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Unfriend Yourself

Unfriend Yourself

Three Days to Detox, Discern, and Decide about Social Media
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Three days. No Facebook. No Twitter. No social media. Just time to detox, discern, and decide.

Take a three-day social media fast with Unfriend Yourself and learn to examine your use of social media from a Christian perspective. This book will guide you in evaluating your fast by asking challenging questions such as:

  • What happens when I broadcast myself on the Internet?
  • Do I see a difference between my interactions on social media and my interactions face-to-face?
  • Do I rule my media, or do my media rule me?

While reading Unfriend Yourself, you will learn to think critically, biblically, and practically about social media. Whether you choose to leave the social media scene, engage in it less, or engage in it more after your social media fast, your perspective on social media will never be the same.

“Without throwing the baby out with the bathwater, Kyle challenges the Christian to a God-honoring approach to social media involvement. Well researched and thought through, Unfriend Yourself avoids the emotional arguments and instead presents a provocative ‘must read’ for any students, young adults, and generations beyond who want to be responsible in approaching social media from a biblical worldview.”

 – Dr. Bob MacRae, Professor of Youth Ministry at Moody Bible Institute

ISBN: 978-0-8024-0953-9
Publish date: December, 2011
Page Count: 96
Dimensions: 5 x 7
Format: Paperback
Weight: .21 LBS
Case Quantity: 128
About Kyle Tennant
KYLE TENNANT is the Director of Student Ministries at the Village Church of Bartlett in Bartlett, IL. He is a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute and is currently pursuing an M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry from Wheaton Graduate School. Kyle lives in Chicago's west suburbs, and enjoys reading, writing, preaching, eating, cooking, and good conversation.

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Customer Reviews

Kyle Tennant makes an excellent argument in this short, but meaty book. I agreed with much of what he accurately describes as flaws that exist with social media. I also appreciated was that he never tells you to delete your Facebook or Twitter accounts. He conveys a need for awareness in the utilization of any social medium. I thought it was a very good, informative and helpful book. Full review http://inhisloveministries.blogspot.com/2012/02/moody-publishers-review-unfriend.html
by Pilar on 2/28/2012
If you are addicted to Social Media and need helpful practical information to become unaddicted and free from bondage to it, I highly recommend Unfriend Yourself by Kyle Tennant. And now I have to go post this to my blog and share it with all my followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook and I find that to be ironic…”a little too ironic, don’t you think?” Read my in depth review at http://tinyurl.com/7pwftdjhttp://tinyurl.com/7pwftdj
by Harold on 2/14/2012
This little book takes a critical look at the ubiquitous social media icon: Facebook. In a world where many people simply hop onto the social media bandwagon without asking why, or simply because everyone else is doing it. He offers a three-fold challenge for readers to have a three day Facebook fast weekend. Firstly, unplug and start the process of detoxification. Recognize what Facebook can do and not do. Read my full review booksaint.blogspot.com/2012/02/unfriend-yourself-kyle-tennant.html
by Conrade on 2/7/2012

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