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The Church Planting Wife

The Church Planting Wife

Help and Hope for Her Heart
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"Nothing in my life goes untouched by my husband?s calling."

Christine Hoover?s words in the first chapter describe so well the life of a church planter?s wife, which is enormously difficult yet extraordinarily rewarding. To be married to a church planter is a calling of its own with a richness of its own.

In The Church Planting Wife, Hoover explores and encourages the hearts of her readers while teaching what it means to have heart prepared for this unique ministry. She knows the challenges: A church planter's wife must develop a job description, be a wise helper to her husband, develop friendships within the church and community, deal with stress and discouragement, handle wounds, and more. Christine speaks candidly about these challenges while urging readers to grow a heart that wholly reflects Jesus.

Spread throughout these pages are stories and interviews from church planting wives. Christine Hoover empathetically and pointedly builds from these testimonies to uplift the reader and offer lessons of hope in the midst of a challenging ministry.

ISBN: 978-0-8024-0638-5
Publish date: January, 2013
Page Count: 208
Dimensions: 6 x 9
Format: Paperback
Weight: .64 LBS
Case Quantity: 52
About Christine Hoover
CHRISTINE HOOVER is a pastor's wife, mom, speaker, and the author of The Church Planting Wife (Moody, 2013) and From Good to Grace (Baker, 2015). She has written for The Gospel Coalition, Desiring God, and Christianity Today. Blogging at www.GraceCoversMe.com she enjoys encouraging ministry wives and helping women apply the gift of God's grace to their daily lives. She lives in Virginia.

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Customer Reviews

Many church planting wives give testimony to the helpfulness of this book. It contains interviews with other church planting wives that adds an expansive view to her role. Reflections at the end of each chapter entitled, “Cultivating Your Heart,” help the reader make practical application. We highly recommend this book for both domestic and overseas church planting wives (and husbands too!). http://www.missionexus.org/leaders-edge-july2013/
by Missio Nexus on 7/17/2013
As we got settled in our new church plant, I began following the blog of Christine Hoover. Although written to wives of church planters, the book resonates with any ministry-minded woman. It centers on the importance of a woman guarding her heart – and the role a correctly-oriented heart plays in life and ministry. The book is peppered with hilarious and convicting personal experiences with which most women can identify. http://hiveresources.com/ministry-monday-living-and-leading-from-grace/
by Melissa Deming on 3/27/2013
Our marriage hasn't been the same since she started reading it. That's no overstatement. She's understood her role better, my role better, God's perspective and love and grace better, etc. I can't even describe the full impact this book has already had on her, and me. I'm praying it will have a lasting impact on hundreds of other church planting wives. Rread it slowly and don't rush through it. http://www.stevekmccoy.com/reformissionary/2013/03/the-church-planting-wife.html
by Steve McCoy on 3/8/2013
This book was actually okay. I didn't know what to expect from this book or even if I would be able to relate. The book is literally about it's title, the wife of a church planter. Christine Hoover kind of takes you into the heart and mind of this wife, giving you a glimpse of how stressful it can be and then just how rewarding it can be as well. I rank it in the middle because its more of a memoir than it is an actual story. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15812702-the-church-planting-wife
by Kristin Bush on 2/28/2013
My husband planted a church almost 15 years ago, and this week we announced that we are leaving to go plant a new church in another state. So many of the emotions I had years ago have resurfaced…excitement, worry, anticipation & trepidation. This book came along at exactly the right time in my life. I highly recommend this book, particularly the paper version. I needed to underline, highlight & reread it. http://theoldredfarmhouse.blogspot.com/2013/02/book-review-church-planting-wife-by.html
by Donna on 2/27/2013
This book was a wonderful refresher and reminder as to what my role as a pastor’s wife is. One of my favorite things about the book is how biblical she was. I was disappointed by her exclusive language, and that she didn’t say much about the encouragement we need. I would recommend it for pastor’s wives and seminary wives. We need preparation and I thank Christine for having the boldness and having taken the time to share her words. http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/522772274
by Amy on 2/13/2013

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