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Communist Spy Becomes Church Planter

October 19, 2012
World Vision writer James Addis describes an incident where a Cambodian communist spy was assigned to monitor a World Vision evangelistic rally in the 1970's. His job was to identify the leaders and report their names to his communist faction. When former World Vision president Dr. Stan Mooneyham started speaking, the spy suddenly realized he was identifying with the story of the prodigal son, forgot his mission, and was reduced to tears. 
Barnabas Mam abandoned the communists and later joined World Vision's Phnom Penh's office. He was there when the Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge forces attacked the city. Barnabas survived years of prison and fled to Thailand, where he began planting churches within the large refugee camp. Barnabas and the new believers from his 16 refugee camp churches eventually returned to Cambodia, spreading out through the country and subsequently planted over 400 churches.
The entire article in the October 2012 World Vision Magazine can be read here.
The story is told in Barnabas Mam's new book Church Behind the Wire: A Story of Faith in the Killing Fields.

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