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The Single Life as God Intended
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Tired of feeling sorry for yourself? Sick of answering the same old questions about why you still haven’t found your perfect match?

Despite what many people think, singleness is not a disease. It’s not the lesser option. Singleness is God’s gift to you today.

In Thrive, Lina AbuJamra – who has been single for over 40 years - will show you how you can make a difference with your life right now instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen to you. If you’re ready to figure out what God has to say about singleness instead of relying on your own feelings and conclusions, this book is for you.

Isn’t it time you get excited about your life in Christ and quit falling back into the same old pattern of thinking? Freedom. Joy. Abundance. Hope. All these are yours the moment you embrace all that God has for you right here right now.

Go ahead. It’s ok to smile. Life as a single Christian is good.



ISBN: 978-0-8024-0714-6
Publish date: April, 2013
Page Count: 288
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8
Format: Paperback
Weight: .82 LBS
Case Quantity: 40
About Ms. Lina AbuJamra
LINA ABUJAMRA is a Lebanese American Pediatric ER doctor as well as an author, speaker, and Bible teacher. You can find out more about her on her website www.livingwithpower.org where she blogs regularly and hosts a weekly podcast. She is also the host of Today's Single Christian, a Moody Radio minute segment for singles.

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Customer Reviews

In the season of singleness, I wish there was a book like, Thrive. It is a beautiful testament as to how the single woman can truly thrive and throw off the misconceptions and label of being without a life partner, yet. In the book, Thrive, Lina talks about the five attitudes we are to embrace while in the single life and to extend into our relationships. Thrive is knitted together with the tools, attitudes, and resources to encourage us to thrive in every season, particularly while single.
by Ashlee Chu on 11/3/2013
Thrive is a great book for all Christ followers. Lina talks about many things that impact the single Christian, but those same things impact marrieds as well. Waiting, contentment, self control, etc. Lina's style of writing makes the book enjoyable to read through. Her openness is very refreshing. I don't think there's anything that she's held back from this and you will benefit from her candor. This is a MUST read for the single Christian, but I would really urge all Christians to read Thrive.
by Jen Thorman on 6/3/2013
This is a great resource for anyone struggling with their season of singleness. AbuJamra has used her own life as a testimony to say that life in God as a single is no less important for the kingdom of God. The biggest benefit in reading this book is to be reminded that singles are free people, who will freely choose the One who liberates them freely and fully. That is exactly where faith comes in. Gift this book. http://booksaint.blogspot.com/2013/04/thrive-lina-abujamra.html
by Conrade Yap on 4/23/2013

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