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Amy Black, a Professor in political science at Wheaton College shares with us a wealth of information regarding the modern cultural perceptions of politics and parties, an insight into how the American political system is designed, a brief history of the separation of powers and the separation of Church and State, and a hugely beneficial section on how Christians can engage constructively in the political arena. http://booksaint.blogspot.com/2012/10/honoring-god-in-red-or-blue-amy-e-black.html
by Conrade Yap on 10/12/2012
Honoring God in Red or Blue is an essential read for Christians who are trying to gain a better understanding of how the political process works. If you are one of the growing number of Christians who becomes frustrated with the rabid and vitriolic atmosphere that characterizes much of our political culture you will find Black’s work a welcome reprieve.
by Kolburt Schultz on 10/5/2012
This is a good instruction book with easy ways to talk about politics in a balanced way. I like how the author shows that all Christians should approach these talks with respect and show love in our responses no matter if we agree with the other person or not. Her examples will help you debate issues in a considerate manner. If you know someone who is really into the politics scene they can learn from reading this book. Read my full review at http://ireneschristianreviews.blogspot.com/
by Irene on 6/12/2012

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