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How Should Christians Vote?

How Should Christians Vote?

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Christians are a large and influential voting bloc today. But as each governmental election approaches, an increasing polarity occurs within those claiming the Christian faith. This comes as a result of party-voting rather than voting according to Biblical mandates and authority. To refocus correctly, Dr. Tony Evans goes back to the basics and teaches on how God established government as a divine institution whose tasks include promoting the well-being of those within its realm and protection from evil.

Scripture trumps all political alliances making the voting decision a critical opportunity for Christians to promote God's Word and His values through whom they elect. In the face of increasing emotions the Christians representing God's kingdom values should communicate His truths in a manner reflective of the King - in a gracious and strategic way. Dr. Evans also looks at the necessary qualities in a good candidate which include intellect, education, competency, skill and spiritual beliefs - whether certain issues are non-negotiables, and how a responsible citizen is to research a candidates' position in order to evaluate it against God's Word.

ISBN: 978-0-8024-0479-4
Publish date: April, 2012
Page Count: 96
Dimensions: 5.25 x 7.5
Format: Paperback
Weight: .27 LBS
Case Quantity: 120
About Dr. Tony Evans
DR. TONY EVANS is the founder and president of The Urban Alternative, a national ministry dedicated to restoring hope in personal lives, families, churches and communities. Dr. Evans also serves as senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas. He is a bestselling author and his radio program, The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, is heard on nearly 1,000 stations around the globe every day. For more information, visit: tonyevans.org.

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Customer Reviews

This is a general manual that refreshingly does not tell you how to vote but rather how to apply God’s Word to your political decisions. It is certainly a good read for any born again believer who takes the voting privilege serious and the Word of God as their ultimate standard. Bravo, Dr Tony Evans. I very much recommend this book because it was a big help to me in making a very difficult decision. http://www.marlenebanks.com/?p=940
by Marlene B on 1/4/2013
Evans has reminded us again the importance of knowing and practicing biblical principles not only in our daily living but in our voting. He decries the state of society that, "we have lost our ability and authority to be an influence on those around us." Our allegiance is not to be on any one party, but to God. Vote for the dignity of society and the person, for God's kingdom values, for biblical conscientiousness. http://booksaint.blogspot.ca/2012/11/how-should-christians-vote-tony-evans.html
by Conrade Y. on 11/5/2012
This book takes the issue of voting and relates it to principles found in the Bible. You may not agree with all that Dr. Tony Evans says but he does well at backing up his ideas with scripture. Read my full review at http://ireneschristianreviews.blogspot.com/
by Irene on 6/14/2012

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