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Marlee and Jacob are traveling through the snow to reach a divorce lawyer. Both have decided that their marriage is on the rocks. They have gone to retreats, marriage counselors, ministers. Little do they realize that a car wreck in the snow will lead to the beginning of new changes in their life. I liked the magical element in the novel. I also realized that strangers can give us insight into how to improve our lives. http://teaandinspiration.blogspot.com/2011/12/moody-pub.html
by Tea on 4/10/2012
Bestselling author Gary Chapman adds another title to his collection of “5 Languages” books. Paul White adds both academic credentials and business experience to Chapman’s background in marriage and family counseling. Theirs is a sorely needed book on understanding the dynamics of the workplace. Readers will learn how to determine their own appreciation language and can then pinpoint that of others in their workplace. Full review at https://www.facebook.com/gladeslibrarian
by Kimberly on 3/20/2012
The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace helped shed a little light on why we might be “missing the mark” in terms of employee appreciation. The premise is simple — we feel most appreciated when others communicate with us based on our primary “language.” One section There is a lot of great info in this book; it’s worthy of at least a hardy skim. See my full review http://echohub.com/posts/communication/review-the-5-languages-of-appreciation-in-the-workplace/
by Jenni on 2/7/2012
Gary Chapman and Paul White provide leaders with some concrete suggestions on how to use non-tangible rewards in the workplace. As with the five love languages, everyone has a way or language that he likes to receive appreciation in. Message of appreciation are best received when they are sent in the language valued most by the recipient, not the language most valued by the sender. Read my full review http://navyreads.blogspot.com/
by Bill on 1/31/2012
I've thoroughly enjoyed 'The Five Languages of Love' thus far and this addition was no exception. I've worked in places where it's made me physically sick to walk through the door and I currently work in a place where they practice 'The Five Languages' teachings and have never read the books. they've taken the time to know that buying me lunch when I've a stressful workload will get me much farther and keep me pleasant much longer. Read the full review at http://blog.hottbooks.com/
by Gina Holt on 8/9/2011

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