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The White Umbrella

The White Umbrella

Walking with Survivors of Sex Trafficking
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Sex trafficking. We hear about it on the nightly news and in special interest stories from around the world, but it occurs daily in communities all around us. Every year, thousands of young women are forced into sexual exploitation. Most are under the age of 18. The damage this causes to their emotions and souls is immeasurable, but they are not without hope.

The White Umbrella tells stories of survivors as well as those who came alongside to help them to recovery. It describes the pain and the strength of these young women and those who held the ?white umbrella? of protection and purity over them on the road to restoration.

This book offers principles and guidance to anyone with a heart for these hurting young women and a desire to help. It is an ideal resource for individuals or organizations seeking to learn what they can do to assist these victims in becoming whole again.
ISBN: 978-0-8024-0859-4
Publish date: September, 2012
Page Count: 208
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8
Format: Paperback
Weight: .52 LBS
Case Quantity: 40
About Mary Frances Bowley
MARY FRANCES BOWLEY is the President and Founder of Wellspring Living, an organization fighting childhood sexual abuse and exploitation since 2001. She has been a leader in bringing the fight against child sex-trafficking to Atlanta and is a founding member of the Governor?s Task Force for CSEC Victims. Bowley was appointed to the Governor?s Commission on Domestic Violence in 2010. Bowley has also received the Martin Luther King Community Service Award, the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Community Service Award, the Soroptimist Ruby Award, the DDG Lifetime Achievement Award, and partner with PASSION Conferences. Recently, the White House Blue Campaign called on Bowley to share her expertise with a variety of leaders interested in the issue of the sexual exploitation of children. She is the author of A League of Dangerous Women. Bowley is married to her best friend, Dick, and has 2 sons and 2 grandsons. Bowley currently resides in Peachtree City, GA.

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Customer Reviews

This is not a comprehensive view of the problem of sex trafficking, but a look at an American community where women have stepped forward to provide a safe haven for less fortunate women & girls. Sex trafficking is the 2nd most profitable illegal activity in the world, affecting 5 - 9 billion individuals each year. This is a serious worldwide problem which is not addressed in this locally focused book. http://citybookreview.com/2013/02/the-white-umbrella-walking-with-survivors-of-sex-trafficking/
by Julia McMichael on 2/25/2013
The White Umbrella offers principles and guidance to anyone with a heart for these hurting young women and children and a desire to help. It is a resource for those seeking to learn what they can do to assist these victims in becoming whole again, and will help anyone trying to connect in a meaningful way with someone who is in crisis. Crucially, it points to Jesus as the healer and redeemer of the abused and the suffering. http://thegospelcoalition.org/book-reviews/review/the_white_umbrella
by Justin Holcomb on 10/23/2012
The White Umbrella is the true stories of women saved from sex trafficking right here in America. Their stories will break your heart, and the courage of those called by God to help restore them will inspire you to do something greater with your life. Wellspring Living offers housing, healing and hope for those who are victims of sexual abuse and sex trafficking. http://mtvpastor.com/2012/10/09/the-white-umbrella-walking-with-survivors-of-sex-trafficking-by-mary-frances-bowley/
by Josh Daffern on 10/11/2012
Thankfully, The White Umbrella offers more than just stories of exploitation and suffering, but concrete advice for how to connect with and come alongside sex trafficking survivors on their road to healing. Crucially, it points to Jesus as the healer and redeemer of the abused and the suffering, the one who is both the source of hope and healing and the motivation for us to wake up and work for freedom for those in captivity. http://justinholcomb.com/2012/09/21/book-highlight-the-white-umbrella/
by Justin on 10/2/2012

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