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The Awesome Forces of God's Creation

The Awesome Forces of God's Creation

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Roaring waters, thundering earth and whirling winds are infinitely complex natural phenomena. They are also the titles of the 3 DVDs included in this Moody Science package. Now you can see the powerful effects that these forces generate, such as floods, volcanoes, hurricanes and more, captured in this exceptional series.

Roaring Waters
As your family watches powerful storms, flooding rivers, and crashing tidal waves, you will marvel together at the power of God's creation. But you will be more than just entertained. Through interesting examples, you will learn why tides ebb and flow like clockwork, discover the source of thunderstorms, and why you should never let your guard down if you live in a flood plain.

Thundering Earth
Few things in our world can match the power of the erupting volcanoes and rocking earthquakes that you see in this video. If you want to understand the earth, you can't stay on the surface. That's why you will travel deep into the earth's center, peel back its layers, and gain a deeper understanding of God's incredible creation.

Whirling Winds
Your family will never look at twisting tornados, smashing hurricanes, and torrential thunderstorms the same way again. Although each is formed in the complexity of our atmosphere, this video dispels the mysteries with exciting graphics and insightful explanations. The more we understand the works of our God, the more we understand his unspeakable power.

Running Time: approximately 45 minutes per DVD, 3 total DVDs.
ISBN: 978-1-57567-277-9
Publish date: May, 2005
Page Count: 0
Dimensions: ""
Format: Video DVD
Weight: .38 LBS
Case Quantity: 30
Run Time: 135 Minutes
DVD Region: All Regions

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