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Partisanship, Disillusionment and our Political Process

September 10, 2012

Jonathan Merritt and Dr. Amy E. Black discuss generational differences, partisanship, disillusionment in our political process, and approaching politcs with reason. They also discuss Amy Black's recently released book Honoring God in Red or Blue: Approaching Politics with Humility, Grace, and Reason

Jonathan Merrit's recent interview with Dr. Black was edited for space in Relevant Magazine, so Jonathan placed the entire interview in his September 7, 2012 blog posting here.
Dr. Amy E. Black is an author and associate professor of political science and chair at the department of Politics and International Relations at Wheaton College. She also served as an American Political Science Association Congressional Fellow.
Jonathan Merritt is a frequent writer for Relevant Magazine, and is a faith and culture contributor to numerous influencial news sources, including USA Today, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, BeliefNet, Christianity Today, The Huffington Post, and CNN.com. 

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