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  • An Unexplainable Life: Recovering the Wonder and Devotion of the Early Church (Acts 1-12)

An Unexplainable Life: Recovering the Wonder and Devotion of the Early Church (Acts 1-12)

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Product Description

What can God do with fifty days?

In only fifty days Peter was radically transformed. He went from being a man in the shadows denying even knowing Jesus, to a man boldly proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus in the middle of the temple courts. How did the change occur? And more importantly, can such a change occur within us—today, in the here and now?

For fifty days, I invite you to dwell in the first twelve chapters of Acts. Here we meet Peter face-to-face and encounter the source of his power. We become challenged to grab hold of that power ourselves, believing that God wants to do something in and through us that is unexplainable apart from Him. Let's give God fifty days and see what He might do.

The purpose of this study isn't simply to reiterate a message. (You can find many studies on Acts.) Our purpose is to reignite a movement of the power of the Holy Spirit in each of us individually and in our churches collectively. Are you ready?

— Erica Wiggenhorn

Participants will enjoy:

  • A verse-by-verse study spread over ten weeks (5 lessons/week)
  • Many biblical, theological, and historical insights
  • Text-based discussion questions that truly provoke thought

Product Details

ISBN: 978-0-8024-9472-6
Publish Date: June 2016
Format: eBook


  • I truly can't say enough good things about this book.

    Posted By: amanda784 on 10/12/2016

    I truly can't say enough good things about this book. This book is an in-depth study of both the book of Acts as well as the concept of living a life unexplainable apart from Christ. Take that in for a second. This book is a guide on how to live life in such a way that others can't help to see Christ when the look at you.

    Just like any guide, you have a choice whether or not to follow the steps. You have a choice to fully or partially commit. So if you would like to see results from using this study you must be "all-in".

    In each daily study you will have a specific reading to read aloud as well as in-depth study questions. Erica Wiggenhorn also often includes tidbits of historical information that makes the text more understandable. Often she includes links to her website where you can further study a certain topic.

    This book has the potential to change your life. It's a wonderful study and I would suggest it to both groups & individuals.

  • Really love this study

    Posted By: julie on 9/19/2016

    I really love this study! First of all, it's such a beautiful book inside and out. I love all the details inside the pages and it makes the girl in me happy to see such a gorgeous book.

    The most important part is the study itself. It's about the book of Acts, Chapters 1-12 and the author brings so much to this study. Although I have studied Acts before, I really learned a lot from this study that I hadn't learned before. The study is very Biblical and it really teaches deep truths from the Word of God.

    This is a ten week study that encourages you to find the truth on your own without making it too difficult or too simple. It is full of in-depth questions and then at the end of each chapter is a section for you to write your prayers. It really helped me to put into words, through prayer, what I learned and how I want to apply it to my life.

    This is a wonderful Bible study and I highly recommend it! It give it 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Excellent

    Posted By: calamity_manda on 8/24/2016

    This book is an excellent companion to the book Acts! I love how it is a call to be on fire for Jesus as the early Christians were. Erica does a fabulous job of tying in other New Testament writings and helping the reader (or group, since this would be fun to go through with a Bible Study!) to delve into the scriptures and think about the book of Acts in a different light. I've been doing this one on my own, but I would love to discuss the questions with a group.;)

  • From page one it was amazing!

    Posted By: MissTadoodles725 on 8/23/2016

    I've not done but a couple of Bible study books in my lifetime. In fact, most of the ones I come across never seem to appeal to me or when I do they aren't very well written and I would put it back on the shelf. Not with this one!

    From the moment I read the description I knew this one would somehow impact my life, but the little skeptic gremlin in me said hold back on your enthusiasm, it could be just as well written as the others you've read. So, I waited. I got the book in and from page one it was amazing! In the first week I knew this was the book for me!

    Each day is filled with Verse-by-verse study. Sure, when some read that you're going to think "boring" or "tedious." But the way this book is set up it's never that. The questions make you think but without being confusing or obscure. You're asked a question and then a verse to find the answer. You see the connection and pieces of God's plan. How they fell into place when Jesus came, died, and resurrected. And this is all in the first week!

    Other books are short and too simple or too complicated and tedious. An Unexplainable Life is perfectly balanced, it inspires me to further read and search and know the answers. It doesn't let me be lazy by just telling me everything, it turns me straight to the Bible for the answers! I think that's what I love most about this book. Erica doesn't give her interpretation of the Bible and expect you to follow whatever she says, she turns you straight to the Bible, to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit!

    I hope she makes more (like a second book on the rest of Acts perhaps!) like this and that they will be just as amazing. I recommend this book to all my friends. I had one friend just glimpse inside a couple of pages and she was amazed, she said, "I already love it, it makes me think about the answers!"

    Great job Erica Wiggenhorn! Thank you!

    I highly recommend this book! I give this book a 5 out of 5!

  • Perfect Balance

    Posted By: sothecooksaid on 8/17/2016

    An Unexplainable Life is a great new 10 week Bible study examining Acts 1-12 verse by verse. I love researching and learning about the early church and their explosive growth. The cover is beautiful and the book is laid out in an easy to use format. This would be useful for a group study with discussion or in an individual setting. There are 5 days of lessons for each week. It's full of biblical, theological and historical insight and seems to be the perfect balance of reading material vs. questions/journal entries.