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  • The Unexplainable Church: Reigniting the Mission of the Early Believers (A Study of Acts 13-28)

The Unexplainable Church: Reigniting the Mission of the Early Believers (A Study of Acts 13-28)

Format: Paperback
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Product Description

Finally, a Bible study that goes deep...

Frustrated with the watered-down, “light” Bible studies that are all too common, Erica Wiggenhorn wanted to write a study that went deep. She wanted to take readers verse-by-verse through a whole book of the Bible, offering theological and historical comments in each lesson while remaining practical and relational.  

The Unexplainable Church is the result, and it offers readers two great takeaways. It will teach them by example how to study the Bible deeply, and it will challenge them toward critical life-change: submitting their will to the mission of Jesus, who gives life its fullest meaning.

The message of The Unexplainable Church is that the early church didn't grow because Peter and Paul were so amazing, but because average people were transformed by God and brought together in His work. This 10-week inductive study of Acts 13–28 will sweep readers into the great drama of the Kingdom, inspiring them to live together in the power of the Spirit and accomplish what could never be done alone.

PLUS! Check out The Unexplainable Church DVD for even more great teaching from Erica Wiggenhorn. It's the perfect resource for your small group. If you prefer a digital download of this video, go to:

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-1742-8
Publish Date: June 2017
Dimensions: 7 x 9.5
Format: Paperback


  • The Best

    Posted By: TinaL on 8/20/2018

    I have been doing Bible Studies for over 30 years. This is without a doubt one of the BEST.

  • My rating? 6/5!

    Posted By: jlong12392 on 12/12/2017

    Erica Wiggenhorn's first Bible study, An Unexplainable Life, is by far my favorite Bible study. It truly did change my life and develop within me a desire to know the Word better and to live unexplainable lives like those we see in the first chapters of Acts as the church began it's initial expansion. The Unexplainable Church picks up right where An Unexplainable Life left off, covering Acts chapters 13-28 in a 10-week study that can be done alone or in a small group.

    There are many reasons I have come to love Erica Wiggenhorn's studies. I love the cultural context that she includes to help the reader move from applying the passages strictly to their own life and instead examining how the passage would have applied to the initial readers of the book. Giving these deeper contexts has helped me understand Paul's other letters as well! Learning about the cultural beliefs and practices of Phillipi, Galatia, and Corinth in this study help the reader to better understand Phillipians, Galatians, and 1st and 2nd Corinthians later in the New Testament.

    The study is divided into 10 sessions of 5 studies each, which means there is grace to miss two days a week and not fall behind! Each day's study can be done in 30 minutes or so, depending on how in depth you'd like to study the passage. Aesthetically, the study itself is beautiful, carrying the blue watercolor theme of An Unexplainable Life throughout its pages as well.

    My rating?

    I don't give that high of a rating often, but both The Unexplainable Church and An Unexplainable Life are such fantastic, in-depth studies that are challenging and glorifying of the Lord's Word! I cannot recommend them highly enough!

  • The Unexplainable Church is incredible!

    Posted By: gracielynn on 11/27/2017

    The Unexplainable Church is incredible! It’s a ten-week study, or fifty-day journey into the book of Acts, starting in chapter 13 and continuing through 28. Wiggenhorn’s first Acts study is called An Unexplainable Life and focuses on Acts 1-12. Erica begins the study with a divine invitation for us to listen to the Holy Spirit. He calls in Acts 13:2, to “Separate yourself for the special work I have planned for you.” And from there, we chronologically work through the rest of Acts. I found the workbook format to be easy to read, each section is timely spaced, and engaging for groups or individual study. I liked the detailed questions and areas to reflect. I would highly recommend it for groups or individual believers who are looking for a deeper study that makes you think, makes you dig deeper into God’s Word and ignites a greater understanding of the Holy Spirit’s insistence on the urgency to share the truth of the Gospel.

  • Challenged to Share

    Posted By: KateN on 11/19/2017

    I just finished reading Erica's book, The Unexplainable Church. I feel convicted to finish the race and write my own "Acts 29" story. Erica presented God's Word as well as the history and facts behind the story of Paul's "Rome or Bust" journey in such a way that I had several "Aha moments." This is a must read for anyone wanting to learn Paul's model of obedience, perseverance, and joy in the journey God has given each of us.

  • Amazing

    Posted By: CynthiaW on 11/13/2017

    I am a busy mom that is always on the run somewhere. I attended the study at my church. I always look forward to listening to Erica speak. The study is thought provoking. I always walk away from it thinking about what verses were in that days homework. The homework was a perfect amount. Very doable with a busy schedule. I always looked forward to getting into the book. Erica uses references to other places in the Bible but doesn’t jump around the whole time so you don’t spend your time searching. You get to mostly stay in acts and use what is given to answer the questions. That is important for me as I don’t normally have much time. Erica’s writing flows well and is easily understood. I look forward to her next study.