent book and something I so needed since I'm starting to take on, so many new responsibilities and trying to reach my goals that are still in the works.

  • Design Your Day Book Review

    Posted By: Cheryl on 7/13/2016

    “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” ~Yogi Berra

    Design Your Day, by Claire Diaz-Ortiz, is a simple approach to setting and attaining reasonable goals. A highly motivating book.

    First of all, I like the size of this book. It’s small and unassuming. No hours and hours of sifting through pages of a thick book, in search of the golden tidbits you’re looking for.

    The organization is spot on. The two-part booklet helps you set, strategize, and organize smart goals. It gets down to the brass tacks, so to speak.

    A quote in the conclusion section (page 125) really spoke to me:
    “Each of us has an inner compass telling us why we’re here and what we want out of this time on earth…”

    This quote is so true. The world is filled with people who have a variety of dreams, hopes, talents, gifts, and purposes. The first step in reaching our goals and purposes is to discover what they truly are. Next, we need to find the best ways to attain them.

    With vision and direction, we can design our days to have a more meaningful and purposeful life. This books guides the reader to attain goals by defining them, developing routines, discovering our best time of day to work, etc. Its simplistic design is powerful and inspiring.

    If you are searching for ways to be more productive, set purposeful goals, and inspiration to be your own motivator, this book is a priceless tool. I found it stirring and encouraging. It’s a great go-to for reevaluating goals, as well.